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  1. I don't know if this would be any better, but you might want to try cloning IES lights. Maybe do some experiments using them in an empty room and see if performance and control is any better. Just a thought.
  2. Adding a 'Mean' filter cleans up a small amount.
  3. I looked at this too and was completely confused at what you were attempting to do because of my experience level I guess. But my system became extremely slow loading and manipulating the scene. And if I tried to use the render viewer it just about locked, even after reducing the samples. Because I'm about to get a new system, I was wondering if you could share what your system specs are if its a PC. Thanks
  4. @3D-Pangel, I will not go to any subscription plan. As for C4D, R21 may be my last depending what MAXON does. As for Redshift, I'll use my current Redshift render for 2, 3, or 4 years and only buy a new one when its the last time they'll sell a permanent license or I really need a new feature. I just updated my maintenance for Substance Painter and Designer. Both expired in 2018 for my Indie licenses. My maintenance renewal allowed me to download the latest version of each and lasts until Apr 10, 2021. So I didn't have to pay for more than a year of maintenance that was never used. Of course I couldn't download any version that wasn't available before my maintenance expiration either. In my opinion, that is the way it should be. And they are permanent versions.
  5. There should be no reason for MAXON or Redshift to charge for the months not used. They did absolutely NOTHING during these months that I should pay for. But the way it is set up if my maintenance ends in Feb 2020 and I decided to renew in Jan 2021, it means I pay for a month of service because in Feb 2021 I have to pay again. Instead it should go from renewal date forward. I don't care if it was clearly spelled out in the licensing. Its a sham!!!! Shame on these companies! And subscriptions aren't the answer. If I want to use Redshift just one day this month, I have to pay for 30 days, which means I'm still filling your wallet for nothing. No thanks
  6. I purchased Redshift in Feb 2019. I like it a lot but with all that's been going on forgot about extending my maintenance which came due Feb 14, 2020. I visited the sight to see how many versions behind I was and what was in the new versions. I thought I'd check to see how much it would cast to extend my maintenance plan and its half the price of buying it outright. What gets me is that if I extend my maintenance now, it starts from Feb 14, 2020 even though I haven't used any maintenance between Feb 14 until now, so what the heck am I paying for? So if I wait and renew in August, my next renewal date is still Feb 14, 2021. This is just money grabbing to me. I guess I'll do my best to refrain from giving this company any more of my money. Am I missing something here? Why would I pay for months that I couldn't even get the latest version. Screw'em
  7. I did a little Internet searching but didn't find anything that stated why Cinema was name '4'D. I was curious if anyone knew? It seems like the natural name would have been Cinema 3D, but they chose 4D instead. Is the 4th dimension time, in that it takes time to make something 3D? Just thought it might be interesting to find out.
  8. Welcome and what nice work. Very inspirational.
  9. Thanks again. This is a very good video. I'm going to have to watch this several times to get all the information. Absolutely superb!!
  10. Awesome! That is exactly what I was trying to understand. Thank you so much for taking your time to explain this and provide an example. I thought I had checked the help documents for every property of the motion clip, but I either overlooked or didn't comprehend the Relative Loop checkbox. The help document does seem to describe it pretty clearly, so I probably missed it. Again, I really appreciate you helping me over this hurdle. It's so simple once you see it. I've already duplicated the example you provided and I'm going to try the walk cycle following a spline that you mentioned. Thanks and have a great day!
  11. Ok, I did find that repeat works if you click the 'In Place' option on the mixamo animation before downloading. But this just allows the character to perform the walk cycle in one spot rather than advance forward. Am I expecting more than what the application can deliver?
  12. I've been have great difficulty in accomplishing the simplest things recently and I don't know why I see tutorials where things work perfectly in C4d, but when I try them they fail. The most recent video I'm looking at is this one. I did step by step the same thing this individual does up through up to about a 1:30 because it failed to repeat the walk cycle. For some reason, when he sets the animation to repeat, his character keeps walking forward where mine returns the character to the starting point. In the attached project I didn't do any of the things shown in the video. I simply loaded the walk cycle and set it to repeat and go the same thing. So I tried setting it to Offset Repeat and this works to some degree, but at about frame 50 he starts to deform and the walk cycle gets worse as more frames go by. This seems like it should be straight forward, but once again I can't seem to achieve this simple task of making a character walk some 50 yards or so. Is it me or C4d? help.7z
  13. I would be glad to, but never reported a bug before. Do I just open a ticket here? https://support.MAXON.net/index.php?lang=en_US I just want to make sure I go to the correct location. Thanks
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