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  1. @BigAl3D simply that, while pv render is a great plugin it doesn't have the intelligence of the normal render queue and so when the machine crashes it doesn't save the frame number that has been rendered and so you are tasked with going back into the original file modifying, saving and replacing the file in the pv render queue window.
  2. I am rendering animations with vray and due to lots of crashes with the normal render queue I moved to PV render queue plugin - although this has a far more limited set of tools. Particularly if the app crashes (which it does occasionally) the setup is lost. Which leads me to two questions: 1. Does anyone know about what happens on the system/hardware side when we set tasks into the render queue. Are the files held in memory or written to driver somewhere? Therefore is the render queue a memory absorbing task, would more memory help? 2. As an alternative PV render queue plugin renders the frames visibly in the picture viewer. What happens normally with picture viewer and RAM? are the files all held in memory if they have been saved to disk as rendered? Thanks
  3. This is not a job for a denoiser. Best not to run before you can walk. Learn the basics of AA settings. Denoising, in vray for ezample is a complex procedure and requires knowledge of many other aspects of the render workflow. In general you should aim to denoise once you have learnt to make smoothe images without any post effects
  4. spiralstair

    GPU with c4d

    I installed an older nvidia driver and the system seems to work. Except I still cannot get DOF in the viewport - it's greyed out. Any suggestions about this? Thanks for all of the help so far
  5. spiralstair

    GPU with c4d

    I haven't got to the bottom of this yet, as there still seems to be an intermittent problem - it seems to flash on and off so possibly an issue with the motherboard. But yes in bios (for HP machines) there is option to change speed of pcie bus. It had been set at auto and when its forced to 3 it seems to work (although not always) I am wondering from looking at other blogs if the auto was being confused by some kind of power saving feature on the card. Ill post more here when I find out more
  6. spiralstair

    GPU with c4d

    Thank you @imashination and @danijelk the bios switch of pci power was a success! Up and running now (heads to redshift demo download)
  7. spiralstair

    GPU with c4d

    Also I checked the bios and the pci bus speed was set to auto. I have forced it to 8gb (gen 3) to see if it has an effect
  8. spiralstair

    GPU with c4d

    @danijelk thanks does 2d/3D mode depend on vga use? As this screenshot was taken when cinema was open but viewed via windows Remote Desktop. Now I'm with the computer and a monitor. I'm reinstalling drivers and will post another screenshot when done.
  9. spiralstair

    GPU with c4d

    Yep power lead is in. card shows up in task manager but with low performance graph
  10. The reccomendation is to always save to file. Multiframe incremental is now outdated since vray 3.3, its fastest to use BFLC with no need for any prepass saving and it's physicallly accurate (path tracing) generally soeaking the functionality for Mac is less reliable in vray than PC so again save to file wherever possible.
  11. If you are using GI then yes absolutely . If you are using physical renderer then also yes as some aspects such as absorption and occlusion are physically scaled, however the lighting and materials beyond this are relative rather than absolute. As a general rule of thumb it's always best to work 1:1 unless you have a serious need to do otherwise. Particularly if you are planning to share your files with others.
  12. spiralstair

    GPU with c4d

    Thanks this is helpful. My CB score is 2785 (20 cores) and 128 single core. It's a good render workhorse. I dont know whether open GL has any impact on render speed (e.g. Redshift) ?? the main thing is that the basic functions are not working for D.o.f and hardware render is not available and I want to use it to draft animations quickly before jumping into draft/production GI rendering. Even if its a little slow the main thing I need is basic functionality. @imashination thanks - I have done this four times with no progress including twice fully reinstalling windows from dongle (wiping drives) I have scoured the web for ideas and had wondered if the w10 updates are causing clashes, but it sounds like you are all working ok so it must be something I'm doing wrong. Maybe i will just stick with CPU rendering and forget about the GPU thing
  13. spiralstair

    GPU with c4d

    Wow - you can see all that from the picture? Have I been mislead?
  14. spiralstair

    GPU with c4d

    Hi all thanks, my system is a hp z260 with v2 logic board 64gb ram and 2 x e5-2690 v2 xeons (20 cores) im totally confused by it - have scoured the internet for pc help and now just asking you lot what we are all using? I previously had a low quality NVS 300 card which gave better display performance than the 1060 which seems sluggish. I have no experience of GPUs, I've been focussed on CPU for a couple of years. Can anyone share any comments? thank you