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    If you get many objects with the same material you could try grouping by material and see if you could get it down a bit that way, could of course cause objects that use same material to be merged even if they should not be, but you said you tried all combinations so I guess that is not the way to go. have you tried some other format and see if that will do a better job maybe ? if I remember correct Rhino can export LWO (Lightwave files), you could try that maybe ?
  2. OBJ and FBX problem

    I did complain a lot on the builtin OBJ importer, it's actually not so bad when used correct, at least R18 do actually handle the mtl files pretty ok. It does not handle relative path at all for image maps, that is crappy, you need to have an absolut path in there it looks like, but the texture manager makes it pretty easy to fix. When it comes to alpha and transparency it works fine, but for alpha ("map_d") you also need to have "Tf 1 1 1" in the mtl file, and same for transparency, you need to use "map_opacity" and there must be a "Tf 1 1 1" in the mtl, looks like most software do not use "Tf", it's not so difficult to make a little application that fix the mtl files so they work pretty ok with C4D. The specularity of often sky high but that is not C4D's fault, many applications that export OBJ do it wrong.
  3. Renders for motion graphics

    What is it you want help with ? What renderer is best ? it depends on what you want to do, if you do Sketch & Toon you will need to use the standard renderer, if you after something realistic the physical renderer could be a better choice (or any of the other available renderers), what kind of work are you doing ? 100% 3D graphics, compositing ?, limitations in terms of money maybe ? advice ? try everything there is and learn how it works and you will know what to use depending on the result you are after. If you have any questions about "motion graphics" I think you need to narrow it down a little bit otherwise it's difficult to get any answers..
  4. How to "restore" materials

    The easiest way to do it was to use Rectro's first idea, I import a base object (OBJ/FBX), fix the materials and save it. To change it I added a pose morph tag to it and imported the "other" object and added it as "Target" under Advanced in the pose morph, works quick and easy, and fast to replace with another object, just hopimng there will not be any hickups with the point order.
  5. How to "restore" materials

    Ok, if someone else is interested, I asked support about it. You just select or create a new pose, click the "..." to load the PMO file and it's there kind of, I tried with some simple things and it worked there, still have not got it working with my FBX import, but the problem is when you load the PMO file it does not keep the original morph name so you get "Pose.1" "Pose.2" and so on, have to change that manually, a bit annoying. It looks like it is not a good way anyway, the harddrive goes crazy when using them and it slow down everything for a long while when it's grinding the harddrive.
  6. How to "restore" materials

    To be honest, I can't figure out how to use it I can save a morph with the "Save" button to a PMO file, no problem there, but what after that ? It say it will save any external morphs if they change so it should keep them under control in some way and that would indicate that I should not delete them, but maybe I should delete the existing morphs after that ? I would assume so because it say I should use the "..." button to load them, and that is where the problem is, if I delete the morphs after saving them and click on "..." I get a name popping up in the "external" textfield but nothing else happens, I thought maybe I need to click on "Add pose" but no and can't drag it up to the morph list. Any one that have used them and can explain how it works ? The c4d file keeps the same size so it looks like I need to do something else to actually use the saved ones...

    Does it happen even if you have the Splitting option set to "Combine" ?
  8. How to "restore" materials

    Thanks. I just noticed that you can save pose morphs to external files and C4D will only load them if you actually need them, that would be another solution, anyone used this with a large number of pose morphs (point data) and know if it works well ?
  9. How to "restore" materials

    I have some FBX characters, they have a ton of morphs for facial animation and other things, takes a lot of ram and slow down C4D a bit, so I import one FBX with just the basic morphs I need, later on I can always export a new FBX with some extra morphs I need and import it, but that would require that I can copy the materials from the first FBX to the second. But as you said, maybe easier to copy the morphs from the imported FBX to the first character instead as it is the same mesh, will have a look at that.
  10. How do you do when you need to import the "same" obj or fbx many times, say that I have an OBJ I import and fix all the materials and save this, now I need to import the same OBJ (but maybe morphed or something, but still same materials), is there a way to quick and easy copy the materials from the first OBJ (that I now have as a c4d object) that I have fixed to the second one I import so I don't need to mess with the materials all over again ?
  11. Say I have a c4d file with 10 different trees that I use, I create another scene and I need a tree so I choose File/Merge, but that one will always merge everything from the other c4d file, I just want to select one object, I can't be the only one that wants to do that ? am I missing something or is this not possible to do without having to load the entire scene and copy/paste ?
  12. Texture question

    Say I have a texture tag with a flat mapped image in it and I add it to get some kind of logo on an object, that is all well and nice, but what if I want it to be placed on two different selections sets on the object, it looks like I can only drag one selection set to the "Selection" parameter in the texture attributes, do I have to create a new selection set that is a union of the two sdelection sets or something to do this ?
  13. Material selection

    Ah! thanks, I missed that one, that's what I needed, works perfect.
  14. Material selection

    Another silly question, most other software has a way to find what material belongs to a specfic part of a model in case I don't know or did not make the model, so in the view port I can click on a polygon and it will select the material that is used for that polygon, does C4D has anything like this ? it's not easy otherwise to find out what each material does if I did nor make the model myself.
  15. Max image map size

    Is there any way to limit the size of textures in the OpenGL viewport ? I have some pretty big image maps and it looks like C4D has the full size textures in OpenGL, feels like a waste of memory and I don't need that high quality there, sure I can turn textures of but maybe I can set a max limit somewhere to save some GPU memory ?