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  1. I just masked out that section in After Effects I suppose that's good enough. Thanks.
  2. Video: I have two objects, I want to only render the first object, but I want the second object to hide what can't be seen from the first object when both objects are visible. How can I do this within Octane? Thanks!
  3. Turns out the Octane Tag's on the emitters were causing the issue. Removing the tags and bringing the emitters outside of the heirerchy of TurbulanceFD did the trick. Sorry for the delay in the thread. Thanks Natevplas for the reply. /Thread solved.
  4. I contacted the creator of X-Particles (Insydium)'s support channel through their Discord, and while they were incredibly helpful at elimating several of my issues, I still ended up having some others, and unfortunately my deadline was fast approaching and with someone offering to walk me through TurbulanceFD's features, I ended up purchasing it as well and managed to get this Octane result (for the fire) after 1.5 weeks of discussion Vs. the 2 months I've been trying with Explosia + Octane: If there is anyone out there that would be willing to take 1 one hour of their time using Skype/Google Hangouts one day to recreate this (using my file) with Explosia + Octane, I'd be all ears. I'd also be willing to pay you for an OBS Studio 1080p recording your process/narration so I'd have a good point to look and listen to for future reference (I'd take the raw file, no editing on your part required). I'd prefer to just use X-Particles because I really like it and would love to get better use out of the license other than just the yellow/blue air/fuel particles. If you'd be willing, DM me here or my email is BLSmith2112@gmail.com.  In the meantime, my result will have to suffice until I'll have time to revisit this in early May. Thanks for reading, thread marked as /solved.
  5. Hi all. Here's a video on my issue: Here's a picture (attached). This problem occured by me simply moving my emitter up 5-10 frames, but if I move it back, it goes away. I really need the explosion to start 5-10 frames earlier and would like to prevent these balls from appearing. Any tips? For fun, I tried reducing the voxel size from 0.512 to 0.25cm, but the balls still showed up (and increased my cache time from 6 minutes to 60 minutes). Any help appreciated, thanks.
  6. Once again you are a completely spot on rockstar. I ticked the 'Single Object', button when merging all the individual primitive objects together, and that produced a much better result. Not perfect by any stretch, but usable for my project. Here's the loop result: I wish I could have figured this out with Explosia from X-Particles, but after trying to wrestle with that for 2 months, within 1 week I was able to attain this in TFD. I'd be willing to go back to Explosia + Octane if anyone out there in the world would be willing to have a hard sit down with me out one-on-one in an afternoon using Skype or something but until then, this will have to do.
  7. Hi everyone. Here's a short video describing this issue: GIF/MP4 Version: Text version: I created this explosion and created a collision geometry using a series of primitive shapes in combination of using the boole tool to try and merge it all into one solid shape. I am assuming the problem I have with particles leaving the glitching through the container geometry is 100% correllated with the impercise geometry and may contain holes I don't see. If anyone has any ideas on how to correct this I'd very much appreciate it. If this is 100% a geometry issue, I'd appreciate someone letting me know in this thread, then I can reach out to the broader C4D community to see if anyone would be willing to remodel this for me and I'd pay them for their time to teach me how to make it. BSMITH - C4D CAFE - GEOMETRY ISSUE.c4d
  8. Hi everyone. I have 5 questions on Explosia, two major, and three minor: Major: My "smoke" appears frozen while it is being pushed away, I'd like it to curl and have some turbulance. This appears evident in the preview window, but not the render. My "smoke" suddenly disappears in the render, but not in the preview window. As far as I know, I have no opacity keyframes set ether, which makes this confusing. Minor: My "fire" appears to change color unrealistically. Any tips on making this look more realistic? I realize this is subjective. My "smoke" appears repetitious in the render, but not in the live-viewer. My Explosia source is an Emitter, but I am unable to edit individual particles in "Editing Mode," as the particles appear in different places in Model mode and in Point mode. Video on these issues: Included Files: C4D Save (843kb), and Cache (2gb): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OlNviF9pQIjamw82kUnBOckzqn6j9HYw Thanks and I hope you all have a great weekend.
  9. The solution: In VDB Volume: "Start" should be 0 rather than my start from of 540: This is referencing the cache objects in this case, 160 cache objects all starting from 000000 to 0000160. In VDB Volume: "End" should be 160 rather than my end frame of 700: " " Change the Z coordinates of the VDB Volume from 1 to -1 I'd like to thank the folks at Insydium for helping me find this solution, it was a week long headache that I can finally move past. I suspect I'll be back with questions on making the Explosia object look more realistic but thats a problem I'd rather have haha!
  10. To @spedler Oh yes. I've now posted my two questions on the Insydium forum, the discord and here and am excited to potentially move along onto the next series of challenges if solutions can be found. To @ion Here's a link to the cache (248mb) if that helps. Thanks man. Will amend to original post. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nnCu17mumsaPspNMfuK5IqOkZPAhbTvE
  11. To @spedler: Perhaps I've just had bad luck with no replies to questions I've asked in previous threads on C4D Cafe/Insydium forums, I just assumed it was smaller. I apologize if I've offended! I've removed that from original post, as it was not my intention at all! I was just a bit frustrated after spending all day trying to figure this out and felt defeated when writing it. I haven't tried the Discord though, I'll check it out and post a link there! Perhaps I just suck at asking questions, but it's hard knowing that when no one tells you. I tried making things simple by ripping down my animation into a series of primitives but perhaps I've taken the wrong approach... To @ion, I ran into an issue with C4D Cafe's file size requirements, and assumed since you have to relink the Cache files path anyway, it would be reasonable to have folks simply rebuild the cache since it's simple primitives and should take less than a minute to build. However, I can zip all the .vdb files and link them for you if you'd like. Thanks for the reply and I look forward to talking with you further!
  12. Hi everyone. I have two questions: When I attempt to visualize xpExplosia within a third party renderer, in this case, Octane, it does not display. Can anyone show me why? When I attempt to pull the smoke out of an area using a modifier, it does not do so. Can anyone show me why? I've provided the file used in the video above, and spent 2 hours making this from scratch for this post, if you could help me out on this I would very much appreciate it. Thank you for your time this afternoon. The file is provided below. -Brandon Attached: 700kb c4d file from the video. Optional Extra - Cache from the attached file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nnCu17mumsaPspNMfuK5IqOkZPAhbTvE BSMITH EXPLOSIA CACHING V11.c4d
  13. Thanks @everfresh! So I combined both your comments with comments made by someone in another forum and came up with a solution: This uses: Increased friction values as you stated. Adding a gravity modifier as you stated. The action: I had a removal action on the parent particle that Other things of note: In order to make the friction work, I used the "xpChangeGroup" modifier so that the "sticky" particles would be a group on their own. I then copied the tube the sticky particles were traveling in and jacked up the friction. I then created a gravity modifier that only effected the sticky particles. Optional video of my solution, sorry I didn't give you a shout out in the beginning of the video. It took like 5 attempts and an hour to fit in all the little details I could in as short of a period as I could and I'd have spent all night remaking the same video but figured it was cool since I got all the details in, at least: Finally: When it comes to Explosia, thanks for the xplosia collider mention, I was not aware of that object. I was able to proceed a little further, but I am having an issue where I can't make the explosion appear in a render, I can make a video on this if you (or anyone!) would be willing to watch it. I'll make it short. The frame rate is so bad I feel like I'm doing something wrong! Here is an optional video on this as well, but perhaps this warrants a thread by itself: BSMITH EXPLOSIA CACHING V11.c4d
  14. Programs Used: Cinema4D: R19 X-Particles: 4 What I am trying to create exactly (GIF): This is from a video we had outsourced a year ago. What I currently have (GIF): Notice there are no streaks like the above GIF. I'd love to learn how to property create this streaking effect. Video Version (Optional, 3 minutes): Any help is appreciated. I've provided the file I used in the video below, thanks!!! (Unrelated aside: I'm using a video as the explosion because there is only 1 video online on Explosia/Octane and it never talked about keeping an explosion within a confined space, if you are knowledgable of this X-Particles feature, I'd gladly pay you for your time if you could walk me through it). C4D CAFE PARTICLE SHEEN QUESTION V3.c4d
  15. Well I decided since the weird graphical effects (or facets, if thats what they're called sorry for my poor technical usage) didn't appear with those bool checkboxes unchecked, I figured it was cool to get to work with that approach and it turned out OK in the render. I would have marked this topic as solved on Tuesday, but I decided to do the bool work on all the 900 parts, and integrate it into my larger animation that I've been working on since March of last year (my god I suck at this, especially X-Particles [and its community is tiny] UGH!!!), but it's shaping up nicer and nicer by the day: Thanks for all your help @Cerbera, you are a trooper! :D



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