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Wanna know the difference between Redshift, Cycles 4D, Octane and ProRenderer then click HERE!  Nerv, one of ours Cafe Contributors made this very useful topic, so feel free to visit and comment. :compEnjoy:


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  1. C4D 30% off question

    Yup, and I bought mine with a 30% discount - just checked receipt - 12th May 2016 (apparently celebreating MAXON's 30th Birthday)
  2. Thanks Cerberus - is that bake the disp map into the model?
  3. Is there a way to get hair to reflect a displaced surface, as as soon as I apply a displacement map the surface covers the hair. I can make the hair a bit longer, but it doesn't accurately follow the contours (Using Vray) Many thanks
  4. If you have Vray you could also use a clipping plane
  5. Model a Rocket Ship in Cinema 4D

    Awesome - thank you
  6. I am selling my licence for X-Particles for £350 If you are interested then please contact me. Payment through Paypal. I have contacted Insydium, who have confirmed this will require the payment of a transfer fee, which I will pay. I hope this is OK to post, please delete if it is not Thanks for looking
  7. Olympia

    Thanks Cerbera and VECTOR - means a great deal. :)
  8. Olympia

    Thanks for the feedback vector. It's my first real attempt at C4D hair, so would really appreciate your thoughts on the hair so I can improve.
  9. Daz character (Olympia 7) some zbrush, rendered in vRay, some minor postwork
  10. Selecting only vertical edges

    Wow - thanks C4DS - that looks awesome. Will have a play next opportunity
  11. Selecting only vertical edges

    Not in any combination I have used, but thanks anyway. Going to try the old fashioned method :)
  12. Vray RT Incomplete Render

    I agree with Paul - You need to learn to set up a scene using the basics first - lights, camera and materials are all more important than the settings in the render engine. I have been using vRay for a few months now along with the Masterclass tutorials (which are stupendously good value for the volume of content). Stefan and the guys at the vRay forum are also very friendly and helpful :)
  13. Selecting only vertical edges

    Thanks CBR - I had already tried that plugin, but using the ring or loop selection then devert creates an error 'please only select two edges' - am I doing something wrong?
  14. I am attempting to take a polygon hair model and take the vertical edges, convert them to splines, then make hair by converting from splines. Is this possible? I have so far been able to select vertical edges (loop select, shift key - one at a time) which will take forever. Is there a quicker way in C4D or with a plugin? Also, when I do the above on a test strip, the root node for the hair is sometimes at the top, sometimes at the bottom (see attached) - any ideas why this might be Many thanks, Brian
  15. VRay bad rendering

    Hi Aloox. Are you using the new 3.4 version? To start - you needed to add a vray physical camera tag to the C4D camera. I have added this and increased the strength of the light. You shouldn't have to do too much to the render settings. I have reset them (render settings>new). Once you have done that, just select if you want progressive or bucket antialaising, then turn on GI if desired. That is all you need to do :) The below image rendered in mere seconds Hope that helps - good luck, Brian