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  1. Hi I have a simple cube that I am rendering with an outline using Sketch And Toon. There are three faces visible in isometric view; top, left and right. I am using an edge selection to define each face and then applying a different coloured sketch material to each edge selection. The problem is the lines are intersecting at the corners and rendering incorrectly. I have tried setting the priority of the sketch material and also the order of the sketch tags in the object manager as suggested in the documentation. These changes seem to have no effect. Any ideas how I can solve this? Cheers Cube.c4d
  2. When I drag an object onto another object in the object manager to add it to the hierarchy C4D automatically expands the hierarchy. I'm doing this lot and having to collapse the hierarchy every time. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?
  3. Thanks for the information and links guys. It's super helpful. A wider lens closer to the display is the answer I was hoping for.
  4. I have created a scale model of an installation that I am building. I am using a texture projected from a camera onto a model which is a series of offset planes. The intention is that the image will resolve if a person stands in a particular spot in the room. Everything is working OK except when using a 50mm camera to project the texture the person will need to stand a long way back from the installation for the image to resolve. Much further than I was expecting. Is a 50mm focal length the most accurate approximation of the human eye?

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