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  1. Hi, bit of a silly question... Is it possible to animate with the loft tool ( I can't seem to find an option for start and end growth for it..) Thanks!!
  2. Thank you, I managed to figure out how to get the tracer limit to work... Would you also happen to know how to get more of a gradual disappearance for the traces? At the moment the effect looks quite net and sharp and not very realistic... Thanks again!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm trying to recreate a scene in which a rotating arm stirs a dense liquid, and by doing so it leaves its traces ( I used mograph tracer, a spline and a sweep nurbs). I would like for these traces to slowly disappear, but I'm not sure how to obtain the desired effect... Should I change the start and end growth in the sweep nurbs? ( at the moment I didn't record any of these details in the attribute manager as the tracer makes the sweep work automatically without recording a start and end growth ). I also tried changing the limit options in the tracer attribute manager ( from 'none' to 'from start' or 'from end'), but I'm probably doing something wrong as the traces remain. If anyone has some advice it would be much appreciated and of great help! Thanks!!
  4. Thank you for the prompt and helpful reply!!! I had a viewport solo single on and didn't know! All elements are visible now
  5. Hi, I've been working on a Cinema 4D project and I turned off some parts in the scene to focus working on a single element, I saved my file and closed it. Today when opening my file again and revealing the hidden parts, ( which are showing in the object manager window) none of these appear on my scene, althoguh when rendering all parts are shown. Any idea of why this is happening? I'm attaching a couple of screenshots... Thanks!!

    thank you for the tip! I had a look and it seems like a possible solution, do you happen to know if with this plug in I can overcome the issue of having so many layers? thanks!

    Unfortunately when I select 'Combine' it merges all the layers in one... I tried all the different import options but nothing seems to work... I am now connecting the layers in C4D, even if it is going to take me a while it seems like the only way... Already tried naming each object... I was hoping to find a free way to solve my issue without having to buy additional plug ins.. thanks anyway!
  8. Hi there, I'm trying to export a rhino file into cinema 4D. Exporting it as a OBJ works fine, the only problem is that for some reason when it opens the file in Cinema 4D my layers get split into literally a thousand of separate layers (more than 50 thousands..), and same if I save the objects as groups... Someone that can help me out? Thank you!