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  1. Thanks, it was the rotation of the Bender that was the problem. Much appreciated!
  2. So after years of asking, I finally got my boss to upgrade from R14 to R20, and I'm discovering I have a ton to both learn and unlearn (although I was the opposite of an expert anyway). But I digress... I'm trying to make a very simple bend in the middle of a plane. I've parented the Bend deformer to a plane (as well as a cube, tried both but same results). I've rotated the deformer and added plenty of subdivisions to my objects, checked off "within box" and as far as I know other options are set properly. Clearly I'm wrong about this, as the result I am getting is to turn my object from a flat panel to a wedge shape. All I'm trying to do is create a seamless background, so I just need a bend in a large plane or flattened cube. How do I get this to be a rounded bend? I had no problem with this in R14, so I'm assuming I have the basics of bending down. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. Wow, thanks man! It does open up in C4D, but I am on another project now. I'll be back on the fries thing later tomorrow though, so I'll dig into it then. I'm surprised it even opened in R14. I'll let you know how it goes, thanks so much!
  4. Thanks, but this may not work for R14 as I cannot locate anything labeled Transform Space. Where would I find that? I've looked at all the cloner settings, and I used the search function, and came up with nothing.
  5. Thanks for this tip, but I am unfamiliar with Particle Friction Force and suspect it may be newer than R14. Either that or I just don't understand your advice, which is far more likely.
  6. I have a whole potato that needs to explode into french-fry fragments. I've got the potato part down, and I created a few different french fries and put them in a cloner so they are all touching. I have them all tagged as Rigid Bodies, so that when it starts animating they fly apart due to them intersecting. the problem I am having is that they fly apart too fast, and no matter how much gravity and wind resistance I add, they fly offscreen. I want a smaller, more controlled explosion, where they will fly maybe a yard out from their point of origin and drop downwards. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I am in R14 (I know, I know) broadcast. Thanks!
  7. Hey everyone... I'm having difficulty with texturing a couple of objects. I've created a plane, dropped a png in as both color and alpha, but I am getting a grey fill beyond the borders of the tree image (see attached). I'm pretty low-level, C4d-experience-wise, and I am stuck in Studio R14. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks! PS the grey fill I am referring to is the rectangular stuff, not the tight outline on the tree which is intentional.
  8. That looks very interesting, I'll check it out thanks!
  9. I hate to ask anything at all since you guys have already been so generous with your time, and please nobody make anything new for me, but any suggestions for making the spaces between the dimples puffed out, rather than flat? I'm thinking I need a newer version for this based on an Eyedesyn tutorial I just watched but any suggestions to point me in the right path are appreciated. Again, you guys are awesome thank you for everything!
  10. You guys are unbelievable, thank you all so much!
  11. Thank you both, this is all very, very helpful!
  12. Hey everyone... Not looking for a full-on breakdown, but if someone could point me in the right direction for modeling the dimples of a mattress (see example) that would be a huge help. I'm stuck with R14 and only use C4D a few times a year, so I am the opposite of a master. I assume I'll need to add some sort of tag to the mattress shape, create a button and clone it into the proper grid configuration and press it into the mattress shape, but anything a little more specific than this would be a huge help. In a cruel twist of fate there is a tutorial online about mattress modeling in R13, but it's in Russian. Thank you! PS I am not modeling this particular mattress, just showing the indented buttons.
  13. Cloner question for you... I am filling a parking lot with cars over time by way of animating the number of clones. Is there any way to control the direction of this build, rather than have them expand from the center outwards in all directions? Ideally I'd like them to fill up the space left to right to create the first row, then left to right to create the second row, etc. I am stuck in R14 Studio. Thanks!
  14. Thank you both, this is all very helpful!
  15. Hello... I am trying to create a wall of large concrete bricks. I created a cube and cloned it to create a wall. I applied a concrete material to the cube, but I am of course getting a very repetitive pattern (the concrete material has some detail in the texture). I can solve this by splitting my clone into objects, then selecting each clone material and varying the offsets. I know there has to be a better way to do this, and I imagine it's a simple fix. My guess is it has something to do with Multishader, but I have no idea how to vary offsets with that. I am in R14. Any help greatly appreciated!



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