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  1. I am considering selling my Octane account which includes licences for Octane standalone V4 along with plugins for C4d and Daz Studio. I have already successfully sold my C4D studio 20 licence, Forester Licence, and X-Particles licence through C4D Cafe with positive feedback on all transactions. Otoy do not officially support licence transfer so account would be transferred through change of account email and password Sensible offers considerd - please PM me
  2. Licence now sold - thanks for looking, and for the tips :)
  3. Havn't decided yet - Im just a hobbyist and have become tired of the rent only options for render engines, plus the annual upgrade fees for C4D. May go with blender, or just give it up!
  4. C4D Studio licence still available. I have learnt that there are no transfer fees charged by MAXON, so am going to drop the price to £2200 (ovno)
  5. Forester licence has now been sold. C4D licence still available
  6. I am looking to sell my licence for C4D Studio R20 - am looking for £2400. I am happy to provide the first 11 digits, which you can check with MAXON (see guide here - https://www.MAXON.net/en/header-meta-navigation/about-MAXON/legal/sellingbuying-guidelines/) I am also selling my licence for Forester + expansion pack for £200. Again, I will pay the transfer fee ($100) Will sell both combined for £2500 Please let me know if you have any questions.
  7. Hey. My good friend Rectro has been helping me with some mocap. As he said I have been using CV-AR - here’s my results so far https://youtu.be/Kxb66xr-Bxg Im about to do some beta testing with them and hope to see some new features like increased fps, better export options, mocap smoothing and more control over animation track Have also just discovered a paid app called FaceCap which is also very promising - though haven’t had time to play with it yet. https://vimeo.com/268775501
  8. Second test render. Refined lip shaping a bit more, general smoothing of mocap data, manual tongue animation added for l and n, and subtle head movement (also generated from mocap)
  9. Have just posted an example in WIP section
  10. First attempt at motion capture using an iPhone and the CV-AR app from cineversity - first attempt at animation full stop To do list - rig neck, add additional facial details and creases to blendmorphs, add some hair and clothing, skin shader, then think of something more interesting to animate!! Critique and advice welcome :)
  11. That's how I have used it, using morph expressions imported from Daz. An introductory tutorial is available on Cineversity if you have access to it. In fact, you will need access to Cineversity as the plugin is available through there (for free). The app is freely available for the iPhone element. https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/cv-ar This covers installation and basic setup for animation.
  12. Don't suppose you have an iPhone x or xs as the new CV-AR plugin is fairly easy to use and produces OK results. I am playing with it at the moment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wxw6MwkfXUI
  13. I have used an expresso tag to take mocap blendshapes from the CV-AR importer to drive pose morphs in a model (thanks Recto) Working reasonably well for first attempt, but I want to bring in a new mocap from CV-AR. All the blendshape names are identical, but I want to tell the expresso editor to take the data from a new source (the new mocap import). I dont want to manually drag in each new blendshape and reconnect in the editor every time I want to bring in a new mocap - but cant seem to find a way to do this quickly Any ideas please?



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