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  1. Hi @jonfos . I'm currently looking for a junior position in London. I just sent you an email. Cool work btw.
  2. Thanks. It's mostly motion and animation that I'm looking to do. I do need to add some more stuff to it, I have more stuff, but is not as good as this. I might redo some of the work so I can add it. Regarding the time, most of the people told me that for a Motion Reel one minute is more than enough.
  3. One solution might be applying a Rigidbody tag the Cloner Object and set Follow Position and Follow Rotation to 100 in the Force Tab. When you hit play the objects should separate from each other. You also need to disable Gravity in the project preferences. I did a few changes to your file. Curves Paving-Dynamic.c4d
  4. I know what you meant. It does really depend on the clones and/or objects. @sht Can you post a screen grab of the scene? Might be easier for us to understand what you're trying to achieve
  5. It might work. Unless the Axis has been moved or rotated.
  6. From what I understood from your question you want to align the clones to a surface of an object. For this, you can make a duplicate of the object you want your clones to align to. Set the Cloner mode to Object and use the duplicated object. Set the distribution to vertex and hide the reference object. Although, This might not look right depending on the topology of you reference mesh.
  7. The new viewport is definitely the most exciting on for me. Being able to get a good of a result from the viewport is amazing! Also, the new Modelling Kernel, let see how that translates in reality.
  8. Hi Everyone, I just finished a Motion graphics course at Escape Studios. This is the final output from the course. I assembled a Showreel with some of my best work. I'm looking for your sincere feedback on, where are some of the areas I can improve on. Most of the scenes were rendered using Arnold (Intro, Expresso Cup, Room with sofa), the last scene with the Glass is Octane. Everyone's opinion is much appreciated, good or bad :) Thanks
  9. Btw, does anyone know when it's going to be open for testing? At the moment the Alpha is closed. You need to apply for it.
  10. @nerv Octane indeed got a lot a momentum lately and you're starting much of the same "bepple" style images around, which nothing against them they do look nice. :) I read somewhere, that MAXON was thinking in implementing the AMD Radeon Pro Render on R19. So we might see GPU render as default soon in C4D. Nice images btw.
  11. The renders shared so far look amazing. I been hearing a lot of good things about RS, but haven't had the opportunity to give a try. I tried Corina the moment and the results are not that bad, but I think that compared with redshift, people are saying that it's easier to get something looking good in RS. I been using Arnold lately and so far so good, but render times can get stupid long if you not careful with light samples. I haven't tried Octane yet, but I do like the look of the renders. I might give a try later.
  12. Is does look promising. It was something that I never used, or completely forgot about. I might give it a try latter. Good move on the open Beta thought.



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