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  1. Looking for something similar to this Maya script for Cinema 4D:
  2. Thanks for the response. I'm looking at it for a starting point to run simulations on car choreography and camera moves so more for modeling. The actual detail level doesn't matter as long as the distance and layout of the streets/city blocks is fairly accurate. It doesn't need to be perfect.
  3. I am considering purchasing DEM Earth for an upcoming previs gig. I would like to use the plug in to extract basic city street details so that I can than plan shots and car choreography in an accurate manner. All of the demos I've seen stay at a fairly wide view point. Is it possible to use this plug in at more of a street level view once the data is extruded?
  4. I need to previs some shots for a commercial shoot in L.A. The shots are for a car commercial so I need to build out an accurate scene for the director to experiment with camera moves and car choreography. Usually I just eyeball scenes but this time I want to get a more accurate model to get as close to possible to actual layout, car speeds etc. Any advice on how to go about something like this? I remember working with someone who was in 3Ds Max at the time and he was able to gauge speed of the car and length of the route travelled etc. Any tips would be much appreciated! ***I will be provided with actual locations so I will be going off of google maps for reference.
  5. Great, thanks!
  6. Am I able to open an R18 file in R17? I brought a file home from work (started it there on R17) to mess with over the weekend and just realized I may not be able to take it back!
  7. Good to know, thanks!
  8. This just came out: Guess he read my mind! :)
  9. This guys work is really cool as well for those of you into this kinda thang: I really dig the sandwich. :)
  10. Cool, thanks!
  11. I love his work! I was thinking of e-mailing him and asking him to do a tutorial on this topic.
  12. Greetings, I really like the style of this piece: Any tips or links to tutorials on how to get a similar look would be great. Playing around with different textures and lighting set ups but can't seem to get as close as I'd like.