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  1. Higher Quality Model Renders Jagged

    Well look at that, that is wonderful info Bezo thank you. I can send you the source file in a DM if that's OK with you. Thanks!
  2. Higher Quality Model Renders Jagged

    I re-exported the model with what I thought was the same export settings, and now the render looks great. Would anyone be able to compare the original "high quality" to this new "highest quality" and tell me what the difference is that makes it look so much better? The points look like they're in the exact same place. File attached. BLSmith_Crankshaft_Render_Quality_Comparison_2.c4d
  3. Higher Quality Model Renders Jagged

    I unfortunately cannot outsource. I have to find a way to make this work. I'll just have to find a way to make the new model import like the old did, because that looked sufficient in the render it's just that it didn't have as much detail.
  4. Hi all. Below I have two models: The top is a new model I've recently acquired. The bottom is an old model I've previously been using. It's difficult to see from the image, but the new model looks a lot worse than the old model when you render it. The new model has a lot more points and IMO should appear smooth when it's rendered. Is this something that could be considered a simple fix? If not, I can discuss this with the individual who supplied me this model and ask for a different one. I've supplied the file below. Thanks guys! BLSmith_Crankshaft_Render_Quality_Comparison.c4d
  5. I had kind of hoped it would have saved it in like the "objects information" or something, or a tag that could be created that would contain the original object name within it. Understood though, I'll keep adding the original object name to a "to-do" tag. Thanks Cerbera!
  6. Hi Cerbera, My impression of the naming tool is that if I had a bunch of objects named: Alpha 57286105_PRT45 Alpha 57286235_PRT4 Alpha 57286455_PRT23 Alpha 57286675_PRT12 Alpha 57286975_PRT41 You could simply replace "Alpha" to whatever name you want, or add a prefix before "Alpha." Using the example, "Alpha 57286105_PRT45" you could add a prefix called "Piston Head" however, your object name is now: "Piston Head Alpha 57286105_PRT45". Is there any way to take the original file name, and hide it somewhere within the object so that the name is only "Piston Head."
  7. Lets say you were given a model consisting of 500 objects. Those 500 object names are part numbers, however the numbers are very hard to work with so you decide you want to rename "57286105_PRT45" to "Piston Head." However, you don't want to lose the part number information. Is there a quick way to store the original object name within that object so that it can be renamed manually? What I did was created a blank "To-do" tag to all 500 objects and have been manually CTRL+C/CTRL+V each individual object name to this tag. Now this is pretty tedious: However, I'm just curious if there is a better way. Thanks all!
  8. So I've discovered that I could simply tweak the range mapper settings to get a perfect spring movement. I've decided to completely throw away the top bool box because I couldn't stop getting that to bounce around. If there is a way to somehow set two A/B bool "targets" instead of having those booled objects in a hierarchy under the bool, that would solve my issue.
  9. What a fancy cool tool! Thanks for this. So I managed to set it up, but it's almost like a bezier type movement vs. linear and lags behind the driving unit: Any ideas? BSmith Set Driven.c4d
  10. Animating/Modeling a Governor Spring

    I almost forgot. Here is a video detailing how I achieved my result in the event anyone finds it useful for their purposes:
  11. Hi everyone. I have three questions: Question 1: Can you link the movement of a pose-morph spline animation to the X/Y location of another object? Question 2: Can you make the ends of a helix spline flat without using boolian shapes? (See image below) Question 3: Can you use Xpresso to drive the strength of a pose-morph? ====================================================== Video for added context: Hopefully it helps, it took over 10 tries and an hour to cut out the fat lol! I've attached the file below. Thanks everyone. If I was not clear in any of my questions I am happy to re-phrase them. C4D_Cafe_Bool_Boxes_Help_Request.c4d
  12. Fluid Simulation: Emulating an Engine

    Understood. I can totally see that. I just have to find a way to thread the needle when it comes to re-creating something like this: Where I'll be needing to rotate the camera between valve compressions. So for the fuel component I suspect I'll need to do all of that within C4D, but things like spark(s) and stuff I'll do in After Effects.
  13. Fluid Simulation: Emulating an Engine

    When it comes to certain things, like a spark coming out of the spark plug, I can easily add that in Premiere or something. I'm a novice at After Effects, but do see a use for that as well. I frankly don't know when I'll be crossing into tunnel vision territory based on virtually zero experience on any of this. We'll have to see I guess!
  14. Can't argue with facts good sir, thank you for your help once again. I'm in the process of acquiring some software (PolyTrans from Okino) that supposedly allows for 1:1 lossless importing from the CAD software that this was made from (Pro Engineer) to export to Cinema4D. Once I acquire a better model I'll post back with my solution, but until then... /thread Thanks Cerbera!
  15. I am having trouble setting the axis for this object, but it always wobbles. I've tried setting the axis to all points, and variety of selected points but each time the object never rotates properly and wobbles. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to take a quick look at this and help me understand why that is. Here is a video that shows what I am seeing if you are interested, otherwise simply download the file and let me know what you think. Solution Update: A. Crankshaft.c4d [File Removed] B. The model itself was of poor construction, and it needs to ether be remade or a better quality model needs to be acquired. The model itself wasn't straight.