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  1. Turns out I've answered my own question. For anyone else wondering, it's not currently possible to use any effector for a time offset when animating with custom Xpresso User Data. If anyone can suggest a workaround, that would be great.
  2. Weird glitching in render..ideas anyone

    Hi Glenn, Looks like you've got duplicate polygons occupying the exact same space?
  3. Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me why the time offset isn't working? It's a simple scene where I need to affect the height of my 'buildings' with a random time offset. So I animated my parameters, then cloned them, but the random effector doesn't do the time offset. I've got some simple Expresso in there (just to control building sizes) and I'm not sure if that's why it's not working. I've attached a basic scene file. Please help! Thank you :) Plain Effector.c4d