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  1. oh damn that simple lol. Thank you. It has fixed it :)
  2. Hey guys, I cannot seem to figure out how i can keep my sphere the same size, and the displacement coming out of the sphere instead its making the sphere smaller due to the displacement. Is there a way to make the sphere the same size, but the displacement comes out of the sphere, without effect the size of it. Thanks :)
  3. Audio waves more 'pronouced'?

    is their a way to this without going through the whole song clipping each wave form?
  4. Audio waves more 'pronouced'?

    oh yeah, dont know why i didnt think of that lol thanks
  5. i need this part of the sound audio, to be higher than the rest, without effecting the audio overall. Is their a way of doing this? Also is their a way to smooth out the whole audio waves altogether to make the animation more smooth overall and less snappy? Thanks guys :)
  6. Hi guys, i have searched the web and cannot seem to find anything, probably because i am not search the right thing, but yeah. Is there a way i can add multiple layers of noise on top of a displacement noise? Basically layers like photoshop. I am sure you can do this and there is a way but cannot seem to figure it out. I basically want 2 noise layers on 1 displacement, so i can animate one of them. Image below shows one noise layer.
  7. sorry for the long reply. I have been exporting them as a tif/png sequence. But the background still comes out 'grainy' as you can see in the image above.
  8. Basically my scene looks really nice, and even in the render viewport they look how i want them to, but as soon as i export them to a PNG etc. And the animation to an AVI it looks a lot different and worse. You can see more clearly from the Imgur link of what i mean by the background looking weird rather than in the render viewport doesnt have that issue. I thought it was the 8 bit and 16 bit, but both seem to come out the same upon saving. Note: Images look different on here better one here --> Thanks :)
  9. thank you so much. Ill give this a go!
  10. Hey guys, i am working on a motion graphics animation using displacement and sound. Using Xpresso. (Image below) The problem i am facing is the sound is working fine with the object and it is affecting it as it should. But it still seems a bit too choppy, and was wondering if there was a way of making the whole animation more smooth with the sound, even if the sound has a lot of stops and starts. Best way i can show is from a quick render i have done which is here: Instead of it instantly going down when the music stops. Is there a way i can make it go down slower? so its more of a smooth animation, rather than it looking choppy. Best example i can give is this one: As you can see the parts that come up at the start from the sound are more smooth rather than coming up instantly like my one. Thanks :)
  11. I wonder if anyone can help me, just starting to use the Arnold render. I was wondering if there is a way that the colours would change depending on the 'levels' of the an displacement object. Not sure how to do this within the Arnold Shader Network. I currently have this.. (image below) How would i make the lower levels change colour, sort of blend into a different colour the deeper the levels of the displacement. Note: i am using NoiseScape Plugin for my displacement, as i don't really know how to do displacements within the Arnold Shader Network. But i do know you can, which might make it easier. Unless there is a fix for this way i am doing it now. Thanks :)
  12. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2b286a4livlzc0t/Skull Model001.c4d?dl=0 there you go
  13. says the file is too large, how do i go about sending it to you?
  14. I have trying to learn about xparticles and i came on across this video trying to follow along to get used to it. But when he puts the object onto the target object the pacticles go towards the polygons, mine dont. Am i doing something wrong. I feel that i have followed the tutorial correctly. Tut i am following: