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  1. I'm so sorry, I really thought I said thank you for the example. I was looking back through my old posts and realized I didn't. Teknow thank you for making that awesome example,I learned a lot. Best, Budda
  2. Thank you so much for finding the tut. Through the one you showed me I jumped to another tut that had the solution to one of my other questions. For those who search for this topic in the future, I list my findings below: In this tut that Cerbera has tut, it shows you how to render out a the Ground Crack as an Ambient Occlusion layer, and then bringing that back into After Effects, and put that Ambient Occlusion Ground Crack Layer on top of your footage, and then applying the Screen Blend Overlay so the cracks can be seen. In this tut, the user uses the footage as a material for the cracked pieces, so when the pieces break apart, the footage as the material stick to the pieces:Old Tut In this tutorial (which isn't in English): the user does the same thing again, however the inside pieces also have a material: Old Tut 2 I haven't found a more up to date tutorial on the ground crack effect on live action footage. With Voronoi Fracture now available, I may implement that in my test video/short project, and then share how I did it through a tutorial. When that happens, I'll be sure to share it to this post for people to find it. Many thanks! - Budda
  3. Hey Everyone, I have a basic idea on how to create and animate a ground crack in c4d, thanks to Voronoi Fracture, I also have an understanding on how to 3d track a scene, what I'm not to sure on, is when you do a ground crack effect in c4d, how does the ground itself in the video, become a material on the cracked pieces? Like when the pieces fly off, how does the floor in the video stick to the object pieces? An example of this effect is in the link below that I found online. Any tips/advice will do, I'm getting use to c4d, now I'm just trying to get through using materials more efficiently. Thank you for your time.
  4. I see, thank you again Eric!
  5. Eric, Thank you for taking the time for creating an example, and answering me back. This is perfect and just what I was looking for, I really appreciate the help. When you say "all channels of the material disabled", do you mean just use the Color channel and apply "black", or something else? Sometimes I over think and I'm sorry for that. Thank you again Eric.
  6. Hello! Is it possible to apply an Object Buffer to the "inside faces" of the Voronoi Fracture? I've just discovered Object Buffering and I want to adjust the inside faces separately in After Effects. Any help or suggestion will do, thank you for your time. Info On Project: In the Picture below, the Inside Faces are orange. At the bottom of the Objects Panel you see MAIN Door, the first orange material there is the material for the inside faces. Reason why is I have so many Materials applied to this Steel Door that the inside face Material will only show if it's in front of everything.
  7. I see, thank you!
  8. Morning! Sorry for the confusing title. You know how in After Effects everything is Layer Based right? Lets say you want Layer 1 to not be on top of a Layer 2. You could animate the Opacity of Layer 1, or just simply cut off Layer 1 itself in the timeline. In C4D I want to animate an object going from left to right, even though its not in frame-I don't want it to be there after the animation is done. Is there a way to cut it out like cutting out Layers in After Effects at a certain time? I hope I'm making sense, any help/advice will be awesome. Thank you and I hope you're well! - Budda
  9. Yeah, I want them to follow the Spline Path. Thank you for the suggestions, I'll take a look at tuts. So far I've only used Range Mapper in Xpresso so I've gotten pretty good with the node base system, might actually consider learning Nuke. I see some Xpresso setups and it just confuses me sometimes cause it's so messy. I know that xparticles is pretty much a real particle base system and has more options. Similar to Particular in After Effects.
  10. Hello, I'm been playing around with the Spline Path Tag, kinda got the first test look I wanted using the Mograph Cloner and then using the Spline as an object so it can clone the objects along a path. Is it possible to make the emitter Particles go along the Spline. If Xpresso is involved that's ok, I'm been practicing with it and will learn along the way.
  11. Thank you! I'll find some tuts to animate the Alpha on a Material.
  12. Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to animate the visibility of an object, similar to how you animate the Opacity on a layer in After Effects? Is it done by using the Alpha Channel of a material, or through something else? - Budda
  13. Thank you so much! Now I have a proper explanation of it. Thanks again! - Budda
  14. Hello, I'm teaching myself Cinema 4d, like many people are, and I'm trying to find out what the definition is for "Merge Objects"/"Merge". I followed a tutorial where you create a shape in Adobe illustrator and you go to Merge Objects to bring the illustrator file as a spline, and even though it works, I would like to know why it works so I can put it in my notes. Please & Thank You/ Best, Budda
  15. I figured as much. Thanks again Cerbera, hey dude my Steam name is my username, if you want send me an invite and ill gift one of the games that I have for all the help you've given me so far.