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  1. I need to bridge some polygons in order to close the gap on a model. The problem is, I'm missing some edges on the top. I need those edges so that I have the amount of edges (top and bottom) to be able to bridge properly. If I use the cut tool (loop) I'm adding more edges everywhere, so it doesn't work. I need to add more edges only on the top, I hope this is clear enough. Gun_0010.c4d
  2. How do you match the cloner axis center with the original object's axis center? I need to animate a cloner that goes from 1 object to 10 object, however, I don't want the original object to move up as it is put in a cloner. Thanks.
  3. Yes. this is god. Thanks. A share falloff at an angle is a good idea.
  4. I have a 16-object cloner. Imagine 16 tiles on the floor. I need to animate each tile moving upward and staying there. I'm using the plain effector. Right now, the tiles are moving in rows. I want them to move up one after the other., not 4 by 4. How can I do that? Plain affector.c4d
  5. I'm not the most experienced user of C4D but I get around with the basics and maybe a bit more. Never did consider learning xpresso. Is it really helpful? Is is complicated to learn (it looks like it). What's the best way to learn this stuff? Thanks!
  6. Where would you add that smoothing deformer?
  7. I'm trying to get rid of the fizz and crackling in the material as it is being animated. I'm using Displacement and I'm guessing this is the main cause for my problem. Any idea how to at least minimize that? Scene1I.mp4
  8. For some unknown reason, a checkboard reflection has appeared on some objects? Any idea where this comes from?