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  1. heyyy people , i had a character with a long hair ! and i wanted to short that hair so i cut it and then filled those holes using "bridge tool" after that my Texture has filled those holes in a wired way : it look like the whole texture have been compressed in this small polygons and i couldn't fix that !! any solution ?? im using Cinema 4D last version "R20 .059"
  2. @jed , perrrrfect man you're genius that's exactly what i wanted to understand , you saved me huge time i really appreciate this jed
  3. @jed thats perfect wow ! .. didn't Expect the first object in a Hierarchy to effect the whole Squad ! i apply it and it works .. but one more thing missing :( when i apply it , the sub fingers rotate in a one line with the parent fingers and not individual instead id like to be able to control them this way ( which how the real fingers supposed to do ) : the join list looks this way : Note : Finger.ch means finger child or it can mean sub finger too ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- the project file if you want to test on it directly : Xpresso Testing.c4d ill appreciate if you find a solution for this so i can go to sleep in peace this night x) i usually add Math:multiply node between the controller and the sub fingers , but in this case i don't know where i can put that multiply
  4. hey guys i wanted to know if its possible to animate a list of objects (fingers joints) using a hierarchy node in XPresso instead of including all of them one by one which is very messy and very exhausting and time consuming as you can see here : in this example i wanted to rotate all the fingers and causing the hand to close in an organised way i want to control all of them without adding them all to the Xpresso to avoid the Chaos .. so the first thing came to my mind is using hierarchy node but it dos not give me an input for coordination any idea ??!!
  5. @smantik ,the sweep tool give me a messy result and dosnt shape the splines as i want @bezo , well that's not the result i wanted , it give me thick 3D spline in Z and Another 3D spline in X separated and going across each other so from the top side it will show up some sort of a Letter X instead i wanted both splines to get combined together to create a 3D shape let me show you an example : from this 2 splines : one lined in X and one in Z : you get a 3D shape look like this : that's what i meant , to get a 3D shape based on the front and the side splines together ( X and Z ) , Not a 3D shape for each spline
  6. hey guys , if i want to extrude 2 splines one on X and Another one on Z together to get some sort of a half Sphere what could i do ?? Note : ( later i want to use this way for more complicated shapes if it possible )
  7. @natevplas problem solved thank you , i found a triangles inside my object under the front polygon , its really weird thing from C4D to give the overlapped triangles the ability to appear above the front polygon , is that happen in all C4D versions or only the old ones ?
  8. hey , i was modelling a text cutting lines in the middle and making them extruded a bit but then a weird Buckling showed up only in rendering view : but in normal view that Buckling is not seen : i could find anyway to fix it !!!!!!! Welpppp
  9. hey guys , most of the rendering engine websites i visit offer only 64-bit version for the software or the plugin but my issue is i still running a low cpu that does not work well with 64bit windows ( if you are wondering why i still have this junk and cant buy a new computer that's a long and sad story .. ) anyway as the title said if you guys lead me to any render engine offer 32bit version ill appreciate this a lot more then you think i have 2 clients one of them asking for a high resolution and quality motion graphic videos and the build-in render setting in C4D take days to render only 200 frames on 1080p .. and does not give like the quality they need Note : if there is No render engine run in windows 32bit you can guys suggest me some better render settings i can apply on the default standard settings in C4D this will help me at least to get paid for this 2 projects im working on and will prob give me a step ahead to make one of my dreams true (buying a good computer :,)
  10. @bezo Perrrrrfect ! maan everytime i stock in something you find a solution for me :D you just saved me huge time thank you
  11. hey guys as the title said i lost a pallet that usually come under the Material pallet to show information about any object or any tool you hover the mouse on ! : id like to recover it so if anyone know where i can find it Note : i cant restart the Layout to default "startup" because i have a custom Layout with way much modifications and custom tools and the problem is i saved upon my custom Layout after i deleted this pallet !
  12. SOLVED !!! :D i reduced the "moSpline Steps" to 2 and its work perfect as i expected , thank you guys so much for help i appreciate this :D
  13. ah i see , that's why i get sometimes 'out of memory' when i render complex objects
  14. @Rectro , i didnt increase those slices by myself i think the MoSpline did by default ! how to reduce them ?
  15. ah thanks for the info , i notice when i do the "SofBody" and press Run the Rams are not consumed as i was think , u see only 200 mb !! :



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