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  1. CBR thank you for that! Learning something new everyday haha. I also changed the steps per frame in the dynamics advanced tab, which helped.
  2. Yes, this is the basic idea. I have setup something similar here. I have included the scene file (i had to replace the leaf textures with colors, my textures were too big to include and upload here). My problem now is because they are "leaves" they are intersecting easily, i've tried giving them some depth by extruding, but did not work, any suggestions? Thanks! c4d_collected.zip
  3. Thanks for the info! Good to know. I was thinking a cloner initially to set the "initial state" pile, or just building a pile of leaves individually, not sure which would be better. I'm not sure which would be better. Yes, I'd kind of like them to explode and go flying out as if someone was jumping into them. It would be a photo real render and i would probably composite it over some footage of video of leaves exploding as well. Also, I would try to roughly model the leaves, instead of just putting them on a plane with alpha, i feel that will help collisions, but also increase rend
  4. Hello C4Ders, I am trying to do an aniamtion/simulation of an object falling into a pile of leaves. I'm assuming it would have to be a pile of leaves with a dynamics tag tag on both the object and leaves. Maybe creating a stationary pile of leaves, and then add a collider tag with "on collision" set? Just trying to think through it... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am still running R18. I know , I know... I will upgrade here soon. Thanks!
  5. Hello C4Ders, I am a member/CG lead for a film club in East Texas. We are a nonprofit club based on growing skills and helping others out to advance their skillsets and grow as a community. We want to help people get the experience they would like or need; while also having a lot of fun and nerding out a bit, okay A LOT! We are locally based, however for our CG/VFX crew we are looking locally as well as for remote artists. CG artists, Animators, Riggers, Modelers, VFX artists, etc. are all welcome to join our crew of misfits. We are currently focused on making short films.
  6. Hello Bezo! Thank you so much! That did it. I appreciate the help and the compliment!
  7. Hello C4Der's, So, I have a character with textures that renders fine in the standard renderer, but when i switch to the physical renderer, the textures are pixelated when i render from the exact same camera...I want to be able to use DOF and i have never had this problem before. Thank you for your time! Peter
  8. Thanks for the responses guys, I will upload the scene file as soon as possible! Yes, unfortunately I can't upgrade yet.I have tried Realflow and that also did not give me what i want.
  9. Hey there C4Ders, I am trying to create a liquid simulation, where mustard is coming out of a mustard bottle as a liquid and then forming letters on an object ie a burger or hotdog. I have tried a few attractor tutorials, but it's not giving me exactly what I want... Thanks for your time! Peter
  10. wowww.... Bezo... thank you so much... I was seriously over thinking it, exactly what i needed thank you!
  11. EXACTLY what I need! Thank you, and sorry for the uber late reply! Much appreciated!
  12. Hello C4Ders, I have been scouring the internets for a tutorial on something I believe to be simple. So, I have rigged a character, but I have an "eye open" object" and a "blink" object, and i am needing a simple switch to switch between the two to animate easier, basically a switch that will toggle one visibility on of one object and turn the other off, and vice versa. I hope this makes sense! Thanks for your help! Peter
  13. Hey guys, I'm kind of in a tight spot. I am trying to recreate this effect in c4d basically as a template, to swap out the video. I am having difficulty making it more random with the cloner, or if someone has any other idea. Please let me know! Here's the example: https://www.pond5.com/stock-footage/109248/patriot-stadium-crowd-flip-cards-england.html Thanks a bunch!
  14. Hey C4Ders, I have been trying to create a text animation basically, where you can animate the number going up, like I want to count up years and I was trying to link it up with xpresso, but can't seem to get it. I hope this makes sense I'm thinking a slider control that allows you to animate the years from a start and End time? Thanks! Peter
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