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  1. I knew it would be something simple like that. Thank you so much!
  2. Hey everyone... I'm following along Ciniversity's Space Station tutorial, and I have become hung up on the first step (a very frustrating way to begin a 16 hour tutorial). The task is very simple: using the Spline Pen, draw a series of straight line segments: a mix of vertical, horizontal and angled; then switch to the Spline Arc tool and draw a rather large arc. This should all be a single spline path, and that is no problem until I come to the arc part. I draw my straight segments no problem, then I switch tools while the existing spline is still active, and the Spline Arc starts drawing from the last point I created. So far so good. Using the grid for reference (with various snap functions enabled) I am able to drag the arc over to where it needs to end, but as soon as I click to commit to a point at that position it simply deselects the spline I've been working on without creating the arc section. I have done and redone this several times and am ready to toss my workstation out the window. What basic thing am I getting wrong? Attached is my project file, as well as a screen grab from the tutorial showing what I am trying to create. Any help is greatly appreciated! -Mike Station 01.c4d
  3. Actually now that I'm digging in to how you did it I'm not sure this will work for me. You have the horseshoe-shaped piece as single unclosed spline, but in my source file it is an outline of the whole shape, a closed spline. Did you modify the spline I provided or is there some C4D function that does that?
  4. Thank you for this, that is exactly what I was hoping for! I had a feeling my technique wasn't the right one for this. I've been using C4D for years, but only occasionally and my knowledge base is pretty spotty and I basically have to relearn it every time. Thanks!
  5. Ok, here it is boiled down to one section that does what i want, plus the spline I want to animate in similar fashion. Big R_0001.c4d
  6. Hey everyone... I'm trying to animate a logo build and am having some difficulty with what I suspect is a very simple process. I have a logo that is an Illustrator file and I have no problem importing it into C4D and working with the individual pieces. I want each part of the logo to reveal along a path while extruded the whole time (see my very simple demo animation). I've been exploring Spline Mask and can make this work for some of the simpler shapes, but for some of the more complex shapes (think horseshoe shape) I'm having a very hard time getting any kind of smooth motion without weird spikes arising from probably not enough keyframes in my point level animation. My process was to create a closed spline around the horseshoe shape and create a bunch of keyframes expanding the spline shape to reveal the horseshoe element by way of Spline Mask. This seems like a pretty common need and a pretty convoluted process. Am I going about this all wrong? Is there any way to reveal extruded splines in a manner similar to my demo file? Thanks! demo.mp4
  7. Hi everyone... I've been asked to create a room to place the attached image of a sectional sofa into. I'm trying to match the camera angle by eyeballing, and I can get sort of close but not quite good enough. Are there any techniques for achieving this, or am I stuck trying to eyeball. I'm thinking there might be some sort of camera matching functionality within C4D but that my image would not be a good candidate for this. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. The project itself is part of C4D's included library. I just did the usual Save As for the one I uploaded.
  9. Hi everyone... I'm wondering if it's possible to export textures from the content browser? Here's my issue: I'm trying to work with one of the example scenes provided by C4D but when I try to render I get an error message. It seems all the material textures have broken links (guess on my part). I can see the linked images in the content browser, but I don't know how to relink them to the scene's materials. My plan was to drag them into a tex folder that lives with the project, but I cannot access them from the content browser, and I don't know how to navigate to these files within the Finder (am on a mac obviously). I also cannot get the Material Manager window to open for some reason. There is probably a better way to achieve what I am trying to do and I am open to suggestions, but I'd settle for being able to extract them from the content browser. BTW there are a lot of these textures. I'm not sure if this will help at all but here is a link to the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hw24qetkrnznuze/Living Room.c4d?dl=0 Thanks!
  10. I guess I forgot to point out that, although I've been using C4D for a few years, it is very sporadic use and I still consider myself a noob. I'm sure I could recreate this from scratch more easily than I could learn nodes. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!
  11. Thanks, that is helpful. is there any way to bring the existing parameters of this material into a new material?
  12. Is there no way to modify this with the channels I usually see in other materials?
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