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  1. Hi all. My company has been taking the time to research various animation programs and one thing we've been considering is Keyshot. I don't do any 3D Modeling at my job, but I would be animating CAD files designed by engineers. Keyshot has a plugin that can be installed on an Engineer's PC to allow them to export mechanical movement data out of CREO, so that it can be easily animated in that program. Keyshot, however, is very limited in its capabilities, and if possible we'd like to have the best of both words: The complexity of Cinema4D, but also the ease of exporting all the mechanical data so I, the future animator, do not have to meticulously animate every component to the engine, when it already has that data available. Thanks for taking the time!
  2. Simulating "cat-scan"/cutting effect?

    This was the result. It's a little glitchy in some areas, which is difficult for me to diagnose because it takes 5 minutes 15 seconds to render a single frame once the engine is 'cut' open, and I can't view the render in real time. That being said, I'm a lot closer than I was. Thanks all for the suggestions. I'm sure I'll be back with the next conundrum.
  3. Simulating "cat-scan"/cutting effect?

    Update: I'm an idiot and didn't change the renderer. As a newbie this was not something intuitive. Currently rendering out all 300 frames of my animation and I'll post the result tomorrow to /solve the thread. Thanks guys!
  4. Simulating "cat-scan"/cutting effect?

    Hi guys, So as luck would have it, my workstation has V-Ray installed. I've read all your replies and watched the video Sainsy posted. I'd like to quickly recap that video for you with a short 2 minute video of my own: Summary: The "Clipper" tool doesn't seem to want to "clip" my model. Most likely because I've neglected a setting that I didn't see, but I'm curious what you guys think. Thank you for your time once again, and I very much look forward to reading your future reply(s). As an aside I tried the bool approach to my model and my computer basically went to a complete near zero crawl and it was completely unworkable.
  5. Absolutely! It's the least I could do for the amount of help you guys have given me.
  6. Hi all. I'd like to simulate the front face of my model (an engine with 300 parts) being cut in half, showing off the inner workings of the engine. I'm not sure what terminology Cinema4D uses to describe this, which has made googling this quite difficult. In my mind, I'd simply create an invisible cube that can slide into the engine model, and anything the cube touches, it makes it transparent/invisible. Any ideas? Thanks!
  7. After looking through my archives from 15 months ago, I found a few 3D Engine models I was provided from work, and I decided to open them all to see if the same problems existed on all of them. Fortunately, the last model I looked at of the 5 I had looked much nicer! I was able to render it in Cinema4D and it had no triangles. So from the looks of things, changing the exporting settings on the CAD software can make all the difference. Unfortuantely, I don't know what those settings were but I now have a test case to prove that I've at least once received a qualitative model from them, so I know that with proper exporting settings I can get a good model to animate/texturize. I just wish I knew what those settings were. (Ideas on how to open two models and see what the export settings were retroactively?). Anyways, video to summarize the thread and I'd like to thank you guys for your time thus far. Case closed!
  8. Woops! I knew it'd butcher your name. First up, I unfortunately cannot share this model as it is not owned by me personally. I imported the model using your recommended settings and it merged all the objects together into one, which was unfortunate - as my model consists of ~300 parts or so. Using your recommended exporting settings, I was unable to get any positive results. There are a lot of triangles, flipped normals, and randomly flipped edges everywhere. I will do my best to reach out to the original designer of these models and see if I can bring in additional file types and/or different export settings. Thank you guys for your time. I'll reply back when I have an update.
  9. Hi all. "Unbreaking Phong Shading" and adjusting the "Phong Tag Angle" value did not change anything unfortunately. Here is a short video summarizing SIgor & javigildd's replies:
  10. When I go into Edge Mode then press CTRL+A, nothing gets selected. If I go into the box selector tool while in edge mode, there is nothing I can select. If I go into Edge Mode, and select everything within the objects manager and then right click the blank space of the preview monitor then finally select "Unbreak Phong Shading," nothing changes. Unfortunate!
  11. Quick aside question semi-related to this. Is there a way to reduce the number of jagged shapes that I see in my model. Here is a screenshot close up: It's really evident on the right side where the shading comes into play. I suspect the actual detail on this model is much higher, but I am unsure how to enable that detail. If I add color to it, it becomes really obvious: Any ideas? Thanks again!
  12. Well well well. Removing those "Normal Tags" looks a lot nicer!!! Cool. So I guess it's off to learning how to add materials and textures. Thanks SIgor!
  13. I opened the .OBJ file in Cinema 4D and here is a screen capture:
  14. Unfortunately it is a model that my company owns and I cannot share it.
  15. This is a render preview image of a model given to me by my co-worker. I'm extremely new to C4D, and could use some 101 tips on attempting to make this model appear smooth. I'd prefer not to have to go back to the CAD program and have the engineer re-export it, but I'll do what must be done. Any ideas? Thanks!