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  1. Cheese modeling : anyone knows how?

    I think im pretty much figuring it out. will be posting here soon the results. Thanks all
  2. Cheese modeling : anyone knows how?

    Cerbera, tried your way and achieved the same result, thanks!!
  3. Cheese modeling : anyone knows how?

    Thanks. But you only use from the parametric the slice and fillet, the rest relies on the modeling techniques ?
  4. Cheese modeling : anyone knows how?

    So, maybe I am doing something wrong. Here´s what I´ve tried so far. Choose cylinder > slice 45 degrees > check regular grid > check fillet and caps. What am I doing wrong ? I also tried dissolving the internal faces and subdividing it once. my attributes
  5. Cheese modeling : anyone knows how?

    Thanks! I´m doing mine right now, will be posting here soon. How do you guys achieve a regular grid in the inside panel of the cut-open cylinder? Even when I check regular grid, it isn´t so good as yours...
  6. Cheese modeling : anyone knows how?

    Vector, i just saw that you actually modelled the thing, it is looking preety much in the way, very good actually. Its the kind of result i m looking for. Mine has to have a more or less realistic geometry like the picture i posted, but a cartoonish look in its textures and colours. Ill try both paths tomorrow, with the suggested plugin, your way and the sculpting approach that Cerbera suggested. I actually tried sculpting, but it wasnt working that good in the begining so i went other ways, but rethinking it it really makes sense. Modelling looked a little bit complicated but it seens it can be achieved with enough time. I dont know, but i almost never do organic stuff and somehow they are always the hardest to produce. Food is a nightmare to create because everyone knows how they look exactly and have been so used to looking at then from a short distance that the slightest fault gets noticed...it is not like stuff that people pretty much never get a closer look to like, a expresso machine or something like this!!
  7. Cheese modeling : anyone knows how?

    Thanks everyone! I'll try some of the approaches and as soon as i have somethink will post it so you guys have some feedback!! Thanks a lot to all contributions!
  8. Hi! I'm faced with a little bit of challenge trying to model a...cheese slice!! So, the story is that I war for a brand design company and now they have a cheese client and they need me to model some of them. For almost all of them, I got it out right. Until I got to those sliced one's with holes in it. I don't know why, but I can't get them to look right. Maybe you guys who are far more experienced could lend a tip here... so, here's the deal and how I did so far : I have to model something more or less similar to the picture attached. For the bump, SSS and reflections, I figured it out I think (I attached some of my work in progress...it haven't been under a photoshop post production). My results shouldn't look "photographical", for that I mean, the cheese should look well made, but not like a 100% real, they should have this "cartoonish" feel to them. My problem so far is with cutting the holes in it. Either I get a cylinder or capsule, put some fillet to it, slice it and bang, I've got the nice triangular shaped thing. BUT, the inside parts (the sliced one's) have a of a mesh to it, so I reset, relax the hole thing and ok. But some how, when I start to cut holes in it with the boolean, the holes simples looks FAKE. They don't have that slightly curbed borders with some thickness to it. I have tried also some kind of displacement and bump but for some reason, the sub-poly displacement asks for more fuel than my computer can give and the whole thing freezes. So, any tips on how to do it ?? Right now what I'm trying is : create a cube, 20x20x20 or more polygons. Sculpt it to a triangle with a rounded side. Another cube, smaller, sculpt it to a sphere. Use the smaller to cut the holes so they get a better geometry together. Do you know what else could I try?? Thanks!!!
  9. Hi! How do you guys add polygons to mesh ? I´m not talking about subdividing it, nor slicing, I really mean create more polygons at the edge of it ? In the attached image my mesh is to short, I wanted it to be 2 or 3 polygons wider. But when I add new ones, they have their proper UVW! I have tried creating new points and polygons from the edge of the object but it is now working... I was wondering, is there a way to do it? if so, will I need to reset the UVW map ? if so, how do I do it, relaxing it? thanks!
  10. Beginner : baking + render time

    Oh thanks! That surely helps. Don´t be so harsh on yourself Simmy, I understood quite well! Since I´m learning by myself and have no colleagues to orient me on, this kind of small doubts seems to linger sometimes :D Thanks Cerbera! You've been very helpful and answered well all questions I posed, even in other threads. thanks for the contribution!!
  11. Beginner : baking + render time

    Thank you guys. That helped a lot. I had a bad time trying to figure out this whole bake thing. So I guess I´m in the right path. On a short animation, if only the camera is moving, does it make any sense to bake in order to improve render time for the frames since the lights and objects will stay in place? Probably is because this render I posted have lots of polygons so the cheese get this visual. If I replace REFLECTION with SPECULAR, it should improve the render, right? My purpose is not to have a realistic picture at the end, but a more cartoonistic one... thanks!
  12. Hi! Haven´t found the appropriate thread so I´m posting a new... In case anyone is aware that there is already a thread on the subject, please point me to it because I haven't found it :( sorry in advance. So, i´m new in C4d. Running the program for less than a year and still learning how to improve render speed... I´ve went through several tutorials already. From lowering number of reflections, polygons and blur, to use color as reflection layer, ambient occlusion on specified objects under diffusion...all this I tried. It happens that the scene below is taking me over 10 mins to render as STILL. Is it standard for my settings ? No AO or GI on the scene you are seeing. I´m running C4d on a 2011 MacMini 2,3ghz Core i5 8GB DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MP - C4d Release 17 - I´m here to ask you guys about BAKING since I intend to animate the scene I attached with camera movement only. In this case should I bake the light and shadows or textures onto the objects to animate them ? Is baking a regular procedure in animations ? Whats the advantage of baking whatsoever ?? thanks in advance, sorry for my noobiness Kin
  13. Hi! Haven´t found this topic when searching for the subject here... When animating a scene and working with both softwares, Ae and C4d, should export from Cinema to render it on Ae alltogether, or should I render the different passes separately in cinema and then open them in Ae ? I my totally new to Ae. Is there any difference in the rendering time/results? thanks!
  14. Cloud Render + C4D - How to

    I´ll check! thanks. Since I´m already here, an extra question : when rendering locally, animated sequences, it can be done in After Effects, right ? Is it worth it, better, faster, or should I export the passes rendered from c4d separatedly to obtain a better result?