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  1. 1-1 in person training request

    Thank you for the heads up but the X particles plugin is a good 600£ so I would prefer learning Xpresso atm...
  2. Can you duplicateTPstorm

    Very helpful, much appreciated!! thanks a lot !!!
  3. Hi, I'm working on a scene where many sprinklers one next to another start spraying water. It's the first time I've been using Xpresso and by watching an online tutorial I managed to recreate water sprayed from one sprinkler (screenshot attached). I would now like to duplicate the water spray for all sprinklers, I tried using the connect obj + delete but this cancels the animation and results in still droplets. If anyone could recommend a way to create multiples I would be very grateful! Thanks!
  4. Thank you for creating the sweep nurbs for me, I still struggle with splines plane orientation... The reason why I didn't want to animate the oil tank, is because it has a cap at the top which my obj doesn't have, it is simply a different shape... Thanks again for taking time and helping me...
  5. I know that a sweep generator will do that and I have used the sweep generator to animate growth before. I just can't figure out how to build this specific shape with it...
  6. I would need to build it with sweep nurbs in order to animate the start and end growth.....
  7. Hey everyone, I started using Cinema a few months ago...not being to confident with the modelling side of it I have been building my 3D geometry with Rhinoceros and imported it in Cinema, which turned out to be a wrong idea as I now need to animate a tank slowly emptying itself of liquid with a sweep nurbs but I can't get my head around on how to.... I tried with two different sets of splines but failed both times.... Any help would be greatly appreciated! obj to build with sweep nurbs.c4d Thanks!!
  8. Hello again, I thought the pyrocluster issue was solved by making the sectioned arm editable, but unfortunately when animating it again the conflict between the 2 pyrocluster persists. I messaged MAXON support and they got back to me with the following reply: "to me it looks like a problem with the animation itself. As I can't reconstruct, how it has been created, I would recommend to rework the scene and check the animation all time. Pyrocluster is correctly calculated in picture viewer only and whether there is a bug or the animation does take place differently. I would recommend to rework the scene without a Matrix, which can handle one Particle geometry only as limitation and check again. With 2 Matrices only one Pyrocluster and Particle geometry can be handled without emitting different groups." I used a matrix in order to generate thinking particles from the distiller geometry and trigger the smoke to form and animate when the gradient shader changes brightness. I would not know another way of getting the same effect without a matrix… Would you be able to recommend another way for obtaining the same effect? Thank you! Ghita
  9. Hi, I'm a 3d modeller and animator based in west London. I come from a 3D background (Product Design BA) and I took a MAXON certified beginner and intermediate course of C4D so I have a fairly good understanding of the software but I am completely new to Thinking Particles, Mograph and Xpresso. I am looking for a person who would be able to come to my office, located in Park Royal, and able to teach me the more advanced C4D tools listed above. Does anybody know of someone who could do this? Thanks! Ghita
  10. Yes you did find the solution, THANK YOU!!!!! I've been going crazy trying to figure it out for days! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!
  11. Thank you for looking into this again. I did make a mistake by animating lightness and brightness for the two shaders, but unfortunately this still doesn't seem to be the reason for the issue. I deleted both shaders to test the smoke in the scene and once again the first smoke rendered with Picture viewer is not showing... Also any time that I render pyrocluster through the editor window it looks different than the final result on Picture Viewer, if I render in the editor window then I get two smokes, while when rendering on Picture viewer only the sectioned arm smoke appears.
  12. Hi Jay, Any chance you had time to look into my issue? Alternatively, if you couldn't find a solution I will get in touch with MAXON. Thanks, Ghita
  13. Hi CBR, Thank you for looking into my file. More than the arm section animation playing quite late, my issue is that once I add this one to the first smoke animation, the first smoke disappears, almost as the two pyrocluster were in some kind of conflict. As you can see from my screenshot both smokes should be fully visible in Picture viewer ( both shaders brightness is set to -100 %). I've also made sure that both pyrocluster have the same density, volume, luminosity and shape to exclude the chance of the smoke not showing for this reason, but again none of the things I tried seem to be working...
  14. Thank you for the quick reply, I did try using only one volume tracer but I encountered the same conflict issue and therefore I tried adding another one to see if that was the cause...
  15. Hi, I'm trying to create a scene with two pyrocluster animations; ( one first smoke cloud which rises inside a still, condenses and falls back into liquid form to then evaporate again and continue its way inside the last bit of the still called lyne arm). To do so I've created a first pyrocluster animation and I then tried adding a second one for the lyne arm bit. When adding the second pyrocluster animation and rendering the scene in Picture viewer the first smoke which was rendering fine desappears. When I deactivate the lyne arm pyrocluster animation the first smoke shows again. Any idea of the reason why? Screenshots and simplified c4d scene attached. Thanks ! PS the render preview looks fine in my editor window, but I got told by MAXON support that the preview is only a guide and to gauge the final result Picture viewer should be used as the two modes calculate a render differently when using pyrocluster. conflict between 2 pyrocluster.c4d