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  1. This is a very old modeling problem. The approach itself is not intuitive and is overloaded with unnecessary settings. Guys, I hope one day you will fix this tool. moodeling axis problem For example, a one-click solution.
  2. I am having problems when using a symmetrical cut in the Loop / Path Cut tool . https://www.dropbox.com/s/hnv8ouwe3y7p6qg/2020-08-18_14-10-53.mp4?dl=0
  3. S 22 My favorite bug that travels between releases. It disappears in one and occurs suddenly after several releases again. Also do not work snapping to the work plane. https://www.dropbox.com/s/r2m0hucjivs17sa/2020-04-29_17-04-52.mp4?dl=0
  4. R21 - S22 The node editor blocks the attribute manager. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pskz0911c9izqbn/2020-04-26_19-24-12.mp4?dl=0
  5. A few more bugs. S22 A bug in the operation of filters. . https://www.dropbox.com/s/trthe1jprqlc6p2/2020-04-26_18-05-12.mp4?dl=0 Bounding-Box is missing from the filter. If I use splines, I can’t turn off this dimensional container in any way. With active Live Selection, the rectangle selection with the side mouse button does not work. https://www.dropbox.com/s/eirsmnzekgqa2h3/2020-04-26_18-08-06.mp4?dl=0
  6. Bug and my solution. Open GL texture mod set to linear. Mipmap - buggy https://www.dropbox.com/s/41xijsaloyyzgc6/2020-03-19_03-41-17.mp4?dl=0
  7. Modify the node system to the production level. At the moment, huge functionality is hidden there, but its capabilities are almost useless. The physical render is too slow, AR gives a bad result and often not faster than the physical. Other production renders cannot use the full power of nodes. Now it looks like a piece of another program inside C4D. This system needs to be improved so that the data from it can be used in deformers. Add the ability to read tags directly into the material nodes, as implemented in Xpresso. I like that this system makes full use of all the threads of
  8. There is the same problem. The system and C4D are installed on the SSD, one 1050Ti video card. No plugins installed. C4D Version 21.207
  9. • Fixed a stability issue with the Sphere object LOL
  10. But now i can't use hotkeys :( Shift + M~N does not work In the global settings, we have a choice of what to do with the points after deleting the polygons. Why not use the priority that is set there?
  11. 16, In R21, the dissolve function works very strange. Depending on the angle in the phong tag. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/bju6pwc2exjmbql/2019-09-22_19-40-36.mp4 17, If you open the node editor, the material settings in the attribute manager override all other functions. To have access to the parameters of a cube or any other object, you have to constantly close the node editor. Not good ! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/i8zf4dyqne2qudp/2019-09-22_20-38-12.mp4
  12. Speed up the work of Push Apart Effector and refine its algorithm. At the moment, work is only on one core. Packing points from above forty thousand just freezes the computer. Tests in Houdini show that their package algorithm uses a lot of threading and this happens in real time and no freezes. Even a million points is packed very quickly. I do not know why, but almost everything in C4D runs on a single core. In 2019, this is an archaic feature.
  13. I want to connect a picture to - Subdivision Level . In the end, I would like to receive an adaptive subdivision level. My attempts to realize this did not lead to the desired result. Is it possible to do this?
  14. You can read this paper. It shows a lot of tests with AMD and Nvidia. And I was surprised that Nvidia GPUs are even better for Pro Render. https://techgage.com/article/amd-radeon-prorender-performance-oct-2018/ I downloaded the version of the plug-in on my 3dmax, it is slightly superior to what is in C4D. There are more BSDF that can be mixed and create complex materials. Displacement supports adaptive mode. There is also a denoiser. In any case, there is still a lot of work to make it a production renderer. And I hope MAXON and AMD will not throw it in the trash as it h
  15. Some more tests Fstorm 30 min Prorender 7 hour Maybe the other day I will set up the scene in a blender, and then look at the speed of Cyclec.


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