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  1. Hey everyone, so i have a metal chain with a pvc plastic around it that id like to re-create and animate. I've finally figured out some settings with the cloth that it shrinks on to it but doesnt exactly take on the form of the chain. Im thinking an Attractor would work if its assigned to the chain but it doesnt seem to work like they explain on tutorials where you make it a child of the object, the attractor just keeps pulling it to the null/anchor point instead. can someone help please? below is what i mean and my project.
  2. Oh okay, thanks for confirming. such a shame it doesnt work!
  3. Hey everyone, i've been trying to figure out of there's a tag or something to make objects interact with the Forester plugin in Octane/c4d? already searched youtube but cant really find anything about it. i have scene with octane scattered multiflora grass and want my snake to be rigged through with the grass reacting to it. x
  4. Made this for a friend of mine and edited it later in ae, what do you guys think?



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