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  1. coasterinc

    Auto generating Key Frames

    just tested the script method... wow it just, works, 6 clicks and it does everything, cant thank you both enough for helping with that, its great... i do have an even more complex problem that i dont know how to fix yet, and its even harder to try and put into words... ideally it would be done under a new thread as its not related to this issue, but just to keep things simple ill jot it down here... roller coaster cars are made up of 2 main parts, the seats and the bogies... the wheel bogies have to run along the track with effectively 6 points of contact but as long as it has the 2 top wheels its fine, then having that on both sides of the track, connected over the top by the car with all the seats on... but where they join is a universal joint that allows the wheels to twist with the rails, keep connected to the track, and move the car which also has another joint behind and in front for the next car to form a train.... problem is, i have no real idea how best to make the joint and have it connected to the car, or have it follow a spline of the rails with the needed 2 points of contact (if i set it to the center of the 2 wheels, it ends up having the wheels either lift away or dig in to the rail itself) its a very simple piece of engineering in real life, but very difficult to work out how to build in a 3d model...
  2. coasterinc

    Auto generating Key Frames

    ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT! thank you so much ABMotion, it worked perfectly! i didnt get around to trying your py script kalugin, (tbh im not even sure how to set up a py script to work anyways) but the other method worked and will cut 2 - 4hrs processing time out... so a big thank you for your help....
  3. coasterinc

    Auto generating Key Frames

    what format would the data table need to be in in order for it to be read? im really confused as to how this thing works... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yfSz4_u_KK5_wVJy6GAL_eoxHmbAdyqG Link to positional data and frame number... https://drive.google.com/open?id=12z6n2h3X5yA17Va1aH-t-dC7-YDIZM0o and thats what it needs to go around..... is there any chance for a little bit of help on setting it up to get it working?
  4. coasterinc

    Auto generating Key Frames

    right, problem with that is i cant get that much data out... i just have a position along the path rather than the global location of the object itself... so that method wouldnt work either...
  5. coasterinc

    Auto generating Key Frames

    its not the spline that i need to generate, as i already have that using a CSV importer someone made, so it generates 2 splines for the paths and that all works fine... its the animating along the spline that i need to do... basically the info iv got is some physics calculated distance over speed along the spline, and that data needs to be reversed back into an animation...
  6. this is a long shot as iv not got any help anywhere else but really hope i get at least something from here... Im wanting to animate an object along a spline using information gathered from another simulation, which outputs a table where each line basically represents a key frame of spline position... the table has at least over 1400 lines, so that many key frames to input, and to do this manually is just not practical... is there any way possible to automate this process with a script, plug in, expresso or something...? any help would be great! can provide files if anyone needs them to help.
  7. Hi, im quite new to c4d but not to modeling, mainly just sketchup and a bit of blender for animations, but i needed to use c4d for better spline following to create a better animation... The problem im having is i get a path generated from a 3d model in sketchup, have just the lines exported to dae, then load into c4d as splines, join all the little parts together (as sketchup doesn't actually generate splines from models) but when they are all joined together and look like they are all going the same way, upon aligning to spline a cube, and moving it along the spline, the axis flip all over the place like each spline piece has a different axis... Is there a way to sort all the pieces out so it can actually make a smooth animation?