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Hey guys, check out new PolyGnome tool for Cinema 4D from our long-time member C4DS. You can find PolyGnome in our Store and we hope you like it!! :cowboypistol:


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  1. Yeah I know...I just referenced him in the OP but his workflow is greatly based on max powerful modifier stack. Many of his bad topology-solving tips/solutions can be translated in any software but I dont see how one can replace that workflow unless you are really far into modelling in both apps. So I guess there arent...
  2. Im having a hard time finding enough intermediate/advanced modelling tutorials for Cinema. Its incredible how much free good quality content you can find for other software like this guys channel which is an endless source of tips on modelling and topology. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSLLdTBwLMfTKWS56tOiQpw/videos
  3. [Subd surface] Weighting and phong angle

    alright I thought there might be another tool instead of the SDS weight one. Great thanks !
  4. [Subd surface] Weighting and phong angle

    couldnt find any video on edge creasing. How to do that?
  5. Are these safe to use as alternative to adding supporting edges? I know in Max and Maya you have crease sets and Max also have smoothing groups.
  6. Dragging in the viewport or atribute ed

    I think this (also) happens due to the fact that even I dont release the mouse button while dragging in the viewport its very often when (the bevel for example) starts a new bevel operations. Also when you want to bevel a cube edge that is subdivided when you drag to increase the bevel offset it works better if you click on one of the edge subdivision and drag or if you drag in a free space in the viewport?
  7. Dragging in the viewport or atribute ed

    it sometimes begin to affect all the components or just going crazy and pulls verteces in all directions then it freezes the program. I have an Intel I5, 8 gb RAM, Geforce GTX660 OC
  8. for extrude, bevel and inset is it me or the viewport dragging to chnage the offset is quite buggy and doesnt respect your selections?
  9. Selection Tools| combin or multi-comp?

    wth? no man its not called shape selection but poligon selection. Check the R18 features (Workflow section) https://www.MAXON.net/en/products/new-in-release-18/r18-complete-feature-list/ Yeah I know the polygon pen tool ( similar to maya one). So what do you mean by modifier keys? I know Cinema 4d has that Customize Commands. Now when you click it usually creates a vertex like expected. I only want those components selected and nothing more. yup so awkward double click looping works only with the move tool and only with edge selection
  10. Selection Tools| combin or multi-comp?

    I think you know what Im talking about. It creates nodes even when you drop a polygon primitive. For example when creating a cylinder you get in the atributes editor: a pCylinder, a pCylinderShape, a polyCilinder, an initialShadingGroup and a freaking lambert lol. I swear we are not talking about the same thing. Its the polygon selection tool? If its that I cannot select anything without drawing a...poligon over it.
  11. Selection Tools| combin or multi-comp?

    thanks! Ive watched a lot of basics tutorials but none of that mentioned about the side button for rectangle selection. So how does it work? its just temporary meaning after release you can continue with live selection or its an alternative for keyboard "0" (dont have that kind of mouse right now to try it). Also about the polygon tool: how do you pick up those components without "drawing"? the spacebar switching would have been more usefull if it worked between different selection tools as well I guess. Maya its quite a heavy package for my needs when Im mostly interested in modeling and a bit of motion graphics . Almost all the modeling tools of Maya can be Mirrored by C4d (in fact by any other package) but I dont need more anyway. A couple of tools give better results in C4d like the insert loop (or loop cut). In Maya (and Im pretty sure in Max as well) the loop will stop if it meets anything else than quads. Cinema 4d has this neat option that lets you to decide if it stops or not at ngons or at poles. Maya Multicut tool on the other hand is basically a 3 in 1 tool ( connect, knife and insert loop) and it has a lot of control and interactivity with hotkeys. Prolly C4d has some other nifty features that Maya doesnt but they not really that important. The only thing that seemed to crippled me was these selection tools and modes but if that mouse button works like Im expecting then things will be more pleasing. The way Maya handles history and non- distructive modeling is yet again a sufficient reason to keep away hobbysts and artists. And that Node system looks like something archaic. Not having these stacks/modifier stacks like all of the other packages do makes it like an alien modeling environment. That modeling toolkit panel they introduced to make the UI more suitable for modeling is mostly for the very beginners. You still need to rely on the combination of shortcuts, marking menus, shelves and menus to achieve even some common modeling tasks which is ridiculous. Interface style wise its quite clear that beginning with the 2016 edition Maya pretty ripped off cinema 4d UI style with the color coded icons. The other UI elements are flat which is exactly to my liking. Modern flat design might be a fad but its here to stay and it kinda works on more complex UI ( adopted by Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, Jetbrains, Techsmith etc). Wish C4D adopts this style as well or/and makes its UI more consistent with the Adobe products (they have a strategic partnership anyway). Interface Layout-wise Maya is crippled by this node system and no matter how many efforts they'll be putting to make the the UI more user friendly all will be hampered by it. Otherwise we must admit that currently Maya 2017 is the 3D package with the most fresh look. Motion graphics wise I currently barely scratching the surface in both programs. The MASH procedural animation integrated in Maya seems very powerfull Heard some guys here in C4D cafe saying that is more powerful than Mograph. If its not I suppose it has all the chances to be with a huge company like Autodesk behind which seems it wants to make Maya its flagship product for media and entertainment. It seems they are throwing anything at use in Maya these days while Max is neglected. There is not enough learning material for MASH and I doubt artists will jump over to Maya for it so I decided to stick with C4D. Speaking about development, the Maya's 2017 recently update 3 brought some significant improvements to its UV editing tools which were among the best of those built-in anyway if I understood correctly. On the other hand it seems the UV editing is less forgiving in Cinema 4d/Bodypaint. When was the last time they had a serious update? Is anyone still doing Uv's in C4D? Ive searched for tutorials but they are very basic or very old. This is the only thing that prevents me to definitevely stick to C4D for my modeling basics. If the Bodypaint development wouldnt be so uncertain I could still have some patience.
  12. Im coming from Maya and I find the selection tools in C4D a bit inflexible. To start off is there a way to make the rectangle selection tool allowing direct selection (meaning single click without dragging) as well like Maya and I guess most of 3d software do without the need to switch to the live selection tool? Secondly is there a plug-in that enables a multi-component mode (...yeah like in Maya) that allows you to select different components types on the fly on whatever you hover your mouse over without the need to switch between selection modes ?