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  1. Pucette

    Synchronizing/jointing two animations

    I'm not sure Motion Clips will work in my case. What I really need is to import file 2 into file 1, and tell C4D that frame 0 of file 2 becomes, let's say, frame 200 in file 1. So, in the first 200 frames, animations from file 1 will go one and then, at frame 200, animations from file 2 will start. Does this makes sens? So, if you look at the two animations here, I want the animations in File 2 to start only when the camera looks inside the house.
  2. I have two files with a complexe animation in each one of them. The animation in both files start at 0 in the timeline. I need to import animation #1 in animation #2. The problem is, animation #1 needs to start at 0 and animation #2 needs to start later. How can I delay animation #2? Keep in mind animation #2 has several animated objects and dozens of key frames.
  3. Pucette

    Animating pliers with XPressions

    I can see some similarities...indeed.
  4. Pucette

    Animating pliers with XPressions

    Thank you so much Jed. You're a genius! Or you're a hot deal mathematician. I never knew what sin, tan and cos were for when I was a kid at school, but now I understand! How you came up with the idea of using this to animate the pliers is beyond me. It seems very logical when you do it but to come up with the idea is another thing. Bravo mon ami. I'd like to learn more about Xpresso but I don't know where to start. How did you learn it? By the way, you're tutorial is easy to understand, so his your superb Manchester accent. Never been to England, can you believe that. I need to go.
  5. Pucette

    Animating pliers with XPressions

    Jed, Thanks for the help. I would really like to understand how this was done in Xpresso. Xpresso is such a mystery to me.
  6. Pucette

    Animating pliers with XPressions

    Here's the file. Pliers.c4d.zip
  7. I animated a pair of pliers. As you can see on the video, there are 3 parts to the pliers, and each part is animated independently. Each section is made of pieces also animated independently. Is it possible to control the whole animation with one control? Animated pliers.mp4
  8. Here's the C4D file. Maybe someone can give it a try. Pallet.c4d
  9. This is pretty much what I need to do, but I'm looking for a more complete tutorial.
  10. Understood. Just a bit of neglect on my part. Won't happen again. I'll switch it now. Btw, I like your gif animation. Tell the story!
  11. I'm animating a character taking a box in its hand and moving it aside. Is there a specific technique to prevent the hands of my character from entering the box? What I mean is how do you position and animate the hands so that they always touch the box without intersecting it, like in real life? Can you make the skin a physical boundary? Or is it just trial & error?
  12. I tried all of the above, to no avail. I'm guessing it may have to do with how the objects are stacked in C4D. Very annoying.
  13. When I export to illustrator, objects are kind of lost in the z space, meaning some lines that should be in the back are in the front, and so on. Is there a way to control that?
  14. WORKS PERFECTLY! Thanks! I did not think it was that simple. Thanks again.
  15. Cerbera. I will give it a try. I thought this post had been deleted so I created another one in the other forum. Why was it transferred here?