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  1. Light-emitting object

    OK thanks
  2. Light-emitting object

    Last questions. Is it only the object with the luminance channel that will glow? What is the difference between the glow option in the render settings and the glow channel in the material editor?
  3. Light-emitting object

    Curiously, when I open your file and render, it does glow. But when I apply your material to my object, it's not glowing! When I copy my object to your file, it also glows! So it's probably the render settings. But they are very similar so I don't understand what's going on! I understand why. My object is a bit complicated. So it takes a few seconds when rendering before the glow appears. Thanks! I just needed to be more patient!
  4. Light-emitting object

    Turned on Glow and GI, not glowing. Am I missing something here? Thanks.
  5. I'm using luminance to create a light-emitting object, but as you ca see, it doesn't seem to be emitting much light. I cranked up the brightness in the Luminance channel to 200% but it' snot emitting more light. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Need help with Bend tool

    This is what i'm doing but I'm not getting good results. When I'm using a simple cube, it works, but not with my model.
  7. Need help with Bend tool

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong but it just can't seem to bend it. Can anyone look at my file? Prop Bordure.c4d
  8. Need help with Bend tool

    It looks like the angle is correct, as you can see on the second graphic. I will give it a try.
  9. I'm trying to bend an object but I'm not getting the wanted effect. Any idea why ?
  10. I have a complex animation where I'm animating a group of objects. Now, I need to switch this group of objects with another group. The new group has to take the position and animation of the old group. Is there a quick way to do this? I tried Character/Command/Replace with, but it doesn't work.
  11. The barrel of my gun is painted with a black "metal flake" paint, similar to a car paint. I've tried a 2-layer material, with black in the lower layer and a noise shader on top, but I'm really not getting the results I need, Any idea how to get this kind of result?
  12. Final Gun Render

    Here's the final gun render. I just need to add a few details but I think I nailed it ok. Thanks all for your help, specially Cerebra for his sound advice.
  13. How would you model this?

    Here's the final trigger using simple poly by poly modelling. Works fine. Thanks all.
  14. How would you model this?

    One thing I have difficulty with are the extra edges. If you look at my model, I've circled in red the extra edges I would like to get rid of. I needed those edges to create the hole to the left, but they are not needed elsewhere.
  15. How would you model this?

    This is the main body. Please don't be cruel in your comments. I know it's not that good. But it does the job. There are some patterns on the handle. Not sure how to replicate those. Displacement maps perhaps?