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  1. Unstable

    C4D Cafe - Steam Punk Project

    I think this is a great idea and I'd like to see the results. I'll send an email even though I'm not sure of what my contribution will be. But I also like the smaller challenges, which require the full scope of modeling, texturing and rendering. I hope those will still be available for those that want less commitment.
  2. Hi, I'm interested in animating some characters, but haven't done this at all in C4d yet. In addition I'm testing out Marvelous Designer to determine if I'm interested in purchasing it for clothing and other material items. I followed this tutorial and have been able to complete it successfully. I have a DAZ figure wearing a clothe in c4d that falls from the T-pose to the floor, then stands and walks. However, I want to remove the first portion of the animation showing the figure falling to the floor and remove some frames in the middle of the animation to improve the speed between standing and walking. I can do this easily with the figure, but because the clothe was imported by using Alembic, I cannot find a way to alter it. The clothe still starts in the t-pose position even though that portion of the animation is removed from the charater's animation. Is there a technique for modifying the alembic data within c4d?
  3. Unstable

    Corona for C4D is out!

    I don't think they have a perpetual license option. I tried the beta and really liked it, but I'm not interested in renting.
  4. Unstable

    Chess Challenge 2018 - Final Entries

    Guess this is all I have time for. Modeled in C4d, x Particles plugin, physical render. Would have liked to add fumes coming out the bishop head, some DOF and make the board more leathery, but just didn't have time because I don't know how to do any of this off the top of my head. As always, I learned a lot. Hope I don't forget it by the time the next challenge comes around. Haha. Nice work everyone!!
  5. Unstable

    CPU 3rd party renderers

    I think Corona is cpu based and free for now
  6. Unstable

    Cycles 4d install - Insydium 0 support

    Thanks. I'll be watching my emails more closely now to make sure I'm not missing others as well. Take care.
  7. Unstable

    Cycles 4d install - Insydium 0 support

    No. Responding the same day is definitely NOT bad service. However, it seems everything that can go wrong with communicating with you has gone wrong. I believe you when you say you sent the response. But put yourself in my shoes for a moment. I pay for an upgrade during black friday. I receive the purchase receipt via the same email account. I receive the download links via an email to the same address. I receive the auto response from opening the ticket to the same email address. The ONLY email I don't receive is the resolution. I put posts on this thread hoping you might see and respond, which you did. And finally before seeing your post here, I put a similar post on the Insydium forum. There you pointed out that you left a response here and that you sent the message and want me to provide a new email address. I left a similar response like this on your forum last night asking what might make the resolution email fail when all others were received? Hoping to see your response this morning I visit the Insydium site only to find the forums completely redone and no posts existing. Haha, the forums look much better though. So it seems like the only way to communicate with you is via this thread. I just don't understand how I can receive all emails except for the resolution email. It boggles my mind. Since my original issue was resolved and in fact it was an oversight on MY part because you do have a statement on your site that says Cycles 4d doesn't work with R20 unless the bridge is used, I don't want to submit another ticket. However, if I need to open a ticket in the future I will provide an additional 2-3 email addresses an explain the reason why. You have a great product! And I'm sure you made an honest attempt to provide me a response, but I just wasn't seeing it for some reason. Sorry
  8. Unstable

    Cycles 4d install - Insydium 0 support

    Just thought I'd post a follow up here in case anyone was considering on buying something from Insydium. Even though I resolved my issue thanks to liseng. It been a week since submitting my ticket to them and I have still received no response. I would personally consider this at the very bottom in the way of support. In fact, I submitted a previous ticket a while back and they never responded to that ticket either. Good thing their product is fairly good, because the support is terrible.
  9. Unstable

    Cycles 4d install - Insydium 0 support

    Wow! What a simple fix. Thanks for that liseng. Igor, thanks for the help with Insydium. I haven't heard back from them yet, but now that I have the solution, I'm good to go. I just didn't realize that Cycles didn't work with R20. I understood how Particles would change with the fields and such, I didn't realize a render would have to change too. Thanks everyone
  10. Unstable

    Cycles 4d install - Insydium 0 support

    I just re-examined the auto-response email that is sent after entering an issue. I didn't read it closely enough apparently either, it says they'll usually respond in 5 days. This seems a little excessive to me, but with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they may be overwhelmed as bezo mentioned. It's only been a couple of days so far. Patients has never been one of my virtues.
  11. Unstable

    Cycles 4d install - Insydium 0 support

    Thanks bezo, maybe that is it. Maybe I made an assumption that since X Particles 4 worked without having to use the Bridge, that Cycles would too. I still can't find anywhere on their web site that says Cycles requires the bridge or won't work without it, but you might be right. If that is the case, how long should it take Insydium support to respond as such? Very poor. Yeah, I tried Discord and I'm not impressed. I'm curious if Insydium support will ever respond. Thanks for you help though.
  12. I just purchased Cycles 4d and X Particles 4 from Insydium during their Black Friday sale. X Particles installed in Cinema R20 without a hitch, but no matter where I put Cycles, Cinema doesn't recognize that its there and doesn't prompt me to enter the serial number on start up. I've placed the unzipped Cycles 4d folder in Program File/MAXON/Plugins, also tried User/App Data/Roaming/MAXON/R20/ and User/App Data/Roaming/MAXON/R20/ plugins. I'm hoping maybe someone here experienced the same thing and figured out how to overcome it. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks I submitted a ticket to Insydium, but have received no response. I'm not sure what kind of company it is, but I don't think I'll get anything from them in the future. Their forum boards are dead and they refer to some chat program which appears to be more active but just about as worthless.
  13. Unstable

    MAXON Prices - Give us your feedback!

    I'm also a hobbyist who didn't pirate the software. I really like C4D, but agree with you about the price. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to afford the upgrades. Bottom line 1. Don't penalize people for missing an upgrade. For goodness sake, be glad they're coming back! 2. Reduce the prices for hobbyists. I make nothing on anything I've produced. Usually, because it isn't that good. Lol. But those that make less than 50 or 100k would really appreciate the break too. 3. Please don't do away with the perpetual license. I never upgraded Photoshop since they went to a subscription, even though a friend boasts how wonderful it is. I won't even buy Houdini at 200+ a year because its subscription based. Thanks for listening.
  14. Unstable

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales

    I guess, this is not 'technically' a black Friday sale, but Marvelous Designer seems to be at a nice sale price now through Feb. https://www.marvelousdesigner.com/