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  1. BLSmith

    X-Particles + Octane: A 4-Cycle Engine

    Understood. I will reach out to them for paid assistance as well. I'm kind of under the gun and could really use some 1-on-1 help directly pertaining to this project.
  2. Howdy. My goal with this thread is to find someone that can work with me 1-on-1 with a specific project of mine. I spent 5+ hours following an X-Particles basics tutorial and would like to work with someone who has a more advanced understanding of the plugin to recreate this video we had made for us 20 years ago: I've finished all the mechanical movements, and now its time to focus on the particles (and potentially the Octane materials, but that is secondary to this thread). The product we create together does not have to be 1:1 identical to this and can be stylistically different. Something like this would be cool, but if we only can achieve something more basic (like the video above) that is fine too: (This video was outsourced by a different department for a different purpose.) I'm hoping that we can work together via Google Hangouts or some screen sharing application on emulating the first video on top of this thread. I'm hoping our time together is spent directly emulating it rather than the broader fundamentals of the plugin as I am unfortunately under a sort of time constraint. Please send me any work examples you may have done, your hourly rate, and how long you think it would take to accomplish this project while working together. I will provide you with the model and we'd both be working on the same project simultaneously. Thank you,
  3. BLSmith

    Set Driver/Driven Priority Question

    Thank you Jed for that reply. I've come up with a pseudo-solution that provides slightly better results albeit not perfect results, but I've decided its accurate enough for me to continue pursuing other issues: Perhaps in the future I'll make a V2 of this animation and seek out other methods. Thanks Jed.
  4. Hi all. I have an issue where two objects that are linked together with Set Driver/Driven do not move as a single unit, rather one feels slightly slower the the other object. I asked a question similar to this in the past, but the solution was a priority issue - yet even if I change the priority of the Xpression now I have the same issue. Any ideas? Video below. The problem is shown at 2:38 if you'd rather just watch 10 seconds of this. If this is not contextually clear I'm happy to clarify anything that might help. I'll provide a simplified version of the file below: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yTES8Ha7zbL9K7_G6yVnXEScQ5fsu7vx Thanks guys! :)
  5. BLSmith

    Looping a Set Driver/Driven

    I may have come up with a solution! So rather than have my animation loop 720 degrees every 200 frames, I've set it to rotate 11520 degrees every 3200 frames. This required adjusting some 10+ Xpressos that were built on the 200 frame loop, but now that the animation doesn't loop anymore I can use the Xpresso method Jed had recommended and I've achieved an animation that runs over a minute an a half without visual error. I don't get the perfect loop, but my animation will never be 1 minute 40+ seconds long to loop in the which is the runway I get with this extension of frames so its OK if it doesn't loop perfectly because it'll never technically loop. This also fixes the weird 719 frame stuff alluded to. The only issue I have now is: The animation *appears* to slow down every few frames but after watching the frame counter closely it looks like that slows down too so it could be a slight Cinema4D slowdown instead of an actual animation slowdown. I did a quick low quality render to make sure that the final result wouldn't slow down and it didn't. Thank you guys for files, ideas, and suggestions. It definately helped me solve my problem and I'm ready to move on to the next problem haha! I'm sure there was a much easier and simpler solution to all this, and I'd love to find out what that is, but for now I think this solution will work - next time I'll try a modulo solution perhaps.. or dynamics if that can be done without killing the performance of the program.
  6. BLSmith

    Looping a Set Driver/Driven

    I would be totally fine with this (new to modulo, but had taken a crash course recently thanks to Jed). However, I'm not sure how I would apply it specifically to this situation. In addition, the large cog wheel may do a complete 360 degree rotation twice by frame 200, the small cog wheel will have done 2.7 rotations. Unsure how it could properly rotate even with modulo. Every time I tried dynamics since starting Cinema4D: The performance goes from 150+FPS to 5, and I have dozens of objects all relying on the movement of the object before it. I can only imagine the performance hit if I enable dynamics. Maybe I'm wrong here in this case but I'm not sure... If I extend the comp, the small cog wheel teleports incorrectly every 200 frames. (For ex: See example file I provided and extend comp any length of time). Also "frames for wheel 2 to rotate," (AKA the small cogwheel) is not an exact science. While the large cogwheel is set to rotate 1x every 100 frames, the small one has to rotate once around every 72 frames, but if you extend the composition, the gears become more and more out of sync as time goes on. Thanks for this C4D file Jed [cogs2.c4d]! However, since the angle on the large cog wheel goes from 0 to 10080, it never resets. Mine essentially does 0-720 and then restarts at 0 - which causes the little cog wheel to also teleport, but since it's smaller the teleport is obvious whereas the large cog wheel is impossible to know it reset. Thanks for this file too Jed, especially since it uses my model I know it's possible at least. The problem is (see original file) the "starter cup" null has to drive the large cogwheel, which then drives the small cogwheel. In this new file [cogs4.c4d], you've reduced the rotation speed of the large cogwheel, which (in turn) would lower the starter cup speed. I need to drive from the starter cup > governor drive gear (large cogwheel) > governor gear (small cogwheel). I agree, it's just that I'm literally 5 months into this animation and changing one thing cascades into another thing and I'm not sure the proper way of doing most of this. My understanding was if you have 100 frames for example, and you start on frame 0 and have a keyframe set to go from 0-720 degees, technically frame 720 and 0 are the same thing and you'd have a frame where the movement would stop for every loop. Thus, I set it to 719 that would not happen. I'm sure theres a better way of doing this, but again, new to C4D and learning as I go, often doing things the wrong way 9x out of 10x. I'll suppose I could just stick to keyframes, and extend the comp. It just sucks because I've got this nice animation that runs 20+ parts from a single key frame making everything so simple to manipulate.. I'll just have to remember to adjust this part every time I make speed adjustments to the animation as a whole..
  7. Hi everyone. Text Version of the Question: I have an animation, 200 frames. I have a 39 tooth gear that rotates 360' every 100 frames, and it ends at 719 degrees because 720 degrees and 0 degrees are the same thing. I have a smaller 28 tooth gear that needs to rotate 1.39295x faster to keep pace with the larger gear. My problem: Unlike the 39 tooth gear that ends on frame 200 at 719 degees, the smaller gear is not near a full rotation and so "teleports" back to its original position. I would like to somehow make the 28 tooth gear reset at the right time without key frames, but don't know how to do this without making the project longer than 200 frames (I'd prefer not to do this but am not 100% against it.) Video Version of the Question: File [Link]: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k9hjXB1zRg4un-eeNYVdUGt8RVhdeZxc/view?usp=sharing Thank you everybody.
  8. BLSmith

    Fluid Simulation: Emulating an Engine

    I just realized I kind of skimmed over the text in your reply StCanas. I agree it's with considering. My boss expects some results before we invest in additional plugins, and adding in come stock footage might be way to go in the short to medium term. We've got a few pieces of footage from "Action Essentials 2," from video co-pilot that I purchased 2 years ago. I've been looking at Trapcode Particular as well, but I've found tutorials that directly relate to what I'm trying to achieve to be difficult to find. It's been a headache to be sure looking at all these incredibly complex programs and trying to come up with a good solution because not only does the program have to be great, the training materials have to be too :(
  9. That did it! Thank you Bezo!
  10. Hi all. I have a question regarding using Set Driver / Set Driven and the Range Mapper. I have a "PushRod" as the input on its Y value and it drives a "RockerArm's," Rotational B value as the output. When I set the upper/lower values for both PushRod+RockerArm, the beginning and end of the motion look great, only the process of traveling between input and output seems delayed. Almost like it's traveling along a bezier curve instead of following it precisely/linearly. My question: Can I better align PushRod+RockerArm so that they move together as a single unit, do I need to use a more complex set of math, or do I have to do something like setting a null inside RockerArm and using a clamp of some kind?
  11. BLSmith

    Higher Quality Model Renders Jagged

    Well look at that, that is wonderful info Bezo thank you. I can send you the source file in a DM if that's OK with you. Thanks!
  12. BLSmith

    Higher Quality Model Renders Jagged

    I re-exported the model with what I thought was the same export settings, and now the render looks great. Would anyone be able to compare the original "high quality" to this new "highest quality" and tell me what the difference is that makes it look so much better? The points look like they're in the exact same place. File attached. BLSmith_Crankshaft_Render_Quality_Comparison_2.c4d
  13. BLSmith

    Higher Quality Model Renders Jagged

    I unfortunately cannot outsource. I have to find a way to make this work. I'll just have to find a way to make the new model import like the old did, because that looked sufficient in the render it's just that it didn't have as much detail.
  14. Hi all. Below I have two models: The top is a new model I've recently acquired. The bottom is an old model I've previously been using. It's difficult to see from the image, but the new model looks a lot worse than the old model when you render it. The new model has a lot more points and IMO should appear smooth when it's rendered. Is this something that could be considered a simple fix? If not, I can discuss this with the individual who supplied me this model and ask for a different one. I've supplied the file below. Thanks guys! BLSmith_Crankshaft_Render_Quality_Comparison.c4d
  15. I had kind of hoped it would have saved it in like the "objects information" or something, or a tag that could be created that would contain the original object name within it. Understood though, I'll keep adding the original object name to a "to-do" tag. Thanks Cerbera!