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  1. @Stuggz No i meant a field vertex map that controls the opacity of your Sketch and Toon lines.
  2. I think with fields you would definitely have control over it. where its to show up first etc. Also cel renderer might be a quicker option. And secondly it would probably be easier to do it in post like After Effects. maybe two render passes. one with the shaded main file and one with just the cracks. on top of it. You could then easily mask that crack pass layer in after effects and expend the mask during the animation. might be slightly more work not sure.
  3. I am also not that familiar with Sketch & Toon. but i noticed there is a opacity map option. So if you have R20, you could create vertex map on the Voronoi fracture (they even have prexisting vertexmaps, like outside faces, edges etc). And use fields to control the vertex map. Which would then in turn control the Sketch and Toon and when it shows up.
  4. Have you tried doing what it says? upping the padding to at least 0.667? Probably in displacement parameters tag.
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