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  1. I'm doing some basic modelling and want to extrude a face a number of times, rotating around an offset axis so that I end up with a curved extrusion (See B in the pic). I've figured out how to do this by selecting the face, offsetting the axis, then control/shift rotating to duplicate the face in 5 degree increments. This works but it's damned laborious. Matrix extrude is frustratingly close to what I need but it doesn't allow for the offset of the axis. Is there a script or a plugin to do this or some inbuilt tool that I am missing?
  2. Hi I have a simple cube that I am rendering with an outline using Sketch And Toon. There are three faces visible in isometric view; top, left and right. I am using an edge selection to define each face and then applying a different coloured sketch material to each edge selection. The problem is the lines are intersecting at the corners and rendering incorrectly. I have tried setting the priority of the sketch material and also the order of the sketch tags in the object manager as suggested in the documentation. These changes seem to have no effect. Any ideas how I can solve this? Cheers Cube.c4d
  3. When I drag an object onto another object in the object manager to add it to the hierarchy C4D automatically expands the hierarchy. I'm doing this lot and having to collapse the hierarchy every time. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?
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