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  1. Hello everyone! I write because I am a 100% beginner of Cinema 4D and I was wondering if anyone knows this product to start learning C4D: https://greyscalegorilla.mykajabi.com/p/greyscalegorilla-drive Or if you know of a good course or something similar to get started with C4D! Thank you!
  2. PC for freelance

    But this is a 8 core option..the page is wrong because the 6950x is a 10 core and 20 threads cpu..not a 8 core and 16 threada is better
  3. Hello everyone, After a long time I have decided to work as a freelancer and therefore I have to buy a computer that allows me to work and render fluently. After a lot of thinking, I decided to render it with OCTANE, because I think speed and quality is great for a freelance. So I have a question above all about the CPU and now I tell you what I want: I have set up a PC to work with C4D, x-particles and the Adobe package. And I came to doubt whether an i7x or a dual Xeon. I have in mind these settings: I7 6950x (10 cores) 128GB ram (I do not know if 64 is enough) 2x GTX TITAN 12GB Hard disks and others is clear. I hope your sincere opinion, because I want to work fluid, that can make fast simulations, etc. Greetings and thanks for your time! treedx