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  1. Hello all, I’ve been playing around with X-Particles and Redshift. Both are brand new to me, but I’m getting the hang of it. I have two questions concerning Redshift with X-Particles. 1) I know that Redshift has an optimized sphere mode, and the optimized sphere size does in fact match the radius of the particles that’s defined in the Emitter (if not, its really close). However, when you place an custom object using the Redshift Tag, I have to fiddle with the radius size of the object, and I have to sort of tweak it by eye so the custom mesh can match the size of the Emitter’s particle radius as best as I can. My question is, is the manual scaling of the custom mesh the norm, or is there a easier way of doing it? 2) In the Redshift Manual, it states I can use a Particle Material to use the particle color defined in the Emitter as the color source. That part works. In another example that was displayed, they used the Color User Data to define the grayscale, attached that to a Ramp, and used the Ramp to change the colors. The problem with that example is, when using the Color User Data, there is no grayscale value, its one definied color, so in this example, where did the the gradient come from? I attached the example they used to this thread. Thank you for taking the time to read this, any information will be greatly appreciated. Best, Budda
  2. I see, thank you all for your answers, this properly answers my questions. I've never up-scaled anything before so I wasn't sure of its limitations.
  3. Hey, so far while learning Cinema 4D, I've been exporting 1080 files, but what I realized is that if I export in 720, it takes less time obviously. I was wondering if its normal to up-scale your renders after compositing them , so a 720 becomes a 1080. Is this a normal work flow, are the results good, has anyone ever done this? Would love to hear anyone's thoughts.
  4. Alright, you win, and I’m convinced. I’m gonna start learning X particles. Wish me luck!
  5. Hey everyone, so Jawset got back to me this morning about the Licensing. Here's what they said: you can request a reset of the Volume license via email. It's not intended to be used frequently, but definitely when you upgrade your hardware. The Single User License is the middle ground between Volume and Floating, as it does bind only to the C4D license, which tends to change least often. -- Jascha Wetzel Jawset Visual Computing Munich, Germany
  6. I will @3D-Pangel . And also to comment on X-Particles again, one thing I find intimidating is that every where I turn, there's a new new to the new feature of an X particles system, so its like I'm always getting left behind before I even start. I have access to Lynda.com for free thanks to a Library card. Which...if you didn't know, you can get free tuts on Lynda.com if you sign up for a library card. That said, there's a course for X-Particles essentials training, an d when I do that, I'll hop on to the matience training videos, and going from what you said, they seem pretty sweet. And I know exactly what you mean by leaving him on the TV just to listen to him. To this day when I started as a VFX artist back in college, I still just have Andrew Kramer on the TV while having dinner. He was recently on MAXON showcasing a scene he did with his team. The dude is just awesome.
  7. @3D-Pangel Those are some wise words, thank you. I actually have X particles & cycles 4D due to an awesome sale couple of weeks, for like $630. So trust I'll use it, and it may be sooner thanks to you. One last question for everyone here, when I do buy TFD, do I get the single user, Volume, or the floating license? According to their site, if I get the Volume License, but in the future, lets say I upgrade to a new PC, I would have to buy a new license, since the one I bought is bound to the old pc, correct?
  8. @3D-Pangel Thank you for your breakdown, this is something I will most definitely add to my arsenal. It looks like a fun program, to me Cinema 4D is just one big expensive open world video game, with DLC, and its own it’s worth the money.
  9. I did get X particles during their sale recently, but to be completely honest, I haven’t touched it yet, since I’m still learning Cinema 4d, just learned Cycles 4d, and on top of that, I just got Redshift and I’m learning that too. X Particles will just overload my brain right now. That being said, I played with the demo of Turbulence FD, and even though you can create really cool effects, it’s not that hard to setup, so while learning all these new stuff, TFD won’t be so much of a learning curve I think. When I get to X particles, hopefully my knowledge of TFD will carry over. sidenote:There aren’t a lot of explosive tuts for x particles
  10. Hey everyone, Was thinking of getting Turbulence FD, but every time I check...no discount for that product. Has there ever been a discount for Tubulence FD, is there one coming up? I mean I'll bite the bullet and go for it, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  11. They don't refresh at all, I just made a new scene, and made a new material, nothing but black on the preview, but if I save and restart, it updates. I'm going to do some troubleshooting and post updates here as I go.
  12. I just emailed them, good suggestion. Sorry for my attitude. You should have seen my face when I saw the sale
  13. When I got it last week, 2 days later the 30% deal was announced, so yeah, thanks for putting salt on the wound.
  14. Hey everyone, I just got Redshift and all the previews are black. I even went to preferences and see that "Refresh Material Previews Automatically" is ticked on, so I'm unsure why it not working. When I restart C4D the preview in the materials panel work but not the node editor, and after I make a few adjustments, the materials in the matewrial cease to work, this is only with Redshift. Any thoughts?
  15. Hey everyone, I just started using S22 and I'm opening old project files from like literally a day ago which were made in R21. Everything seems to be in order, except ProRender. When it gets up to a certain number of iterations, it just renders black, and I'm unsure why. I tried restarting the project, saved it as a new file, reload ProRender...nothing. So, I decided to do process of elimination, first thing I turned off was Denoiser and BOOM, screen wasn't black again, and I could see my scene. However when I turn Denopiser ...it turns black again so again...any suggestions. The only difference I did was jump from R21 to S22. I then conducted another test. New scene, entirely separate from the original project. Made some cloner objects. Some lights, ProRender is on, but as soon as I add Denoiser...darkness. Can someone please see if they all experience this bug? In R21 the Denoiser doesn't do this, in fact...it should never do this. Any suggestions on how to fix this, please and thank you.
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