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  1. Here's the C4D file. Maybe someone can give it a try. Pallet.c4d
  2. This is pretty much what I need to do, but I'm looking for a more complete tutorial.
  3. Understood. Just a bit of neglect on my part. Won't happen again. I'll switch it now. Btw, I like your gif animation. Tell the story!
  4. I'm animating a character taking a box in its hand and moving it aside. Is there a specific technique to prevent the hands of my character from entering the box? What I mean is how do you position and animate the hands so that they always touch the box without intersecting it, like in real life? Can you make the skin a physical boundary? Or is it just trial & error?
  5. I tried all of the above, to no avail. I'm guessing it may have to do with how the objects are stacked in C4D. Very annoying.
  6. When I export to illustrator, objects are kind of lost in the z space, meaning some lines that should be in the back are in the front, and so on. Is there a way to control that?
  7. WORKS PERFECTLY! Thanks! I did not think it was that simple. Thanks again.
  8. Cerbera. I will give it a try. I thought this post had been deleted so I created another one in the other forum. Why was it transferred here?
  9. I've animated an object using a set of controls created with User Data (Xpressions - Set driver - set driven). Now, I would like to animated a copy of that object and I would like to use a copy of those controls to animate the second object, but in a different manner. I'm sure this can be done but I have no clue how. Any idea?
  10. I've animated an object with a set of controls using User Data (Xpression - set driver, set driven). I made a copy of that object and I would like to animate it separately using the same set of controls. Can I copy the User Data information and tell C4D that these new controls will now control the second object? I hope I'm being clear here.
  11. Animating cloth conveyor

    Actually, the conveyor is carrying empty plastic bags. I'm using a bend deformer to animate them swinging when the conveyor stops and goes. Also, when the bags reach the filling station, they are being filled up. I'm animating this with morph deformer. My biggest problem is that all this can't be done when everything is under a cloner. Alo, I'm using User Data to control and animate the filling of the bags. The problem is, it's filling all the bags simultaneously. Since I duplicated the first bag several times, my controls are controlling all the bags. How can I easily duplicate my controls and tell each one of them to control a particular bag? Bag_Conveyor_Test1.mp4
  12. I need to create and animate some kind of cloth conveyor, similar to what you find at dry cleaners. Object (pieces of clothing) need to be spread out evenly on the path (conveyor) as well as move and stop simultaneously. Also, objects can be different from each other and I need to be able to animate them separately. Any idea how can this be done?
  13. Thanks for the tips Rectro!
  14. All I want is to learn how to rig a character and have it sit down for exemple. I need to know how to setup controls , weighing, etc so that I have a very easy and fluent control over the movement. Rigging is relatively easy now with CHARACTER and CMOTION. But animating is another thing. There are so many techniques out there (including morph animation) and several Character rigging techniques, you get lost.
  15. I need to create a simple animated character. I'm looking for complete and detailed tutorials that will get me through all the steps of Character rigging an animation. I've looked everywhere and could not find something detailed enough and from A to Z. I've even looked at Cineversity.com and nothing really interesting. I'm sure there's something out there. I'm willing to pay for it if necessary. Thanks.