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  1. Disregard. I guess its just a brain fart on my end. Apparently its just glass reflections making it appear to have seams where there are none. I've been trying to go from Substance painter glass with dust to C4d Redshift with multiple failures for so long, that when I dumbed it down, I outwitted myself. I stuck a UV texture on this and it aligned just fine. I think I'll just go to sleep now.
  2. This should be extremely simple, but no, not for me. Haha. I'm trying to understand why redshift material doesn't seem to be using the UV. It's cube and I created the UV. But it still looks like the material is broken down into sections that don't match the uv. I don't know why I can't figure this out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks 0-test cube uvd.c4d
  3. Let's face it. MAXON doesn't care about whether a hobbyist is happy with their strategy or not, nor should they. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if MAXON created R23 solely to test the waters. They probably have a number of perpetual licenses they have to sell in order to make it worth creating R25 or whatever they want to call the next perp license. If they don't meet that number, no more perpetual licenses. So, I'm focused on the here and now. There is some cool stuff in R23 for $1000, but the new Nvidia 3080 is only $699. So, I'm thinking I can stay on R21 and get the new 3080. This wa
  4. Am I missing something or is there no upgrade price for the R23 perpetual license? Only the $3500 price for a new perpetual license. Hopefully, this is just an oversight.
  5. Ahhh... good to know. That's why I don't build my own PC.
  6. You won't be able to use 2 either because you would need 6 pcie slots. I wonder which renders faster, 1 3090 or 2 2080 Ti's?
  7. Are you talking about to split a poly off an object? U~P is the shortcut. I just right click on it and use the menu Splits about 2/3rds down the menu
  8. I don't know if this would be any better, but you might want to try cloning IES lights. Maybe do some experiments using them in an empty room and see if performance and control is any better. Just a thought.
  9. Adding a 'Mean' filter cleans up a small amount.
  10. I looked at this too and was completely confused at what you were attempting to do because of my experience level I guess. But my system became extremely slow loading and manipulating the scene. And if I tried to use the render viewer it just about locked, even after reducing the samples. Because I'm about to get a new system, I was wondering if you could share what your system specs are if its a PC. Thanks
  11. @3D-Pangel, I will not go to any subscription plan. As for C4D, R21 may be my last depending what MAXON does. As for Redshift, I'll use my current Redshift render for 2, 3, or 4 years and only buy a new one when its the last time they'll sell a permanent license or I really need a new feature. I just updated my maintenance for Substance Painter and Designer. Both expired in 2018 for my Indie licenses. My maintenance renewal allowed me to download the latest version of each and lasts until Apr 10, 2021. So I didn't have to pay for more than a year of maintenance that was never used.
  12. There should be no reason for MAXON or Redshift to charge for the months not used. They did absolutely NOTHING during these months that I should pay for. But the way it is set up if my maintenance ends in Feb 2020 and I decided to renew in Jan 2021, it means I pay for a month of service because in Feb 2021 I have to pay again. Instead it should go from renewal date forward. I don't care if it was clearly spelled out in the licensing. Its a sham!!!! Shame on these companies! And subscriptions aren't the answer. If I want to use Redshift just one day this month, I have to pay for 30 days, which
  13. I purchased Redshift in Feb 2019. I like it a lot but with all that's been going on forgot about extending my maintenance which came due Feb 14, 2020. I visited the sight to see how many versions behind I was and what was in the new versions. I thought I'd check to see how much it would cast to extend my maintenance plan and its half the price of buying it outright. What gets me is that if I extend my maintenance now, it starts from Feb 14, 2020 even though I haven't used any maintenance between Feb 14 until now, so what the heck am I paying for? So if I wait and renew in August, my next renew
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