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  1. Animating a Piston: Troubleshooting.

    Here is a video on me taking my raw 3D Model, converting it, importing it into Cinema4D, organizing it, and then ultimately animating it. I apologize for the length, but honestly it couldn't have been much shorter as I'm pretty proud that I didn't really get stuck throughout making it haha! What I am looking for, if anyone has the time to look at this video: Please tell me what I could do in the future to optimize my workflow. Perhaps this wouldn't need to take 32 minutes but maybe 15 XD Link to video:
  2. Animating a Piston: Troubleshooting.

    Thanks Cerbera for giving me some things to think about. I think I have solved this problem. Here is a video detailing the fix: Now I had one other question: I'd like to make a video detailing how I managed to make this animation from beginning to end, and ask if there are better more efficient ways to accomplish the same tasks. Should I make that video and post it in this thread, or mark this thread as solved and create a new one? Thanks!
  3. Animating a Piston: Troubleshooting.

    I've already done this tutorial and achieved the same result: .. back in May of last year. Only the same methods aren't working for my piston for some reason... Edit: Though it was a different expressor method. I will re-try this method but I am 99% confident I will not get the same result. Will report back. Edit 2: He manipulates the global position of the entire project, I can't do this because I have to rotate the piston to it's original location when I am done with the animation (see image below). What's more, he uses a math expression that does work on my piston-head but does not work on my connecting rod. The only way to address this, as far as I can tell is to create a secondary math equation... and frankly, this just makes this significantly more confusing. Here's a video detailing the difficulties on translating this tutorial to my model:
  4. First Question: SOLVED. See below second dotted line for second question. ================================================== First Request (Answered & Solved within original post & first three comments): Hey all. I'm trying to animate a piston in Cinema 4D. My current issue is forcing the piston head to operate on the Y-axis, however it just spins around in circles along with everything else. I've set up my piston as follows: Any ideas? Thanks! ================================================== Second Request: (Unsolved): Comments start after 5th reply regarding this video. Optimizing my workflow. I achieved the animation I wanted, but I feel like I did a lot of redundant and unnecessary steps and I would appreciate it if you could find a half-hour to watch this and let me know (perhaps with time-codes) what I could have done to speed this process up: Thanks!
  5. Private Animation Tutor Requested: Newbi

    I wish I could have made this shorter, but after spending 1.5 hours re-recording the same video over and over, this is as short as I could make it: TLDW: My piston isn't straight up and down, it is on an angle and all video tutorials online have theirs straight up and down. All my axis coordinates are at 0,0,0, and un-level making me feel like I have to create many nulls to compensate for it. Both of these issues are things not covered in most tutorial videos and I'm having difficulty transforming my object into something similar to that from what the tutorials have. I've been running in circles for days, and at this point I'd just like a clear idea of what to do with my model, even if it costs me some money.
  6. Private Animation Tutor Requested: Newbi

    I've done that tutorial 3x now. The problem is my model's axis's are all off, and without creating 500 nulls I don't understand how to make it behave like 3D Kiwi's. It's difficult to explain and honestly I think I'd prefer if I could privately share my model and have someone explain with a video how to make it behave like all the various video tutorials I've followed on the subject. I'll make a video here explaining further.
  7. Private Animation Tutor Requested: Newbi

    Heya 3DKiwi! Thank you for posting these. I have indeed followed these in the past and I unfortunately walked away with something that looked completely different. I think the main issue I have is with the axis points I've been given are all completely wrong and with my lack of experience quickly changing them, my animation looks completely broken while attempting to follow along. I'm ending up with nulls within nulls within nulls within nulls. It's almost driven me mad. I'll follow them once again, but at this point it's almost like I'm running on a treadmill going no where.
  8. Hi all. My name is Brandon Smith. I'm a video producer based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Very new to C4D. My goal is to re-animate this old video: My first task: Animating a piston. The users have been incredibly helpful on the forum (@jed in particular), but I'd like to have someone make a private 1080P video, using my engine (use under NDA), animate the piston, and explain the process. Then we can go back and forth discussing any questions I may have. Video tutorials have proven to be a complete waste of my time because my model doesn't line up easily to the X/Y/Z axis, the axis's are zeroed out at 0,0,0, and after 100+ hours, I feel like a hopeless case. 10 months ago I managed to do it with a model I had: Though my current model confuses the heck out of me and I aim to spend at least 200 more hours on this project before its done. I've about had it with shooting in the dark and am ready to spend some money to actually learn properly. If you manage to help me with this, I'd like to extend the session(s) to all other relevant parts of the engine (as seen from this video). Pay: $50/hour, and I have a budget for up to 5 hours. Request: Video for animating my piston, and several scheduled Google Hangouts for any questions I may have. Shoot me an email at Smith.Brandon@basco.com or a DM here on C4D Cafe. If you've got examples of previous videos you've made, that will be a bonus. Hoping to find someone, send them a model, and get 1-2 hour video returned within a few days if possible. Thanks all for your time, Brandon Here is a short summary of what makes it difficult to simply follow a piston tutorial online: For a very specific view of my issues, here is a lengthy video of me explaining everything and then attempting to animate it using methods used in other online tutorials:
  9. Changing The Rotation of Axis(s)

    Thanks guys for the replies! Definately made some progress. So setting the new axis using the axis center seemed to do the trick, but animating it came with wonky results. Rotating on (what I thought) was one axis ended up rotating the entire oil cap differently than what I expected (see 4:26 for that). I'll be able to check back on this thread tomorrow. Thanks guys so far for the help :)
  10. Hi all. New to Cinema4D. For my first project, my goal is to simulate an entire small-engine. For my first task, I'm simulating the twisting off of an oil cap. I was provided a model by an engineer here at work, and all of his axis's are centered at 0,0,0. So I used the Axis tool to move the center-axis to the eye-balled center of this oil cap, only when I went to animation the rotation of the oil-cap, it was wonky and did not rotate realistically. Here is a video detailing this: (Video processing as of 4:36PM Central) I typically reply with a video in order to give you the most context possible. I'll do my best to keep those videos under 5 minutes, and I will also do my best to reply via text form to save you the most time. Thank you for your time and patience in advance.
  11. Correct. Both systems are at my U-shaped desk so I can just turn my chair to operate the second machine. So I don't think I'll need a switch or a remote desktop capability. I'd like to know more about the "team renderer" you referenced though, as I've not heard the term. Though both systems only have one ethernet jack at the back, and I am connected to a corporate network. So I am not entirely sure how I would make these two system read themselves as a LAN and then somehow use this team-renderer software on System 2 in conjuction with running (not rendering) C4D on System 1 - if that's even possible with one license. Yeah until the software pays for itself over the next several years we won't have that option. Unfortunately since we're so new to Cinema4D, my boss wants to see the original vanilla purchase justify its expense before we decide on spending $250-$1000 for an third party renderer. From what it looks like, we'll probably need more than one third party renderer based on some of the features I've seen in other renderers like VRay, for example. So perhaps sometime in the future. Thanks guys for the replies. I'll do proper research on team-renderer and give that a try.
  12. Hi all. I have two workstations side by side. I apologize in advance if I'm jumping all over the place in this thread, but the TLDR is: I'd like to minimize downtime and any suggestions that can help in that regard are helpful. The hardware configuration(s) for my systems: System 1: BUILD: Custom OS: Windows 10 64-bit CPU: i7 6900K @ 3.2GHz RAM: 128GB GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 (x2 SLI) OS DRIVE: Samsung 850 SSD 1TB PROGRAM DRIVE: Samsung 960 EVO 1TB System 2: BUILD: HP Z640 OS: Windows 7 64-bit CPU: Xeon E5-1680 v3 @ 3.2Ghz RAM: 64GB GPU: Quardro M5000 (x2 SLI) OS DRIVE: Samsung SM951 MZHPV256HDGL M.2 500GB PROGRAM DRIVE: Samsung 850 SSD 1TB Using Cinebench, the scores for both systems are very similar. System 1 is my current workstation. I'd like System 2 to run my C4D renders. We just purchased Cinema4D and I'd like to begin by making sure that I'm operating these two systems in the most efficient way possible. Anyone who uses two workstations, what would you recommend I do to maximize efficiency between the two systems? Is something like "Google Drive Backup & Sync" good enough for files to automatically be uploaded from System 1, downloaded on System 2, and then I manually open C4D and render? Does Cinema4D allow for both systems to be running, while I render one, I can continue work on another? Perhaps I should invest in some sort of network drive between the two systems? What do you guys recommend? Thanks all!
  13. Highlighting Within an Object.

    Thank you guys for all the help. I've toyed with the splines that StCanas created and I believe understand at a high level what he did: I think I've learned what I can from this question and I look forward to the next one! Thank you everyone!!!!!! :)
  14. Highlighting Within an Object.

    Hey StCanas! I think I understand what you've been saying in terms of how Bezo's example can be done using your same method. However, I did have a few small questions that added some level of confusion, if you wouldn't mind taking a look at those touch points, I think we might be close to buttoning up this thread! :)