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  1. Lantern WIP - Still learning

    Finally, clean wires and no triangles. Next step is making a candle for inside.
  2. Lantern WIP - Still learning

    BTW... is there something in C4D that counts triangles and polys in an object? When I use OpenGL statistics the hud displays 132 triangles, 12 quads and 67 lines when I add a cube to an empty scene. When I deselect the cube so no objects are selected, the hud displays 12 triangles, 6 quads and 37 lines. I'm looking for something that would tell me I have 0 triangles, 6 quads and 12 lines when my cube is selected. Does anything like that exist in C4D?
  3. Lantern WIP - Still learning

    Yes it does. Thanks
  4. Lantern WIP - Still learning

    Thanks very much for your feedback. Many of the tri's in the model are actually 4 point triangles, which weren't easy to see in the original attachment. Although I may have missed a few. Which brings me to my first question. Is there a way for C4D to tell me the total number of triangles in an object? I used shift+V and selected statistics on the HUD tab but no matter which object I select it says the polys are 13 and the triangles are 180,000+. Something isn't right. lol. Also when I was examining the design closer I noticed I have small polys and tris at the tip. I'm sure this is from my beveling. I'm going to have to fix this. I've had no formal training and my modeling skills are definitely on the lower end right now. So I want to make sure I understand your comment about extraneous bevels. Are you saying I should use control loops like in number 1 of my second attachment or a bevel like in number 3, but not use both as I've done in number 2? I did not use a bevel deformer or a tag in my model or with the cubes. I selected the edge loops and beveled them. And you are probably correct that I have unnecessary bevels in the roof of the lantern. The roof isn't exactly as my reference. I made a mistake. I've been trying to convince myself that my version looks better so I didn't have to redo it. Dang it. Thanks again. This is how I learn, I appreciate you taking the time.
  5. I've been working on this for a little while. Kind of first real model in C4D that I want to take all the way through to texturing, lighting and rendering. The lantern is all sub-d and nearly all quads. I still want to add a candle and flame within. Not too excited about the cap on top. It kind of looks like something else. LOL Feedback is welcome. thanks
  6. Is there a formula for reducing poly/points down to something that sub divides smoothly? For example: I have polys that have a total of 18 points that need to be reduced to something like 8 so when I subdivide they round smoothly. But I can't find what the inner number should be to accommodate 4 point poly's. I'm probably not explaining this very well at all. But is there a mathematical function that takes the number of points I'm going from and tells me the number of points I need to go to, in order to make things smooth>? I'm sure this question sucks to most. LOL
  7. Convert integer to string

    I understand programming in general, but not Python specific. However, it sounds like you're converting an integer variable to a string and trying to assign it to Output1. But Output1 doesn't accept strings, it only accepts floats. So you might need to convert the integer to a float rather than a string. In some languages, you don't need to convert it all because and integer is basically a float with all zeros after the number. i.e. int 1 = float 1.0. So maybe you don't have to convert it at all.
  8. Can't grasp the poly layout for subD

    Thanks. This got me on track. I'll do some more experimentation as well.
  9. Trying to create a simple missile with fin. I've included project in Studio 18 if interested in looking closer. I made 4 attempts. Attempt 3 is probably my closest to success (shown in image), but you can see there is still a bump or pinching. I think its due to the 4-sided triangles, but I can't figure out a better poly layout to smooth things. Attempt 4, which is not shown, I tried creating the fin on an edge. That had a similar result to number 3. I know this has to do with poly layout, but I'm struggling to find the solution. Would appreciate any guidance. Thanks missle_01.c4d
  10. Very nice in my opinion. I don't think I could achieve the same result even with your wire pics. Haha. I'm hoping to participate in the next challenge. Nice work!
  11. I don't understand why the loop cut works and then doesn't work. I'm using R18.057 studio. I created an object (pillar with wall). I then mirrored the object, selected the points in the middle and optimized. I then subdivided it to ensure it was a complete object with no holes or unglued edges. Also, if I select the object it shows it as one. As you can see in the image, the loop cut worked fine (green square), but when I try to loop cut above the small extrusion, it only wants to go half way. Why does it work sometimes and not all the time. I'm still trying to learn, so this is very confusing. Thanks
  12. bool operation with cloner object

    Thanks Cerbera, this information is very much appreciated. I'll watch the online tutorial series you provided and see if I can redo the structure I'm working on. It's for learning C4d anyway. Thanks again.
  13. Hi, I'm new to C4D as the picture shows, I'm using some tubes as cutters into a cube. The tubes were created using one tube and dropping it in a cloner to make 7 more. What seems strange to me is when I drop the cloner with the tube into the bool object it subtracts the geometry perfectly for the cloned tubes, but the original tube the clones were created from (the circled one) is unaffected by the bool operator. Is this normal operation or did I do something wrong. I'm using R18 btw. Thanks