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  1. Sharp camera turn

    Yes I think It's difficult to do this with the crane as there seems to be issues with the amount of swing circumference!.. Reason I had it set up on the crane is because before the shot I sketched out there is other pans and zooms etc that utilise the crane well and wanted to keep it in here. I'm going to have to re-think this one! Cheers
  2. Sharp camera turn

    hey, so please see the attached if this helps to what I'm trying to do.. Excuse the quick sketch I'm at work! So Basically the cam is pointing at 'A' and then 'B' comes up from behind (outside the cam view).. The cam then 'sharply' and 'smoothly' Rotates to point at 'B' as it comes towards'A' .... This sounds simple enough even to me but the problem I have is the camera ends up swinging in a very large circumference taking in unwanted parts of the scene.... I currently have this set up on a camera crane and it's proper annoyin' me haha.. I'm sure there must be a simple solution to this!
  3. Sharp camera turn

    Thanks for the replies all. I'm going to take another look at this later on tonight based on advice above. If still struggling will upload the file or an example of what I mean. Cheers :)
  4. Sharp camera turn

    Hello, So I have a scene where I am focussing in on a particular point but then I want the camera to suddenly swing sharply as something comes in from behind. This is just one option. The other option is to switch cams but I want to test to see which works best. I've been messing with the settings on the Camera Crane but can't seem to get a sharp turn, as it always swings 180 but around a very large circumference. Is it best to use the motion camera for this? .. The only thing is I want smooth movements and not handheld shaky ones. Any tips much appreciated :)
  5. Tighter key frame control

    Thank you both Good to know it's not as daunting as I first thought :)
  6. Hey! So I am very new to animating in C4d .. I'm used to using keyframes in after effects but getting quite lost when I have multiple key frames in a scene and I want to make adjustments to specific values within cinema. for example I added a rotation to a small object and it took me so long to locate the key frame on the time line as there was so much else going on in the timeline. Do do I have to make a record of where I place keyframes ? Maybe im doing it wrong. Maybe part of the problem is I'm trying to do this on a small screen? .. if anyone knows the best tutorials for the basics of key framing please let me know :) thank you!
  7. ST III Spacedock

    I also love how on their page under 'Tutorials; they have a recipe for Stuffed Bell Peppers.. One of the most random things I've seen in a while :)
  8. Sperm movement animation

    Thank you so much for the advice. It's looking great so far!... Just another problem I'm encountering.. I'm trying to get lots of these little fellas moving in the same direction. I've added a cloner and added random object so there are a good few of them all from different positions... The only thing is - the Wind deformer is not randomising so they are all swaying the same way at the same time which I don't want.. also.. I tested the align to spline tag and working really nicely on one of these but is it possible to achieve a forward motion along multiple splines for a group of them inside a cloner? .. Agiain, I want each one to have it's own individual path to give it a realistic feel.. Thanks again! :)
  9. Sperm movement animation

    Thank you. That's great! And this way it's possible to have it moving forward too? Going out now but gonna give this a try later! Thank you again!
  10. Hello, I was wondering what the best way to create a sperm moving forward with the realistic tail movements. I found this reference of the kind of thing I want to achieve (see the shot at 30 - 33 seconds): Would this have to be a rigged model to get the 'tail flicks' ? and have it following a spline path for the movement?.. This would be my wild guess but I'm completely new to animation in C4D and any tips / tricks / Suggestions / tutorials would be amazing. Thank you in advance :)
  11. How do I create a Royal Crown ?

    Ah now that makes sense :) Cheers
  12. How do I create a Royal Crown ?

    But that would be for a crown with 8 points?
  13. How do I create a Royal Crown ?

    Just chipping in with a question as to why you need segments divisable by 2,3,4 and 9? (the 9 makes sense and it makes sense why you would need enough segments to start getting in the detail) I'm sure there is a perfectly logical answer :)
  14. Complex Pole

    Hi, Thanks @Cerbera for your pointers during this process, to what started as a complex pole issue and became a topic of general help :) Just wanted to share the final image. Perhaps later I will submit some different views with the mesh. I learned a lot on this project and it is the most complex thing I've modelled so far so it was a great experience. Far from perfect but a big improvement from my last.. ...On to my next model
  15. Complex Pole

    Hello again, So, latest with this: I'm trying to add the smaller details in now having created the bulk shapes and am fairly happy with the geometry on the whole. My next stage is to add screws and switches that come out from the bottom of the fan. I'm sure there are no trianges, Ngons or complex poles.. Is there anything else I should be checking my mesh for? (I'm sure there is a lot that could be picked apart with what I have produced so far!)... As for the details, it seems like I'm trying to now 'force' these in with the mesh I have and in turn it is making the mesh look uncomfortable. I'm sure with more expertise and forward planning I would / should have forseen these 'challenges' but as you can tell I'm working on 1 'challenge' at a time (1. Complex poles and 2. Stepping my topology down) ... Now I'm feeling that if had I quad capped the hole it would be easier to create the extra details I need. But maybe I am wrong. Here is my mesh and you can see the 'on / off' switch I'm attempting to create from the mesh I have. Is there any other way i should be approaching because my gut tells me this isn't right. Any advice would be great at this stage. Thanks! :)