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  1. Hi, I'm working on a film using a Motion Control Camera, which only takes ASCII files as a source. I'm planning all the camera movements in C4D and I'm wondering if there is a way to export the camera moves as an ASCII table. We might also keyframed some moves directly with the Motion Control Robot on set and will need to import those moves in C4D for post-production. I will therefore also need to find a way to import an ASCII tab file into C4D. Here's what I know about the specs I should export: Kuper (the software that runs the Motion Control) can import a text file of a move. The basic format is it must have a header which identifies the axes to Kuper. The numbers must be one line per frame, one column per axes. Columns are separated by spaces or tabs or commas. Kuper exports files as Tab Delimited Ascii. CSV files work just fine as well. 3 decimal precision it typical The header for a typical Kuper move would be: Axes = VTRACK, VEW, VNS, VPAN, VTILT, VROLL This shows that the first column of numbers is for VTRACK, second is VEW, and so on. The "Axes =" line is easily editable with any simple text editor. Kuper requires that the names in the file header exactly match the axis names in the Kuper program. All this is pretty easily editable. Attached is an example of such file. Thank you very much for your help. I'm stuck here!! LINEAR-K.TXT