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  1. Mmm, how create a hole and shape cut without use bool modifier?
  2. Hi! I modeling a following model (1, 2), set the UV and add material, create the OBJ file and put this fole to SP, but... I get a wrong model like this (3) When modeling, I used Bool modifier for make the hole and shape cut. I think the reason for this is. But how can I fix this?
  3. Hi! I have some problem with result of the physics like render. For 1 screen - render is run, and I don't see any artifacts, but in the 2 screen - render is out, and we can see the artifacts. Why it happened? Link to the project file
  4. Difference between render

    Oh, I found that was not the case - birthrate render was set to 1.
  5. Hi! I have an object, and render in the previews and final rendering very difference, why? File
  6. Atom array animation

    Wow, cool! That's what I need, but how do I do that of the one sphere built several line to another several sphere? If I correctly understood the principle of tracer, I need set this to each sphere?
  7. Hi! I need to create a animations of atom array. What I mean: 1. We have a sphere. 2. Of this sphere built line to another sphere (in slow motion). 3. And so on, until it forms a kind of abstraction. I'm new in the c4d, please help :)