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  1. Animating cloth conveyor

    Actually, the conveyor is carrying empty plastic bags. I'm using a bend deformer to animate them swinging when the conveyor stops and goes. Also, when the bags reach the filling station, they are being filled up. I'm animating this with morph deformer. My biggest problem is that all this can't be done when everything is under a cloner. Alo, I'm using User Data to control and animate the filling of the bags. The problem is, it's filling all the bags simultaneously. Since I duplicated the first bag several times, my controls are controlling all the bags. How can I easily duplicate my controls and tell each one of them to control a particular bag? Bag_Conveyor_Test1.mp4
  2. I need to create and animate some kind of cloth conveyor, similar to what you find at dry cleaners. Object (pieces of clothing) need to be spread out evenly on the path (conveyor) as well as move and stop simultaneously. Also, objects can be different from each other and I need to be able to animate them separately. Any idea how can this be done?
  3. Thanks for the tips Rectro!
  4. All I want is to learn how to rig a character and have it sit down for exemple. I need to know how to setup controls , weighing, etc so that I have a very easy and fluent control over the movement. Rigging is relatively easy now with CHARACTER and CMOTION. But animating is another thing. There are so many techniques out there (including morph animation) and several Character rigging techniques, you get lost.
  5. I need to create a simple animated character. I'm looking for complete and detailed tutorials that will get me through all the steps of Character rigging an animation. I've looked everywhere and could not find something detailed enough and from A to Z. I've even looked at Cineversity.com and nothing really interesting. I'm sure there's something out there. I'm willing to pay for it if necessary. Thanks.
  6. I've created an IK chain with joints. I need to animate a mechanical arm. However, since the arm parts are made of several objects, it won't bind to the joints. Any way around this?
  7. Thanks for you feed back. Actually, in real life, this is possible. The bags are filled with sand, very heavy. Also, the conveyor belt is made of very grippy rubber. But I think I'll simply add invisible colliders. Thanks.
  8. I've created an animated inclined conveyor. I need to drop a bag on the conveyor and the bag needs to be carried up by the conveyor. I've cranked up the friction to 1000 on both the bag (rigid body) and the conveyor (collider body). The bag still slips down the conveyor. Any idea how to make it stick? You can watch the animation here:
  9. Need help fixing this!

    Got it, thanks! I did not thing those extra radial segment would make such a difference. It work great! You're just too god man! I'm not a junior, but always have problems with some of those complicated models.
  10. Need help fixing this!

    You can see the problem here when I activate the subdivision.
  11. Need help fixing this!

    Just did. Should be optimized. Still bugging
  12. Need help fixing this!

    Did something similar, but still not working. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Rubber Spacer copy.c4d
  13. Need help fixing this!

    Thanks. But there is one Edge missing (in red). When I add it, I get problems at the intersection (I circled the area).
  14. Can someone help me fix this thing? It's driving me nut! Rubber Spacer.c4d
  15. Is it possible to use a plain effector with a pose morph? The idea is to create a bag, empty with pose 1 and full with pose 2. Then, by applying a plain effector with a box falloff, I could animate it being filled from the bottom up?