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  1. Hey everyone... I'm having difficulty with texturing a couple of objects. I've created a plane, dropped a png in as both color and alpha, but I am getting a grey fill beyond the borders of the tree image (see attached). I'm pretty low-level, C4d-experience-wise, and I am stuck in Studio R14. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks! PS the grey fill I am referring to is the rectangular stuff, not the tight outline on the tree which is intentional.
  2. MikeMac

    Mattress dimples in R14?

    That looks very interesting, I'll check it out thanks!
  3. MikeMac

    Mattress dimples in R14?

    I hate to ask anything at all since you guys have already been so generous with your time, and please nobody make anything new for me, but any suggestions for making the spaces between the dimples puffed out, rather than flat? I'm thinking I need a newer version for this based on an Eyedesyn tutorial I just watched but any suggestions to point me in the right path are appreciated. Again, you guys are awesome thank you for everything!
  4. MikeMac

    Mattress dimples in R14?

    You guys are unbelievable, thank you all so much!
  5. MikeMac

    Mattress dimples in R14?

    Thank you both, this is all very, very helpful!
  6. Hey everyone... Not looking for a full-on breakdown, but if someone could point me in the right direction for modeling the dimples of a mattress (see example) that would be a huge help. I'm stuck with R14 and only use C4D a few times a year, so I am the opposite of a master. I assume I'll need to add some sort of tag to the mattress shape, create a button and clone it into the proper grid configuration and press it into the mattress shape, but anything a little more specific than this would be a huge help. In a cruel twist of fate there is a tutorial online about mattress modeling in R13, but it's in Russian. Thank you! PS I am not modeling this particular mattress, just showing the indented buttons.
  7. MikeMac

    Cloner Anchor Point?

    Cloner question for you... I am filling a parking lot with cars over time by way of animating the number of clones. Is there any way to control the direction of this build, rather than have them expand from the center outwards in all directions? Ideally I'd like them to fill up the space left to right to create the first row, then left to right to create the second row, etc. I am stuck in R14 Studio. Thanks!
  8. MikeMac

    Randomize Texture Offset in Clones

    Thank you both, this is all very helpful!
  9. Hello... I am trying to create a wall of large concrete bricks. I created a cube and cloned it to create a wall. I applied a concrete material to the cube, but I am of course getting a very repetitive pattern (the concrete material has some detail in the texture). I can solve this by splitting my clone into objects, then selecting each clone material and varying the offsets. I know there has to be a better way to do this, and I imagine it's a simple fix. My guess is it has something to do with Multishader, but I have no idea how to vary offsets with that. I am in R14. Any help greatly appreciated!
  10. MikeMac

    IK Goal attached to wrong end

    Reverse Sequence is really all I need, although I'm still surprised that my splines assigned point order is the opposite of their creation. Anyway you've provided the fix I need, thank you!
  11. Hey everyone... I am dabbling in some IK animation and am having a really hard time with a very basic function. FYI, I am following Eyedesyn's tutorial on this and have gone over it multiple times but I cannot figure where I've gone wrong. Basically what I am doing is I have a capsule shape as an arm. I have created a bezier spline with the first point at the shoulder, mid point at the elbow, and third point at the hand. I add a Spline Wrap to the arm, and designate the spline I just created as the spline for the wrap. I move the elbow point backwards just a tiny bit to indicate desired bend direction. I center the spline's axis and make sure it is in the proper position. I add IK to the spline and activate Point IK. I designate a start point of 0, and an end point of 2. The problem becomes apparent when I Add Goal. The goal is created at the shoulder point, not the hand point. The first point I created for the spline is at the shoulder location, just like in the tutorial. I am certain of this because I have redone this so many times. I discovered if I designate the start point as 2 and the end point at 0 it does create the goal in the proper location, but the goal null does not function properly when I try moving it. I have rewatched and redone so many times I am going a little crazy. Anyone have any suggestions as to where I've gone wrong? BTW I am in R14 Broadcast. Thanks in advance!
  12. MikeMac

    Exploded View Issue

    Hi everyone... Here is my current problem. I have a model of a gun that I want to create an exploded view of; by that I mean I want to show all the component parts come together in space to form the object. I watched the GSG tutorial on how to do this, and although it is a fairly simple procedure I am having issues. I cannot share my file due to NDA (it isn't actually a gun, but is a gun-shaped scanning device). So here is my situation: I open the file. The gun is comprised of about 300 objects. The file was in a folder called VRML 97 and I do not believe was created in C4D as it asks about scale when opening. I add a Connect Object, then apply Current State to Object. I place the Current State object into a Fracture Object, and enable Explode Segments. I render at various times during this process, and all is fine. Same simple material for all objects. I then add a Plane Effector, and here is where my troubles begin. The object disappears from the viewport (but not the list), and rendering generates a black frame. I double check the parameters on the Plane Effector, just a small move along the x-axis at this point, and I give the Plane effector a Falloff Box, and make sure it encloses the gun. Still nothing, even if I slide the falloff around. Sometimes the object is visible (I try all sorts of variations) but the Plane Effector has no effect. I realize that this probably isn't enough to go on, but as I said I cannot share the file so this is really kind of a hail Mary attempt in hopes that I am missing something basic and obvious (to all but me that is). I am working in R14 Broadcast. Bonus question: the geometry of the object contains a lot of triangular pieces, and I fear that if/when I solve my exploded problem, the separated parts will look more like bomb fragments or shards rather than component pieces. Is there any way to change that? Thanks in advance!
  13. MikeMac

    Dramatic Lighting Tutorial?

    Good advice, thank you!
  14. Hey everyone... I need to create an image of an industrial product in black limbo but with exaggerated, dramatic edge and backlighting. This is for a product teaser, where they want to suggest the product without showing it fully. I know basic C4D lighting, but I'm just not getting what I want. I know there are a million lighting tutorials out there, but if anyone can recommend one that might specifically address this style of lighting I'd be greatly appreciative. Thanks!
  15. MikeMac

    Cloner + Rotation + Random Effector

    Client went in another direction, but I'd still like to solve this once I'm out of the weeds. Will post in the next few days, thanks for your scene I'll get back to you on that.