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  1. Ah, of course. Sorry! I've linked the We Transfer upload. https://we.tl/UQs1ApjqPg Best, Jack
  2. @Cerbera thanks a bunch for the tip! Any ideas on the issue with the model? J
  3. Also, this is a silly question but I tried to bend the floor (plane) into a ramp. It bent really acutely, but I want something akin to a skateboarding ramp? How can I achieve more of a curve? Thanks guys! Jack
  4. Hey guys, so I've been trying to make a dancing man with motion data. I have a skeleton and I've placed some cloner spheres onto it. I placed a rigid body on the spheres. The man danced around and the spheres followed the animation. Everything was working fine until I reopened the document. Now when I hit play the spheres fall off and kind of just sit there moving around on the floor. Does anyone have an idea why this might be? I've attached a couple of screens for reference. The screen with the spheres is on the first frame, withou
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