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  1. Black Friday '17

    Has anyone seen any Black Friday deals yet? I've been looking today and haven't found anything yet?
  2. New macbook

    Amen - the greatest success of Apple was the 'think different' campaign in the '90's which brainwashed a generation into thinking that windows was ugly. Seems like the best way to actually think different now is to do what @nerv says.
  3. look up/down virtual walkthrough?

    Am having trouble recording mouse movements into VW camera recording. Will persevere - thanks @Cerbera and @bentraje
  4. Is it possible to add shortcuts to V walkthrough to be able to look up/down?
  5. Texture Manager Empty

    I see this a lot in my vray scenes - sometimes I have 10 materials but nothing appears in the tex manager. So I go to the attributes manager>mode>project info>textures the mark missing textures button is invaluable. i am a disciple of vray, but I agree that the texture management system can be nerve wracking.
  6. I would restart c4d and if it is still happening make a brand new render settings (not a copy)
  7. Leaving C4D-Land.

    You can achieve this for Windows with the DirectControl plugin: https://c4dplugin.com/product-dc Thanks again @ABMotion - have you tried the plugin? Any comments. It looks great - I would like to download a trial but don't have a games controler - will look into it p
  8. Leaving C4D-Land.

    Oh man the game pad camera, how I wish we had this with c4d. When I have finished my current film in c4d, I'm making a big dive into Houdini - and meanwhile hoping that chaos group tune vray for Houdini, which I'm told is around the corner. C4d is wonderful and all that, but ... Houdini is another dimension
  9. Animated mask in AE to c4d spline?

    Fantastic thanks this is music to my eyes/ears following a disappointing day realising that due to the c4d motion blur implementation, that it is not possible to add motion blur in vray to alembic caches with changing number of points (fluids) so my nervous heart was broken and now made up. thank you
  10. Animated mask in AE to c4d spline?

    Many thanks @ABMotion - I have CC but haven't updated to 2018 yet, (for lack of time and HD space) - this is a fantastic tip thank you could you explain how the script works? It produces a single null as a point on the spline? With an animated spline I assume I would have to create as many nulls as there are key points?
  11. Animated mask in AE to c4d spline?

    Thanks cbr. Would be a nice feature to incorporate. In AE there is an auto trace function which can produce animated masks based on pixel edge data. The effect creates a huge number of unnecessary spline (path) points however. Ok wow, so I'm going to think about doing some manual roto in c4d ... think being the operative word. Hehe
  12. Is it possible to import an animated 2D mask/path from AE to c4d? Alternatively are there any standard tools or plugins in c4d which could trace the movement of an animated line from a video file into a c4d spline animation? Many thanks
  13. Shadow Flickering with Vray

    DMC sample settings should rarely be touched. The only DMC setting which can safely be changed without studying how the sampler works in DMC is time dependent sampling. @Jaehyuk i reccomend passing further questions to the vray for c4d forum.
  14. Shadow Flickering with Vray

    don't touch the DMC settings in Vray 3.x these should stay as default, only very specific reasons to change, which are not evident in this clip. To render animation keep default settings, switch GI on, raise LC and retrace value as mentioned before. Change AA to bucket sampler and tune threshold and max sampling values for speed/quality. For a draft render you can lower the threshold to something like 0.1 and potentially lower the max samples to 5, but for production renders the default settings are a good place to start.
  15. Shadow Flickering with Vray

    Assuming you are using BFLC - and assuming there is no overlapping geometry - it is most likely that the flicker is coming from too low LC samples (should be between 1000 - 2000 for animation) and retrace value should be at least 8. upload a scene file with just the settings and we can have a look.