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  1. hi guys, how can I get access to all great tutorials that you make ? thank you
  2. Renders for motion graphics

    any help with this topic please ?
  3. X-Particles

    cool stuff guys, thank you for reply!
  4. Hey team, I'm interested in your opinion and experience about renders for motion graphic? Which you think are the best and why ? What advice you can give on rendering motion graphics. Thank you :)
  5. X-Particles

    Hi team, can anyone in human language explain what X-Particles plugin does. Is it so powerful like advertised ? Can i make effects similar in C4D without it ? Is it worth having it ? Also what is floating and non floating lisence in simple words ? Thank you for replys teachers!
  6. Hi team, as usual I want to say big thank you for helping big newbies like me to learn all the magic of C4D. I know that portfolio is most important thing that 3d designer has. I need your advice how to build up one. Is there steps that helps? What should i concentrate in portfolio ? How to get volunteering on projects just to get experience and build portfolio ? I can gladly spend my free time just helping someone for free just to get experience. Maybe there is web pages that offer 3d volunteering ? Thank you my friends for reply
  7. Hi guys, can anyone in human words explain what C1 and R1 does in texture tag selection menu? Also is there other commands that I can type and get some result? Thanks for reply guys!
  8. Hi Teachers :) just to want ask what is the best place to get HDRI maps from? Is there good free website ? Or is there a place where i can purchase them for cheap price ? What is best option ? And maybe you can advice on best options using them .Also i just want to express my gratitude to all guys who helping newbies like me ! you are my inspiration ! Just careful, I want to become better :) どうもありがとう Domo arigato!
  9. wacom tablet and pen

    is it hard to learn use it ? and thanks for reply myfriend :)
  10. Hi guys, just a quick question is wacom tablet and pen useful in c4d? If yes, where best to use it.? Thank you for replies.
  11. Hi guys, can anyone simply with example explain difference between object mode and model mode? And which mode use when ? Thank you
  12. Thanks Jay, any advice if i want to choose motion graphic designs ? Where best to start ? And on what to concentrate ?
  13. thank you very much for replies guys. I really appreciate it! Rectro and maliohammad Arigatou!!!!
  14. I really fascinated about motion graphics. Any advice on that ?