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  1. Hi All... Great forum here. I was wondering if anyone has had the same issues that I'm facing. Ive done a bloodsteam animation and generated the cells using a Mograph cloner which is being held in a Connect object. I'm using the generated clones as x-particle emitters which create a shot emission. The emitted shot is controlled with an "Unstick from Source" x-particles Q and A when the particles near a pathway they need to travel down. The problem is that everyhting shows up just great in the animation, but in the render the particles are lagging, as in not sticking to the cells as they should. This is obviously not good. I've Cached, I"ve Baked and ultimately put the whoe thing down and had a beer. Even that hasn"t helped. Any ideas? Thanks a bunch in anyone can help. Perhaps I can help you in the future. Best, D.W. Carp Breakthrough3.c4d