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  1. Hot4d - objects on surface?

    @ABMotion bingo !!! a perfect solve Thank you
  2. Hot4d - objects on surface?

    @Cerbera surface deformer is working well with paper following the water surface. But I can't see if it is possible to alter the rotation of the object deformer (simply UV translation) ideally there would be a scatter of paper on the water surface in random position and rotation. scene file attatched Thanks water_paper.c4d
  3. Hot4d - objects on surface?

    Many thanks @ABMotion and @Cerbera I forgot to mention that because it is paper on water that the paper should follow the displacement of hot4d. @ABMotion constraint tag - worked well but kept the paper solid not sure about how to impliment the xpresso you mention - would you mind elaborating a bit? @Cerbera surface deformer so far is working very well for my purposes. Thanks ! Will do a few more tests.
  4. Has anyone had any luck with objects interacting with the surface of hot4d? I would like to float some pieces of paper on water surface. The best I can do is to parent the paper to the water - but as far as I can see this only works if the centre of the object is centred with the water plane. thanks Spiral
  5. Simple one - I can't find any reference in the manual as to what is the calculation for 'illumination' mix mode and since it is not in the normal family of blending modes in other applications - I'm wondering what exactly is happening here? (the shadow areas seem to stay dark, but the highlights seem to carry over colour information - which isn't displayed in 'normal'??) Thanks Spiral
  6. Possible to import an Alembic sequence?

    Hi, you can't do this within c4d itself, but it is possible to stitch together alembic frames - as if they were frames of any image based animation. Depending on your source application, usually there is an option to do this. Stitching is usually done as a command line script - Realflow has this one http://support.nextlimit.com/display/rf2015docs/Stitch+Alembic+Files and there is more broad info here: https://fkfx.wordpress.com/2013/07/17/alembic-stitcher-working-with-file-sequences/
  7. Leaving C4D-Land.

    I have just received an email from sidefx and it seems that all indie users need to update to new daily build to refresh the system. Doing this now, hopefully it will work
  8. Leaving C4D-Land.

    Not so fast!!! This shift is good and bad in equal measures. I have been operating a workflow on an indie licence for a few weeks between c4d and houdini. I have been building fluid sims in houdini and exporting as alembic to render in c4d. But all of a sudden (withouth even updating to the new build) my licence has been downgraded so I can't export alembic files. No documentation about this on side fx site. Hmmmm - they want us to do all of the work inside houdini and not take it elsewhere - a month of work ruined
  9. Leaving C4D-Land.

    I think the entagma guys are a bit of a red herring. I basically was terrified of Houdini until i went to an event in London by side fx where there were several lectures on it. Including entagma. They were truly amazing, but the other presenters were making jokes about how you don't actually have to design your own cloth solver, you can use a shelf tool.
  10. Leaving C4D-Land.

    TBH -I don't think that getting to grips with houdini is any more complex than, say, learning sds poly modelling from scratch or learning how to use a professional render app like Vray. There are rules and there are tools, but once you start to learn some rules, you rapidly learn more. Which is not to say that Houdini is easy. But I think there is a lot of baloney spoken about it being 'hard' and inaccessible.
  11. Leaving C4D-Land.

    I don't think it's good to make these kinds of generalisations on a public forum.
  12. Leaving C4D-Land.

    @Midphase I think what you are describing is identical to MAXON's approach to selling c4d. Particularly to users of after effects who start off by being terrified, then they watch some youtube videos about cloth dynamics, a few mograph tutorials later and membership to the c4d cafe leads to obsessions about quad workflows and render settings. I think Houdini is more of the same. But some of the shelf tools are hollywood standard. @everfresh thanks for the compliment, but I am no coder, far from it. But I learn settings. I am a nubie with H, but find it very very addictive. Also as a dyslexic I find the the nodal workflow far easier to relate to than the object hierarchy in c4d
  13. Cannot clone object

    Thanks @jed - I didn't think about the scale
  14. Hi all I want to include a variation of 3 different shells in one cloner object. But 2 out of 3 files do not appear in cloner?? I have attached the file here The geometry originated as fbx files shell 1 clones fine shell 2 and 3 do not clone am I missing something? Many thanks cloner_shell.c4d
  15. Leaving C4D-Land.

    Since buying a Houdini indie licence recently my life has been better. the multithread performance makes c4d feel like a bit of a dinosaur to use. Im also planning to leave ship vray for redshift and Houdini looks like the perfect platform. But, it's worth noting to the not yet converted that Houdini indie limits the render size to HD. I will keep my msa for at least one more year, I agree with much of what has been said about accessibility, but don't agree that it is limited to vfx workflows. From what I understand, Houdini is being backed as the application to replace Maya. The side fx sales strategy is clever, keep indie cheap for long enough to have users of all platforms keep a copy running next to their main 3d application and then take over the world in 10 years when we have all learnt vex.