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  1. Smooth character animation

    Thanks. I actually was wondering if there were tools and techniques in C4D that I didn't know about, that could help me get better animations.
  2. I need to animate a character and, although not new to C4D, I've never done any organic animations. I'm looking for a tutorial that shows me how to animate a character so that the movements look smooth and natural. Any idea where I could find such a tutorial?
  3. Difficulty with Subdivision Surface

    Are you cutting with the Loop? This is not a choice it's giving me with the Loop.
  4. Difficulty with Subdivision Surface

    Cerbera, I followed exactly your steps. However, I'm still having problems with the control loops. As you can see here, this is the kind of loops I' having. Not good.
  5. I can't seem to be able to apply a good subdivision surface to this object. I added all the necessary edges but does not work well. Any idea how? Arm.c4d
  6. Fill bag w/ Pose Morph

    Thanks for all your tips. Works perfect now.
  7. Fill bag w/ Pose Morph

    Also, I noticed it is not rendering correctly. The Subdivision Surface is not rendering.
  8. I animated a bag opening up and expanding, using Pose Morph. Now I want to animate sand particles as it actually fills it. I don't need to have particles actually filling the bag, but I need to make it look as if sand was going into the bag. I'm having some issue as the particles seem to go through the bag. Any idea how to fix this? Bag_Fill.c4d
  9. How to prevent a texture from shrinking when applying a Subdivision Surfaces?
  10. Animating bag being filled

    Good idea. I'll give it a try. Thanks.
  11. I need to animate a plastic bag such as this one as it's being filled with sand and then closed. Not an easy task I find. Any quick idea how this can be done? Thanks.
  12. Light-emitting object

    OK thanks
  13. Light-emitting object

    Last questions. Is it only the object with the luminance channel that will glow? What is the difference between the glow option in the render settings and the glow channel in the material editor?
  14. Light-emitting object

    Curiously, when I open your file and render, it does glow. But when I apply your material to my object, it's not glowing! When I copy my object to your file, it also glows! So it's probably the render settings. But they are very similar so I don't understand what's going on! I understand why. My object is a bit complicated. So it takes a few seconds when rendering before the glow appears. Thanks! I just needed to be more patient!
  15. Light-emitting object

    Turned on Glow and GI, not glowing. Am I missing something here? Thanks.