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  1. MikeMac

    Collision issues

    That makes sense. I'll add that to the ten billion other things I don't know about C4D. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone... I'm following an old GSG tutorial about making a wreath but I'm having an issue with the hair object passing through the bulbs. I feel like I've applied the proper dynamics tags but as usual I'm sure the problem is somewhere between the chair and the keyboard. Scene attached (minus textures that brought me over the upload limit and shouldn't be necessary for this anyway), any help greatly appreciated! PS Still working on lighting and textures, don't judge this too harshly Wreath.c4d
  3. Oh, didn't realize that had happened. Thank you!
  4. Hey everyone... I've been working ion this animated piece and rendered it overnight. I'm having a problem with my render though. When I play back the animation in the View window, it does what I want: disc with type rolls into place, then a moment later a second disc rolls into place in front of it. As I said, it works fine in the picture viewer. I set this up to render overnight, but when I came in today my render, while complete, does not include the full range of motion as I set it up. If I go to the last frame, and do a render of that, it confirms the error: at frame 180, instead of being well settled into position for a couple of seconds, disc #2 is still only partway into the frame. Any help is greatly appreciated! Note: I've stepped down my render settings a bit as I need this today, my overnight settings were still Physical, but higher quality and with motion blur. Plates Composite_0001.c4d
  5. That solved it, thank you so much!
  6. Hi everyone... I'm sure this is very simple (but then again so am I...) What I am trying to accomplish is to roll a weightlifting plate down an incline and come to rest at a certain point. I feel like it is set up correctly, but my object falls apart once in motion. The object is grouped as a Null, with a Rigid Body tag applied to the null, with children inheriting the tag. Self-collisions is turned off. The incline is a simple Plane that's been tilted and assigned a Collider tag. The weight plate is a combination of primitives and extruded spline imported from Illustrator. I'm guessing that there is some simple setting that I am missing here. Any help greatly appreciated, project file attached. Thanks! Example.c4d
  7. Ah, now I see. Thanks for the help!
  8. Hey everyone... Pretty simple Illustrator 8 file won't import correctly. Or rather, won't function correctly when extruded. You can see the center of this image has an anchor shape, but if you look you'll also notice there are some non-extruded extra bits that do not belong. Just in case there's some weirdness with the .ai file (it was an auto trace), I completely rebuilt it from scratch so I am fairly certain there are no extra paths or layers or locked items or anything like that in the file. Any ideas what's happening here? Thanks! RI Seal anchor.ai demo.c4d
  9. I knew it was something stupid. Thank you!
  10. Hey everyone... just a simple street sign I downloaded, but for whatever reason I cannot get it to render in the View window. I'm sure it's just something stupid but I am appreciative of any help. Thanks! 12mph.c4d
  11. That's very cool! Not sure if I'll ever learn Python though...I've actually been using C4D for a few years, but only sporadically and I basically have to re-learn it every time. We just upgraded from R14 to R20, so there's a lot that's different and I am making a conscious effort to include C4D in more of my projects so that maybe the knowledge will have a chance to stick. Thanks again for your help with this and with all my other stupid questions, I really appreciate it a great deal!
  12. Chris instructed us to nest them that way, it helped with deleting a bunch of redundant tags and I suspect plays some other role further down the line. Also, I rebuilt the rig a 3rd time, and while I feel like I haven't done anything differently, it works this time. As usual, the problem was most likely somewhere between the chair and the keyboard.
  13. Man, I really appreciate how generous you are with your time, I feel like I should start paying you tuition or something! The video I'm referencing is thishttps://greyscalegorilla.com/tutorials/creating-a-dynamic-wacky-waving-inflatable-tube-man-from-scratch/ . Also, what is OM that you refer to? Thanks yet again!
  14. Hey again... So I'm doing this tutorial and I find myself stuck pretty early on. Went through it 2x and cannot fix, but I suspect it is a simple setting tweek. I have my stack of cylinders connected and parented. When you hit play, the stack collapses and falls out of frame, with the exception of the bottom cylinder which is fixed. So far so good. My problem is that when the animation resets at frame 0, it doesn't revert to neatly stacked cylinders but instead resets to a point mid-collapse. I rebuilt the scene and am getting the same result. I have no idea why this is happening but need to solve it. A second question, not really important (I hope) but I am curious about, is the GUI representation of the Joint. Initially they were drawn in pastel blue and yellow tones, but now they are red. I'm guessing I've inadvertently hit some odd keyboard command that causes this but I have no idea what is going on here either. Project attached, extremely grateful for any & all insight. Thanks! TubeMan 04.c4d

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