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  1. Apologies I didn't think that a missed capital letter would bother, from now on I'm going to be careful and "capitalise each post so that the forum looks as beautiful as it can". Thank you for the heads up but atm what I am concerned about is understanding how to get about this animation, texturing and the look is secondary, as it looks this way because it was imported from Rhino...
  2. HI, I'm trying to recreate a short animation where the doors of a wooden box open thanks to a SOSS concealed hinge system. I managed to model it but I am really struggling with animating it... I can't figure out how to have the rotation happening on the 4 pivots axis. instead of only one rotation hub.. I'm attaching both screenshots and a simplified scene. Any help would be massively appreciated. Thanks! SOSS HINGE SYSTEM.c4d
  3. Hi, I'm working on a scene where my camera dives into a stack of grains. I created this as a single capped object, but once I dive into it it appears hollow... any idea on how I could get a solid effect? Thanks!
  4. Wrap Extrusion Around Bottle

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I tried the different options and I managed to achieve a nice result using the project spline tool inside the mesh command and first projecting a splines pattern onto the bottle and only after extruding it..
  5. Hi, I'm working on a product visualisation for an etched bottle that has a 3D decorative pattern ( see image attached). I tried using the wrap deformer but this only wraps around a cylinder shape while I would like for the pattern to wrap around the whole bottle profile. Would anyone be able to suggest a way to obtain the desired effect? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi, I would like to create a short animation where the walls of a cell-like structure inside a grain of barley starts breaking down as the root and shoot start growing inside it (please refer to pictures attached for visual reference). Would anyone please be able to recommend a way around it? Thanks a lot!
  7. Apologies for the maybe silly question, but what is a gizmo, and how could I adapt its size? I tried doing as you adviced and I managed to get the liquid to flow from lots of circles but both the overall size of the fluid and shape of the emitter are wrong ( I would like for the emitter to be round... Attached is a screenshot to better explain. Thank you very much again!
  8. THANKS A LOT!! greatly helpful!
  9. Thank you for the advice, I'm going to have a look into it!
  10. Hi, I just purchased Realflow C4D 2.0 for liquid simulation. I'm currently working on a scene where hundreds of droplets are dripping through a perforated plate. I'm not too sure on how to achieve the desired effect. I thought of simply giving a realflow collider tag to the perforated plate but the liquid only collides with the plane and doesn't drip through the holes. Alternatively I thought I could clone the liquid with Mograph, but I don't know if this way the calculation would be too big... Would anyone be able to recommend the best way around it? Thanks in advance!!
  11. Thanks everyone for the great response! I'm going to try your suggestions and see what I can achieve!!! THANKS AGAIN!
  12. In order to get a realistic water spray effect I would like for the particles to emit in a sort of conic shape, where particles start from a small area ( sprinkler) and spread while dropping... I tried using a normal emitter but I wasn't able to get the desired effect as the emission spread remains the same.
  13. Hi, I'm working on a scene where different sprinklers spray water 3 different times. I managed to recreate the water spray effect with Xpresso by following an online tutorial, but I'm still not understanding fully how the system works. At the moment my sprinklers emit particles from frame 0, I would like to change this so that I could have one PT emission at frame 60- 120, another one at frame 210-270, and at frame 360-420. Could anyone please advise on how to achieve this? Attached is a screenshot of my Xpresso editor at the moment. Thanks in advance!