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  1. Howdy. I'm trying to preview an explosion made from Explosia in Octane's Live Viewer and am having difficulties. My understanding is that in order to preview an explosion in Octane, you must: Create a xpCache Object. Change xpCache Object EFX Format to "OpenVDB" under it's attributes. Choose "Build Cache," within xpCache object's attributes. Create "Vdb Volume" object under Octane Live Viewer > Objects. Select Vdb Volume object, set end frame > first frame > "digits," to 6 (because, according to tutorial guy, that is what X-Particles uses). With Vdb Volume object still selected, under it's attributes choose file > browse to first exported .vdb file in the exported sequence. What it is supposed to look like: Mine is empty, though: If it helps, I made a video doing this procedure: Any ideas on how to make this explosion property display in the Octane Live Viewer? Thanks!
  2. BLSmith

    X-Particles: xpSplineFlow - Clumping

    I have not! But man the performance savings is ENORMOUS! I mean, I've had to create dozens of small collidor tags in my animation and the FPS is approximately 10, with your dynamic method you mentioned -- it could be like 50+ fps. Definately for V2 I will look into this. I'd do it now, but it's taken me some 6 weeks + $450 in tutoring to get this far: Though your method could save me tons of performance headaches and I will definitely look at dynamics going forward. While I'm close to getting the intake stuff done, I have two more projects to do: Combusion > exhaust. Perhaps once I get to the exhaust project, I'll watch a few tutorials and try to expound about that. This is neat! :) Thanks for introducing me to dynamics, I hadn't even known it was a thing.
  3. BLSmith

    X-Particles: xpSplineFlow - Clumping

    Oh my!!! That worked wonderfully. Here's me opening your file and seeing the result. Thank you so much! You made my afternoon :) Solution: Go to Emitter > object > Change 'H Angle,' and 'V Angle,' from 0' to 90'.
  4. Howdy all. I have a question about xpSplineFlow in X-Particles: Short version: Particles clump together between the handles. If I adjust the falloff to 0, the clumps go away but the particles do not adhere to the spline. I'd like to keep the particle diameter & have the particles adhere to the spline. Any recommendations on how to accomplish this? Thanks. File (from video) attached. BLSmith.C4DCafe.xpSplineFlow Question1.c4d
  5. Woops! Forgot about that nifty button. Will do for next time!
  6. Going to File > Preferences > OpenGL > Unchecking Hardware OpenGL > Restarting Cinema4D, fixed the problem. Afterward, I went into the same location and re-checked Hardware OpenGL, restarted Cinema4D, and the problem appeared to remained solved. Afterward, I upgraded my graphics card drivers just in case that had anything to do with it. Thanks all I apologize for the thread.
  7. Video: The above applies to everything (Ex: Plopping down new primitive shapes, etc), not just X-Particles. Very annoying to not see my changes be reflected right away. Any ideas? Thanks!!!
  8. /vent: Starting to regret buying X-Particles, due to such a small support network across the entire internet. /cry
  9. Video: How do you rotate an ExplosiaFX bounding box? I can't seem to do it by rotating the Dynamic object or creating a null and nesting it inside. Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. Hi all. I'm trying to re-create a video made by my company some 20 years ago, and am running into some issues I don't know how to solve for. The video is simulating what the "4 Cycle Theory" of an engine is. I have completed all the mechanical components of the animation and all that's left is the particle part. Here's what is supposed to happen during this process: A: Particles travel through the carburetor into the valve chamber. B. Intake Valve opens, letting the particles into the engine cylinder. C. Particles get stretched as piston proceeds to the bottom, then crunch together as piston proceeds to the top. D. Explosion of particles occur when piston (with loaded particles in the engine cylinder) reaches the top. E. Exhaust valve opens, now exhaust particles leave. The process repeats. I think I have part A complete, but am having trouble figuring out how to transition to part B. Does anyone have any advice, and if this is something you think going over one-on-one via skype is better for, please shoot me an email at smith.brandon@basco.com. I'm willing to pay to learn this so I can move on to other projects as soon as possible. X-Particles Experience: Completed 9-Hour Intro To X-Particles video on Lynda. Completed three/four 30-60 minute tutorials on YouTube from various examples. Cinema4D Version: R19.053 X-Particles Version: Latest Early Access XP4.
  11. BLSmith

    Tutor Request: X-Particles 4 + Octane.

    Understood. I will reach out to them for paid assistance as well. I'm kind of under the gun and could really use some 1-on-1 help directly pertaining to this project.
  12. I'd like to emulate this portion of a video we had made some 20 years ago: I've finished all the mechanical movements, did some 15 hours of X-Particle tutorials and would love to work with someone one-on-one to emulate this within X-Particles 4 and render it with Octane. Looking to pay someone to work with me on this using a screen-share application and I would provide the model/animation we work off of. Please reply or email me at Smith.Brandon@Basco.com. This thread has been active for a month and I've not received any replies, if there are other alternatives I can see for help, I would appreciate any advice.
  13. BLSmith

    Set Driver/Driven Priority Question

    Thank you Jed for that reply. I've come up with a pseudo-solution that provides slightly better results albeit not perfect results, but I've decided its accurate enough for me to continue pursuing other issues: Perhaps in the future I'll make a V2 of this animation and seek out other methods. Thanks Jed.
  14. Hi all. I have an issue where two objects that are linked together with Set Driver/Driven do not move as a single unit, rather one feels slightly slower the the other object. I asked a question similar to this in the past, but the solution was a priority issue - yet even if I change the priority of the Xpression now I have the same issue. Any ideas? Video below. The problem is shown at 2:38 if you'd rather just watch 10 seconds of this. If this is not contextually clear I'm happy to clarify anything that might help. I'll provide a simplified version of the file below: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yTES8Ha7zbL9K7_G6yVnXEScQ5fsu7vx Thanks guys! :)
  15. BLSmith

    Looping a Set Driver/Driven

    I may have come up with a solution! So rather than have my animation loop 720 degrees every 200 frames, I've set it to rotate 11520 degrees every 3200 frames. This required adjusting some 10+ Xpressos that were built on the 200 frame loop, but now that the animation doesn't loop anymore I can use the Xpresso method Jed had recommended and I've achieved an animation that runs over a minute an a half without visual error. I don't get the perfect loop, but my animation will never be 1 minute 40+ seconds long to loop in the which is the runway I get with this extension of frames so its OK if it doesn't loop perfectly because it'll never technically loop. This also fixes the weird 719 frame stuff alluded to. The only issue I have now is: The animation *appears* to slow down every few frames but after watching the frame counter closely it looks like that slows down too so it could be a slight Cinema4D slowdown instead of an actual animation slowdown. I did a quick low quality render to make sure that the final result wouldn't slow down and it didn't. Thank you guys for files, ideas, and suggestions. It definately helped me solve my problem and I'm ready to move on to the next problem haha! I'm sure there was a much easier and simpler solution to all this, and I'd love to find out what that is, but for now I think this solution will work - next time I'll try a modulo solution perhaps.. or dynamics if that can be done without killing the performance of the program.