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  1. That's very cool! Not sure if I'll ever learn Python though...I've actually been using C4D for a few years, but only sporadically and I basically have to re-learn it every time. We just upgraded from R14 to R20, so there's a lot that's different and I am making a conscious effort to include C4D in more of my projects so that maybe the knowledge will have a chance to stick. Thanks again for your help with this and with all my other stupid questions, I really appreciate it a great deal!
  2. Chris instructed us to nest them that way, it helped with deleting a bunch of redundant tags and I suspect plays some other role further down the line. Also, I rebuilt the rig a 3rd time, and while I feel like I haven't done anything differently, it works this time. As usual, the problem was most likely somewhere between the chair and the keyboard.
  3. Man, I really appreciate how generous you are with your time, I feel like I should start paying you tuition or something! The video I'm referencing is thishttps://greyscalegorilla.com/tutorials/creating-a-dynamic-wacky-waving-inflatable-tube-man-from-scratch/ . Also, what is OM that you refer to? Thanks yet again!
  4. Hey again... So I'm doing this tutorial and I find myself stuck pretty early on. Went through it 2x and cannot fix, but I suspect it is a simple setting tweek. I have my stack of cylinders connected and parented. When you hit play, the stack collapses and falls out of frame, with the exception of the bottom cylinder which is fixed. So far so good. My problem is that when the animation resets at frame 0, it doesn't revert to neatly stacked cylinders but instead resets to a point mid-collapse. I rebuilt the scene and am getting the same result. I have no idea why this is happening but need to solve it. A second question, not really important (I hope) but I am curious about, is the GUI representation of the Joint. Initially they were drawn in pastel blue and yellow tones, but now they are red. I'm guessing I've inadvertently hit some odd keyboard command that causes this but I have no idea what is going on here either. Project attached, extremely grateful for any & all insight. Thanks! TubeMan 04.c4d
  5. Thanks, most of my work involves cars so I'll def check this out!
  6. That did it for me, thanks for helping with this (and with my other stupid questions I've noticed you helping out with as well).
  7. Thanks for the info. I tried this but it doesn't solve my problem, they are still all behaving as if tethered rigidly together. I've attached my project if this helps, I may not be explaining myself properly. Dropped line.c4d
  8. This seems pretty basic but I cannot get it to work properly. I am creating a dotted line that I want to drop naturally, then bounce when they hit the floor. I've cloned a sphere to create my line, Rigid Bodied it, and created a floor with a Collider tag. When I hit play all the clones drop at the same time, and they all bounce in unison as if they are all connected. I'd like the bouncing to become scattered, and as a bonus request I'd like to offset when the spheres drop by a tiny bit, just so they don't all start dropping at the exact same frame. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  9. Hey everyone... so I just came in to check on my weekend render, and it's done and looks good but I have some issues. My image buffers rendered out as a PSD sequence, and each buffer is an alpha channel in the PSD's. There are multiple alphas for the multiple buffers I set up. This didn't go as expected, and I'm not sure how I can bring all these into AE so I can do some color correction. I did have it create an AE file (.aec), but the one it generated is only 17K and unreadable by AE. So...short of rerendering or manually extracting all the alphas from my psd's, how can I utilize all these multiple alpha channel buffers from the PSD sequence? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for this...I'll have to learn about set selection so I can understand how this works.
  11. Hey again everyone... This seems like it should be simple. I have a wall made up of cloned cubes. I'd like to map a graphic image so that it is applied once to all the cubes; that is, one large image made up by all the cubes, not the same image repeated on each one. Then I want to rotate each cube in place 90° , revealing a different graphic applied the same way. I might want to do this on all six sides, haven't got that far yet. The construction should be easy, clone a cube, animate a plane effector and I'm good. What I can't figure out is mapping the images so that they are spread over multiple cubes, and then again for the other images on the other sides. I know I could blunt-force this and eyeball each one, but I'm sure there's a better, more accurate and easier method to accomplish this. Thanks! UPDATE: I've figured out how to map the image the way I want, but not how to do a different image for each cube side.
  12. Thanks, it was the rotation of the Bender that was the problem. Much appreciated!



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