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  1. Hi folks, I'm looking for a r17 prime license in the cheap. Interested get in touch. Please have in mind that I'm just looking for a license to fool around since I'm moved to blender, so please be generous in your pricing :) I guess the safest way to acquire it would be over eBay, but we can discuss about that later. thx!
  2. Hi guys, I wonder if it's possible to calculate the weight of an object. What I mean by it ? I'm modeling a bag of sand. I'm aware that I can model a pillow with the cloth tag, drop it, and let it reacts when it hits the floor. What I wanted to know is if there is anyway of calculate how the bag would respond only by standing in the floor, because the weight would react to gravity an pull the content towards the floor. Is it possible to do without any complicate particle/collider modifier ? thanks!
  3. Hey @VECTOR and @Cerbera, so here is the feedback! still has some room for improvement. But the overall result is here !
  4. Wow, it took me almost 10 hours to do the whole process... In my defense, I run a Mac mini i5, so all test renders take forever!!! :p
  5. @Cerbera So, assuming by the amount of time you estimated to be necessary to model+texture+lights the whisky bottle, the first render there, of the lamp, inside a blister, assuming that I have to correct the art in photoshop, plus create the model, which can be done with the late technique for the most of it, and there is also the textures of paper, plastic, glass and metal that I have to create or adjust for this specific project, is it reasonable to have spent one and a half work days on this one ?
  6. Vector, thanks for the support man! Hope I will ! at first I hated 3d, but it was the software fault...at design school they taught us the basics of Maya and 3dsMax, I hated both at the time!! UV mapping was a nightmare, sculpting also...but since I found out c4d I felt in love with its easiness and straight forward layout...I´m used to Illustrador. and its kinda similar. I regret not having a powerful windows machine to run Octane. My goal now is to learn more of texturing. and perhaps Xpresso. from some tutorials It seems many things can be achieved with Xpresso. But it so damm hard!! Maybe it just seems hard...
  7. Thanks a lot for the replies! Looks amazing the defender 110! by modeling I meant the whole process, from the model itself to texturing, lighting etc...I used the lathe on the bottles there also. Im 1 year now in 3D, first time I used a 3d software was last august, so I´m pretty new on it, thats why the question. I think I am a little bit slow. For the light bulb there it took me 2 work days, but I had to do it from the scratch, except for the lighting that I have the GSG light kit pro. Since we are most focused on brands here, we don´t have lot´s of hardware power, and I have to make do without GI and sometimes even AO. I have to put lots of time on the texturing etc to compesate for it. thanks for the feedback!!
  8. Hi! So, I work at a branding company and since they are planning on making some presentations in 3D, I proposed modeling part of the products. I attached here some of the work in progress, most not finished. Since im the only one around here that has any knowledge of 3d, I don't have anyone to compare to... Based the products I attached, how long would you guys take to model each one of them ? I ask this because since we have a schedule here, I must be clear on how long does it take to model things. But I am learning on my own, most without reference...and don´t know how long does it take to a better 3d professional to do the same job, and I wish I had a time-frame to look for in order to achieve it. So, the models I posted : most textures have only 2-3 levels of reflectance, environment channel, bump, and diffusion. Some of the organic stuff have been modeled from basics parametrics. I have to go through photoshop and illustrator for small corrections and alpha channels. The question is : how long would it take to model the following products ? I take 6hrs in average for some o them...sometimes 12. (Cerbera and Vector, in case you post here, I still own you guys some feedback on the cheese model you helped me ! Was assigned another task here at my company so couldn´t render it yet, but it is done!)
  9. I´ll try creating an alpha mask with the UV map. Maybe it ill work
  10. Tried it. Actually for the model attached I did exactly the opposed : extrude the outside. But it doesn't matter what I do, the transition keeps being hard... I wished it would transition from red to red-yellowish and only then to yellow. The picture attached doesn't have the red cover, but the laterals are more or less what I wished...maybe with SSS??
  11. Hey guys, so far everything went great. I started from a cylinder, opened it up and sliced it with the knife tool to get a nice geometry. For the holes, I went for a new approach : I choose a point or line segment and bevel it. It works pretty well. After it I model with the drag tool. So far, so good. The only problem I am encountering right now is how to create a smooth transition between textures...I wished the cheese had a coat, like a red one in this case, but it should transition smoothly to the yellow with a turbulence in between... any of you know how to achieve it ? I have tried so far with the FUSION or Layer with gradient and none worked...also, I´m applying them in two different selections. Am I doing it wrong? thanks!!!
  12. I think im pretty much figuring it out. will be posting here soon the results. Thanks all
  13. Cerbera, tried your way and achieved the same result, thanks!!
  14. Thanks. But you only use from the parametric the slice and fillet, the rest relies on the modeling techniques ?



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