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  1. i have a teardrop which id like to wrap text against, but the surface deformer doesnt seem to work on editable objects? Does anyone know if theres a way around that?
  2. Hi, I made a teardrop in illustrator and would like it make it 3d but im not sure how to do it without sculpting? if thats possible?
  3. Thanks so much for looking. Would you know how to reduce it and extract only the main visible part from the obj?
  4. Hey everyone, So imported an obj from sketchup, combined all objects and removed the textures. Its a model of powerplant site and im trying to get a fire simulation going through it with x particles but no matter how small i import the obj it takes long to really load.. and when i use the colider tag it just freezes the whole program. I'm not sure why? i've made it pretty small and the polygon count isnt crazy either.. i dont know much about normals etc - could that be why? edit: ok so the polygon count is crazy after all. Does anyone know how to reduce it? i've tried the polygon reduction but it doesnt seem to work. is there an option within c4d to to just reduce the polygons to only whats visible on the outside? File here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tiabr9udcprfw4o/AADqxH4WP-bv-FjbPvBbssBla?dl=0
  5. Is there an equivalent to Octane Scatter within Arnold? or any other way distrubting objects over a terrain/landscape?
  6. Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone knows how to make the below gif? or is it purely AE you think?
  7. Thank you. Going to try again tomorrow. it literally just needs to stick/align smoothly on his back the same way it’s standing now, like a tattoo almost.
  8. Hey guys, I'm trying to get this pattern onto my model (like a tattoo almost) and for some reason its not working like i hoped it would. It just kept freezing or not doing anything at all so I split the back cus i thought it might be too heavy and added a uvw tag to it. It does something now atleast but its reaally slow and still doesnt want to align to his back, does anyone know why? or does anyone know a different way i could get this pattern on it? x
  9. Thanks, how would you use the collision deformer for the logo pushing out the sphere? would you put the logo inside and make the solver "inside" ? edit * ok nvm I did the collision but how do you solve the parts sticking out?
  10. Hey guys, So Im making something currently with metaballs coming together to one bubble then I want my logo to grow and push out like image below and have the bubble surface wrapped around like a texture *or* have the bubble shrink and smoothly wrap around the logo within it. how would you do this when using metaballs? would the shrink wrap work and if so which object do you make it a child of? logo pushing out:
  11. oh.. smh ok thats way easier then I thought.
  12. yeah that's what I originally wanted to do but then those parts where the cloth goes into the chain was also bad looking and no matter what I tried I couldn't fix it. with the cloth it was fixed by adding a phong tag and messing around in the expert settings.
  13. Hey everyone, so i have a metal chain with a pvc plastic around it that id like to re-create and animate. I've finally figured out some settings with the cloth that it shrinks on to it but doesnt exactly take on the form of the chain. Im thinking an Attractor would work if its assigned to the chain but it doesnt seem to work like they explain on tutorials where you make it a child of the object, the attractor just keeps pulling it to the null/anchor point instead. can someone help please? below is what i mean and my project.
  14. Oh okay, thanks for confirming. such a shame it doesnt work!
  15. Hey everyone, i've been trying to figure out of there's a tag or something to make objects interact with the Forester plugin in Octane/c4d? already searched youtube but cant really find anything about it. i have scene with octane scattered multiflora grass and want my snake to be rigged through with the grass reacting to it. x
  16. Made this for a friend of mine and edited it later in ae, what do you guys think?

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