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  1. I animated a camera going through glass and after rendering, I realized the image is "jumping" when going through the glass. Anyway to prevent this? Thanks.
  2. On more question. This is the video I have on my Mac Pro. Don't know if it's considered a "good" card. What is your opinion? AMD FirePro D700 6144 MB
  3. Thanks Fastbee, this is very helpful. There are so many ways of doing this, with so many available renderer, it's just crazy.
  4. I'm working on my very first short animation of an indoor scene. The file size is now huge and rendering will take forever, around 15 minutes per frame. I'm using C4D's standard renderer. I'm looking for ways to speed is up a bit, and I was thinking of not using Global illumination. How much does it actually bring to the scene? It doesn't have to be 100% realistic since it's more of a cartoon animation. Thanks for your input.
  5. Here's the scratch image that I used. The other texture can be any texture of a metal. Thanks.
  6. I've created a texture to simulate worn edges on objects. It works well when the objects are not in a scene. But when I put them in a scene (see pict), the resulting render is very different. I'd like to know what is going wrong here. I've also posted the C4D file. Archive.zip
  7. Pucette

    Subdivision surface not quite smooth!

    I added the Phong tag and it solved the problem.
  8. Pucette

    Subdivision surface not quite smooth!

    Tried it, but did not fix it! When I select broken phong edges, nothing is selected. So I'm not sure there are broken phong edges. How do you add a phong tag?
  9. All of a sudden, subdivision surface is giving me some funny pixelated, not smooth surfaces. Never seen this before. Can't find out why.
  10. Actually, I did create a Use Data which I set as a Driver. Then I selected all of my animated morphs and set them as driven. It looks like it's working fine. Thanks
  11. I've created several Pose Morph poses on an object. All these poses have been animated. Now, I would like to control the overall animation with only one control. Is this possible ?
  12. Jed, what exactly did you do? What is "rate"? Also, the bag is still swinging for side to side at first. This is a heavy bag of sand, it should be completely stable. Any idea how to solve this? Thanks!
  13. I animated a heavy sand bag dropping onto a moving conveyor belt. It does well the first few seconds, but then it starts acting funny and it finally falls off the conveyor. I've played around pretty much all settings but it keeps doing that. I would appreciate a quick help here Thanks. Conveyor Test.c4d
  14. Pucette

    Easy question on animation

    I think I pretty much got it, following the tutorial above. I put a dynamic body tag to both the bag and the conveyor. It works well but the bag is very unstable when moving on the conveyor and ends up falling off. Take a look. I've also made a few print screens of the bags dynamic body tag. https://vimeo.com/298849203