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  1. Rosekeezy

    rendering problem

    Does anyone know why this is happening? i'm trying to seperate the windows to give a different color so i extrude the squares, disconnect the selection then split it but somehow it doesnt pick up on the colors/layers in octane. not sure if its just a program fault or im doing something wrong.
  2. Rosekeezy

    sculpt text?

    omg thank you for taking the time to show this, gonna try it out now.
  3. Rosekeezy

    sculpt text?

    Hi, Does anyone how this could be made? I was thinking sculpting text in zbrush then c4d/octane? xx
  4. Rosekeezy

    Video Shader

    Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone knows how to make this? it should be pretty easy just cant seem to figure it out. (the pictures are short looped videos) xx Th
  5. Rosekeezy

    How would you make this?

    Thank you everyone!! will try it all out and see what happens,
  6. Hey so i've been wondering for a long time how would someone be able to make this? im aware its edited afterwards in AE but how would you be able to create it in c4d beforehand? or is it a houdini thing? xx
  7. Hey guys im having problem with my video shader not looping. Im making a clip that loops 8 seconds perfectly, so im trying to match the video clip in these pyramids to loop twice within the timeframe (4sec/8). but its not. See settings below, can anyone help me?
  8. Rosekeezy

    Lighting help

    Ok thankyou so much!
  9. Rosekeezy

    Lighting help

    Yeah i meant more the moon & the fog.. how to get that white/blue glow illuminating everything. Would the light just be a omni light?
  10. Rosekeezy

    Lighting help

    Hey so ive been trying to light a scene the same as the image below with the normal c4d render/shader but cant seem to figure it out. Does anybody know how to achieve this? xx rose
  11. Rosekeezy

    Displacer not working

    nope.. that was it lol. thank you
  12. Rosekeezy

    Displacer not working

    ok so im making a scene with layered rocky floors - the first raised floor worked fine with the displacement.. but now with the inner & outer it barely does anything to it - ive changed the global scale around, tried different shaders it doesnt have any effect.. can anyone help please? been trying to solve this since yesterday. xx
  13. Rosekeezy

    infinite zoom

    i see, makes sense.. thankyou!
  14. Rosekeezy

    infinite zoom

    Hey guys, i been trying to find tutorials on how to replay scenes with infinite zoom on c4d but cant find anything.. all i see is some info on how it could be done in after effects with shape objects but i still cant figure out then how to import c4d scenes and apply the effect. does anyone know how its possible? example; https://gph.is/1USFywB
  15. Rosekeezy

    how to make a outline of a house shape

    Thank you! yeah i looked for some but since i dont know the terms to use i kept getting ones i wasnt really looking for. xx!