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  1. Man... u can't expect Beta software to have converters for all kind of other renderers. Even if they are up to make converters, it will be after they finalize the renderer itself.. u know developing is time... and recreating materials is not that slow if it is worth it.
  2. There is a beta Demo for testing... May be next week they will be announcing it publicly. I installed it... reacts and renders fast... for Previz might be very useful to someone. https://u-render3d.com/get/downloads/
  3. In the "Expert" tab turn of Edge Collision and turn On Global Interselection Analysis and in the "Tag" tab reduce signifficantly the Stiffnes percents and see if you like the results..
  4. Did you tried to restart the software or the whole system ? The picture viewer shows strange resolution values... try to change the resolution a little to see if it will catch it and set Frame Range to All frames
  5. I am still not very capable C4D user but trying to learn constantly and that was my software of choice. I use Adobe Products but I am not imagining and I see decrease in performance in After Effects. AE 2018 if compared in speeds with AE2014 is three times slower in very simple things. Something went down and many users pushed the topic about this. To me it looks suicidal your 4 years old software to be performing better than your current software. Many people try to defend this on the "system" strength but I assure you it is something in their new ways of doing things. Back in 2014 I was able to do things with hardware from that time. Now I have superior workstation and it is annoying to wait AE 2018 to render simple animations. Learning Fusion now, let's see what will happen with Cinema 4D
  6. Gold preset in Redshift materials. Pretty easy setup, 20 min render with one 980ti, GI Irradiance
  7. I am new to the 3D world and experimenting to get to know stuff.
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