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  1. Hey there, I'm trying to create a mirror ball inside C4D. I've mapped an image on to the bump part of the material editor of a mirror ball (pictured). When I actually place the image on to the spheres, it stretches out (also pictured). How do I get it so the texture is zoomed out, as such? It doesn't look very realistic at the moment. Thanks! J
  2. Two Splines not Connecting Together Properly?

    Ah! So simple! Sorry for being such a dumbass haha. Thanks Cerbera. J
  3. Two Splines not Connecting Together Properly?

    Any thoughts on this guys?
  4. Two Splines not Connecting Together Properly?

    Thanks Bezo that fixed it. Also, with splines, I can't seem to finish the spline without clicking on another tool or connecting back to the first point. Every time I click another line comes out. How do I easily complete the spline so when I click another point doesn't come up? J
  5. Hey there guys, I'm trying to complete the seemingly easy task of connecting two spline points together. However, when I try to do so C4D connects it to another point completely?? What's going on here? Help much appreciated :) J
  6. C4D not rendering the correct frame

    Ah I'm guessing this is why it happened then. I used the turbulence particles as an effect of the jiggle deformer. Duly noted, thanks guys! J
  7. From Work Path to Stylised 3d Head

    Yeah I get the idea Rectro. To be honest as a beginner it's a good start to move on to other things later. Thanks for your help guys! Great stuff. J x
  8. Hey there guys, I'm making a basic conveyor belt object which I am to rise (it produces records as you can see from the screen). How can I extrude the object so it slopes up to meet the slope of the records? Thanks! J
  9. From Work Path to Stylised 3d Head

    Yes, that'd be a great start as a beginner. J
  10. C4D not rendering the correct frame

    I just baked the deformer into the object and it rendered out correctly. Can someone confirm that I don't always need to bake the animation into the object for it to render the state at one particular frame? I guess I've solved the problem but now I'm a bit confused. J
  11. C4D not rendering the correct frame

    Ignore the bottom image, put that in by accident!
  12. C4D not rendering the correct frame

    Just set the start of the time line to the correct frame. Still the same problem, still seeing the first frame in the render view? What else could be up? J
  13. From Work Path to Stylised 3d Head

    I don't really have a reference as such, but the logo depicts an African woman with an Afro hair cut. This seems to be a lot more difficult than I thought haha!
  14. Hey there guys, one of my first projects I wish to complete in C4D is making the Logo for my event 3d. I've attached a picture of what I have achieved so far (taken a work path from Photoshop, imported into C4D and extruded). I'm not trying to create a photo realistic head here, just a stylised version, so as long as I get a rough shape I'm happy! I'm having trouble working out how to do a couple of things: 1. How would I get a bulge to the head, as opposed to just a straight extrusion. Can you guys point me in the way of any tips / tools / tuts which deal with taking a spline and turning it into a head. 2. How, when I get that 'head' shape, could I split the main head and hair part so I can add hair just to the top? Thanks! J
  15. C4D not rendering the correct frame

    Thanks for the suggestion. Sorry I probably wasn't clear enough. I don't want the whole animation. I specifically want the frame which I screenshotted as a still image. J