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  1. MHan

    My R21 Wishlist

    Speed up the work of Push Apart Effector and refine its algorithm. At the moment, work is only on one core. Packing points from above forty thousand just freezes the computer. Tests in Houdini show that their package algorithm uses a lot of threading and this happens in real time and no freezes. Even a million points is packed very quickly. I do not know why, but almost everything in C4D runs on a single core. In 2019, this is an archaic feature.
  2. I want to connect a picture to - Subdivision Level . In the end, I would like to receive an adaptive subdivision level. My attempts to realize this did not lead to the desired result. Is it possible to do this?
  3. You can read this paper. It shows a lot of tests with AMD and Nvidia. And I was surprised that Nvidia GPUs are even better for Pro Render. https://techgage.com/article/amd-radeon-prorender-performance-oct-2018/ I downloaded the version of the plug-in on my 3dmax, it is slightly superior to what is in C4D. There are more BSDF that can be mixed and create complex materials. Displacement supports adaptive mode. There is also a denoiser. In any case, there is still a lot of work to make it a production renderer. And I hope MAXON and AMD will not throw it in the trash as it happened with Physical.
  4. Some more tests Fstorm 30 min Prorender 7 hour Maybe the other day I will set up the scene in a blender, and then look at the speed of Cyclec.
  5. I recently tested Pro Render. The test scene is a fstorm benchmark. Rendering time 4 hours on Nvidia 1050. The problems that I have identified. The problems that I identified. Displacement takes up a lot of memory because it uses old subdivision algorithms. Displacements in Octane and Fstorm do not take up much memory and are calculated in real time. A big problem was the small light sources - pay attention to the LEDs in the fan. ProRender was unable to clear the noise from these small light sources. Statistic Prorender without displacement 1892 mb Statistic Fstorm with displacement 0.780 mb Fstorm completed the calculation in 20 minutes. Prorender rendered 4 hours. I hope in R21 there will be some progress in terms of improving the algorithms for rendering small light sources, displacement and memory saving.
  6. Hello to all . Today I worked on the effect of dispersion in glass. In Blender, I was able to easily get the result. Attempting to repeat in C4D ended with the fact that I did not find at all the opportunity to mix several materials. In the example with Blender, I mixed three BSDF refractions with different colors, IOR and roughness. After added another BSDF reflections. As a result, received a glass with a dispersion. P.S I would like to know if this is a time limit or will it be impossible to mix different types of BSDF with this system of nodes?
  7. I was faster than everyone)) ZModeler https://youtu.be/ig2WROzB_ho 3D Max https://youtu.be/EjKNBruuVfg
  8. I once read a thread on the forum polycount.com where there was a battle of ZBrush vs 3Ds Max. For me it was unexpected that ZModeler Zbrush was very fast. But the user 3ds used scripts. After a bit of thought, I decided to test the theory about combining the best of the two worlds inside C4D. I did it in 53 seconds, without using plugins and scripts.C4D Win !
  9. I, too, find some external resemblance to ICE as in XSI. If you look closely, this is not just a material system. There are nodes of mathematics and some other things that say that it will be much more than just materials. Probably Xpresso in the next version should be replaced. It would be ideal if there is an opportunity to work in the same editor with materials, object topology, particles and character animation where there will be no problems with priority.
  10. The best solution for me is Corona render. It is much faster and still very simple, even easier and more convenient than the Physical rendering . They always have advanced development and they do not need to wait for the SDK from third parties. Corona supports TR and at the same time it is completely free at the moment. The other day they became part of the Chaos Group and we already got a Vray DMC sample inside Corona in the daytime assemblies. So we are expected to have more innovations in the near future.

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