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  1. Thanks much. That was the problem, guides were set to Polygon Vertex. I appreciate the help!!
  2. I just started using hair and I'm stumped. In a simple one object (plane) scene I can create a carpet with 140000 hairs. Then I try to set the same thing up in for a floor in a slightly more complex scene and the hair count is maxed at 237. If I try to increase the guide count or the hair count to any number above 237, it reverts back to 237 the minute I leave the box. I can decrease the number, I just can't increase it. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Unstable

    Cinema 4D R20 available NOW!

    I purchased my MSA in August as well and haven't received an email providing a link to download R20 either, so you are not alone.
  4. Unstable

    Selection BUGS or normal for Cinema?

    Trying to replicate bug 2 I started in the top view. Every time I placed the rectangle around the main engine as in the video it failed to select some objects of the kabin. Unlike the video, it left out the front objects instead of the ones by the next car. However, when I removed the plane and switched the view to the bottom and did the same selection, all objects were selected except for the null object and I was able to move the vagon1 and kabin objects in their entirety. Still, I believe there is something wrong with the selection tool and how its performing based on the view.
  5. Unstable

    Selection BUGS or normal for Cinema?

    I can replicate bug 3 also. I also found it interesting is if I am in the right view and attempt to select all, it only selects those in the first row. But if I'm in the left view and select all, all are selected. But doing the same thing in the front and back views still selects every other column. Definitely a bug.
  6. Unstable

    Will this build work?

    Hi, When building or buying a new PC, I like to compare it with what some companies provide. Puget Systems has several different solutions you can modify. They don't use all the same parts, but you might find it helpful as a guideline. For example, this is their solution for Octane rendering which utilizes two 1080 Ti cards https://www.pugetsystems.com/recommended/Recommended-Systems-for-OTOY-OctaneRender-192/Buy_217 They also have two Cinema 4D solutions, one for rendering and the other for modeling and animation. https://www.pugetsystems.com/recommended/Recommended-Systems-for-Cinema-4D-166 Again, I'm not promoting their systems, although I'm very satisfied with the build I purchased from them several years ago, but thought the information might help or guide you with your build.
  7. Unstable


    So does this mean if I purchased the R19 upgrade back in May, I've lost out on the savings?
  8. Unstable

    X Particles Chase Object

    I haven't had time to test this out, but have you tried using the attractor and flocker modifiers? This little tutorial might get you started. https://www.linkedin.com/learning/x-particles-3-for-cinema-4d-essential-training/using-the-attractor-to-make-particles-attract
  9. I have 5 edges coming together at one point, which creates a star. It looks okay I guess, but I was wondering if there is something I can do to eliminate this. Everything I try just creates the "star' in a different location. The image shows what it looks like before and after subdivision.
  10. Thanks guys!! I didn't realize that would work, but it does perfectly! Thanks much. Vozzz, that's the exact monitor I picked up a week ago. I really like it. It's not much for playing FPS games but, it's great for working in C4d. Especially, for tired eyes.
  11. I just purchased a large monitor and every time I open C4D, it opens to the monitor's full screen size. I then have to resize the C4D window to something I like better every time I open C4d. I'm using Windows 7 and I checked the shortcut properties. Even though the property for Run is set to Normal Window, it still opens Maximized. I'm guessing that is just how C4d is programmed. Does anyone have any ideas for retaining the window size other than what I've tried? Note: I'm not talking about the windows within C4d that can be saved as a configuration, I'm referring to the main C4d application itself. Thanks
  12. Unstable

    Best computer for C4D

    Hi RichMed, I've been doing a lot of research on this very topic lately and what I've found out is that C4D is primarily single threaded CPU based for Modeling and Animation, which means you want high MHz. While rendering is multi-threaded multi-core based, so you want a lot of cores. And if you use Render Pro or a third party render plugin like RedShift or Octane, then you'll want Nvidia cards to utilize the GPU for rendering. The bad part is, if you're not doing GPU rendering and you want a general machine for both modeling and rendering, the more cores your CPU has, the lower the MHz. I can't help you with Apple products because I'm a PC guy. I'm also not advertising for Puget Systems, but this link shows you the two different PC configurations for C4D they have. https://www.pugetsystems.com/recommended/Recommended-Systems-for-Cinema-4D-166. They've based these machine configurations on the 2015 Cinabench results. I did buy my current PC from them before I started using C4D and have been very happy with it. I'll probably buy my next from them as well, once I figure out the best machine for doing both modeling and rendering in C4D. Hope this info helps in your decision.
  13. Unstable

    C4d acting weird after new install

    I might give that a try. Thanks again Cerbera.
  14. Unstable

    C4d acting weird after new install

    I just opened C4D 3 times without Sophos installed and it worked fine. I also opened a browser and did a search while launching C4D and it did not lock. It would appear that Sophos is the culprit. Thanks for listening Cerbera, you'd make a good counselor. Haha
  15. Unstable

    C4d acting weird after new install

    I'm uninstalling Sophos now.