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  1. thank you for the tip! I had a look and it seems like a possible solution, do you happen to know if with this plug in I can overcome the issue of having so many layers? thanks!
  2. Unfortunately when I select 'Combine' it merges all the layers in one... I tried all the different import options but nothing seems to work... I am now connecting the layers in C4D, even if it is going to take me a while it seems like the only way... Already tried naming each object... I was hoping to find a free way to solve my issue without having to buy additional plug ins.. thanks anyway!
  3. Hi there, I'm trying to export a rhino file into cinema 4D. Exporting it as a OBJ works fine, the only problem is that for some reason when it opens the file in Cinema 4D my layers get split into literally a thousand of separate layers (more than 50 thousands..), and same if I save the objects as groups... Someone that can help me out? Thank you!