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  1. Thnaks Cerbera, your allways so much help.
  2. Hello All, Hope your weekend is going great. I am running into a problem my little brain cant solve. I got this project file of a nanotube, and I'm not sure whats going on. I think I understand that there is a sphere object and a tube object. They are then instanced to create the actual nanotube. It seems to me it's just a mess of instances. I want to use a plain effector and simulate the nanotube growing, starting from the bottom and rising. I know mograph can do this but when I try to use anything on the mess of instances nothing is happening. Any help would be sooo appreciated. Thank You (file is attached) NANOTUBE.c4d
  3. Thank You guys soooooo much. I am a total noob at C4D. I really appreciate your help. I will work on my hard body modeling. LMFAO
  4. Hey Everyone, seeing if anyone can help me figure this out. I am trying to make cloned spheres come out of a vent in a AC system. I have the clones inside the boxed duct. I also have an attracter outside the front to bring the spheres(hot air) out. I want the spheres to pass through the vent so I added a collider body to it and also I made the duct a collider body thinking the clones would be contained within it. But instead they just explode. The reason I'm not using the duct as the container itself is because I thought that maybe the plane wasn't stopping the clones, because the clones would just pass through even though there was a collider tag on it, so I added a box and added a collider body but still they explode. Any help or explenation of what I am doing wrong would be much appreciated. Thanks Y'all TGIF! HotAirSim.c4d
  5. flakslinger

    Jackson-King -V

    What a fun project, my favorite guitar brand! Nice Work
  6. flakslinger

    Hello & Help

    Thanks Guys!
  7. flakslinger

    Hello & Help

    Thanks Dan
  8. flakslinger

    Hello & Help

    I am understanding as if the model were a piece of paper, it would not be able to fold out flat?
  9. flakslinger

    Hello & Help

    Thanks for your reply Rectro. So I use the COMMAND button and drag the edges together to complete the mesh. I believe that by this process that the wall and stairs remain apart of the BASE object. Which wont allow me to Connect+Delete. pleasehelp.c4d
  10. flakslinger

    Hello & Help

    Everyone! My name is Jason, I'm glad to have found a great place to connect with like minded wizards with intentions to participate and learn. I do have a question that is halting a current project. I'm creating a staircase and want the platform to be all one mesh. I would like to remove the extra polygon that is left over after joining the two edges. I tried to optimize, thinking the two edges would join, letting me delete the isolated polygon left over . Any ideas/work flow tips would be much appreciated. Thank You