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  1. Hey Everyone! So I have this idea for opening a box, by using Dynamics, Basically I've created a Box, and two flaps on the top, that will then open. I positioned the anchor points of the flaps so the rotation will behave like an open box. But then I had another take to it. What if I make an invisible force that swings open the flaps. But then I remembered, the flaps aren't connected to the box. So my questions is...how do I connect the flaps to the box so it can behave like it should. Sorry if I'm not making sense. Any tips is much appreciated. Please and Thank you!
  2. Thanks brotha! I will definitely try this out, I appreciate the help.
  3. Thank you for taking the time to search fro me Dan, I really appreciate it, and will get to looking at these.
  4. Happy New Year Everyone! I decided to finally get Octane and play around with it. I've heard about baking textures in Cinema 4D, I think it's where you make your materials the texture, so that when you put it in another 3D application, like Element 3D, all you have to do is import your baked textures (if that's not it, then please correct me). Can the process above be done with Octane as well? If I create a look that I see in the Octane Render, can I bake the Octane Material as a texture? Thank you for reading, and once again, Happy 2017--I mean 2018!
  5. I totally understand, thank you. For now I'll just look up a tutorial on how to export 3d objects and see if that does anything. Maybe using just the C4D file doesn't work properly. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks! As for the Element 3D, I saw this tutorial, and the guy only imported the C4D file itself and it worked (link below). However he did only have 2 primitive objects. Maybe it's different with a more complex scene. How do I export it as a 3D Object by itself then?
  7. Hi Everyone, I've come across a hiccup that I can't understand. In the image below I made this platform in C4D, and I brought that into Element 3D. As you can see the objects in Element are 1, and not in different parts. In C4D they're separate and all made editable. However, for example Block Ring: are the blue blocks that was made with a cloner, I then made the cloner editable, thus creating every single block that's editable in a grouped Null labeled "Block Ring". I know I'm doing something wrong, I just can't see it. Any help would be great. Thank You! (Also, random question, this website is now bulging white/very bright, is there any option to turn the interface darker?)
  8. Another quick question, is there a way for multi pass renders to have an alpha channel? I mean I could just comp everything together, the multi passes, lights, etc, and then use the Alpha Channel and use that as a Matte in AE. Still I'm just curious if its possible for the multi pass renders to be rendered with an Alpha Channel.
  9. Bro right on the nose! I've never touched the Working Space setting before in terms of the color profile. I've been using the bacis 8, 16, or 32 bit. Seriously, thank you for your help, I'm going to take a note of this and do research on what these color profiles actually do. Again thanks a bunch!
  10. Hi Everyone, hope all is well! I finally started to try using the Multi-Pass function for this image/project: and I'm having a problem. When I put everything together in After Effects, the scene looks dark. And I'm choosing the correct blending options, and I even used the setting that does the blending for me, and all I have to do is drag it in AE, but it continues to look dark: However if I apply a curves effect in AE and make it brighter, I see everything, close the original: What can cause it to look dark in AE? When I go to the render preview window in C4D the multipass doesn't look like it does in AE. here are my render settings: Any insight on this matter will surely help, thank you for your time.
  11. I'm so sorry, I really thought I said thank you for the example. I was looking back through my old posts and realized I didn't. Teknow thank you for making that awesome example,I learned a lot. Best, Budda
  12. Thank you so much for finding the tut. Through the one you showed me I jumped to another tut that had the solution to one of my other questions. For those who search for this topic in the future, I list my findings below: In this tut that Cerbera has tut, it shows you how to render out a the Ground Crack as an Ambient Occlusion layer, and then bringing that back into After Effects, and put that Ambient Occlusion Ground Crack Layer on top of your footage, and then applying the Screen Blend Overlay so the cracks can be seen. In this tut, the user uses the footage as a material for the cracked pieces, so when the pieces break apart, the footage as the material stick to the pieces:Old Tut In this tutorial (which isn't in English): the user does the same thing again, however the inside pieces also have a material: Old Tut 2 I haven't found a more up to date tutorial on the ground crack effect on live action footage. With Voronoi Fracture now available, I may implement that in my test video/short project, and then share how I did it through a tutorial. When that happens, I'll be sure to share it to this post for people to find it. Many thanks! - Budda
  13. Hey Everyone, I have a basic idea on how to create and animate a ground crack in c4d, thanks to Voronoi Fracture, I also have an understanding on how to 3d track a scene, what I'm not to sure on, is when you do a ground crack effect in c4d, how does the ground itself in the video, become a material on the cracked pieces? Like when the pieces fly off, how does the floor in the video stick to the object pieces? An example of this effect is in the link below that I found online. Any tips/advice will do, I'm getting use to c4d, now I'm just trying to get through using materials more efficiently. Thank you for your time.



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