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  1. Hi folks, I'm looking for a r17 prime license in the cheap. Interested get in touch. Please have in mind that I'm just looking for a license to fool around since I'm moved to blender, so please be generous in your pricing :) I guess the safest way to acquire it would be over eBay, but we can discuss about that later. thx!
  2. Hi guys, I wonder if it's possible to calculate the weight of an object. What I mean by it ? I'm modeling a bag of sand. I'm aware that I can model a pillow with the cloth tag, drop it, and let it reacts when it hits the floor. What I wanted to know is if there is anyway of calculate how the bag would respond only by standing in the floor, because the weight would react to gravity an pull the content towards the floor. Is it possible to do without any complicate particle/collider modifier ? thanks!
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