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  1. asiejenski

    Alternative to Points to circle

    Thank you very much :) Is there any chance you could do that also with Ivy Grove or PolyCircle (I just discovered it searching for replacement for Points to circle, it's great)?
  2. Is there any alternative to Points to circle working with C4D R20?
  3. asiejenski

    Volume and Field

    Thanks for reply. With texture it looks much better. But I still don't know why it looks so bad with Sphere instead of Sphere Field (it won't always be sphere or cube). And of course, the most important question. How to make correct UV for something like that :)
  4. asiejenski

    Volume and Field

    How can I achieved this without Arnold but with new Volume and Field? I did something like that but it's far form this on video. And if I use Sphere instead of Sphere Field I have also trouble on outside surface.