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  1. perfect, thanks! edit_looks like I spoke too soon...extrude inner only seems to work with polygon selections? I can select an edge path and ctrl-slide it out, but the result isn't what I`m looking for. See below, last topology on the right is what I`m looking for.
  2. I`m sure this has been asked, but could not find anything...is there a tool/script/plugin that goes from 1 to 3 ? The knife tool in path mode has no option for it. thanks
  3. Redshift Impressions

    your vertex map solution seems to hold up fine, thanks so much. Is there any way to stack material blender nodes, since the current limitation of this setup is 7 materials? Really need to understand this system better, I'm not finding it very intuitive coming from a different application...maybe I need to spend more time learning the basics. Oh and great work, been looking at this thread for a while..inspiring stuff :)
  4. Redshift Impressions

    hi guys, does anyone know how to achieve the following: I have a single polygon object and a single RS Shader Graph material. Within the Shader Graph I want to have multiple materials, each assigned to specific polygon selections (in the same polygon object). I’ve tried a few things with the RS Material Blender and Shader Switch nodes, trying to apply the materials to specific polygon selections or Vertex maps with no success. Any ideas?
  5. Slide Edge Loops - Direction ?

    thanks for the input guys, if only there was a way to convert dissolved loops into ring selections, a small coffee script could allow to always have predictable results with edge cut, and in one step. Can't think of a way to achieve this though, too bad
  6. hello, so I was wondering if the following would be possible to achieve with a script: when we have a couple of edge loops, selecting both of them and sliding, sometimes will slide them in the same direction, other times will slide them apart from each other. For example if we have a standard cube (A) and we slide opposing loops this will be in the same direction (B) however if we deselect one edge (this seems to be random, as it only works with specific edges belonging to the loops) then the edge loops are slid in opposite directions (C). So what I'd like is having the option to control this behaviour, when sliding a pair of edge loops at the same time. Is this possible? thanks in advance
  7. outstanding, I can't thank you enough for this and of course a massive thank you to the author of the plugin!
  8. hello there, basically the current "grow selection" goes from 1 to 2 (see image below); I want to go from 1 to 3 with one command, so as I keep growing the selection what happens is that every polygon that shares a point with the currently select ones is selected. Is this possible? thanks