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  1. ladders

    Man U file : so I want an object to flow along a1 then a2 to do this I want to use align to spline so how do I join a1 and a2 into one spline? connect and delete doesn't join to the points.. should I use weld then connect and delete I'm going to attach the main file I want to be able to create snakes and ladders effect manu.c4d [tetris]manu with planes.c4d
  2. My splines have no point mode

    Thanks very much for your input by the way. A very useful and powerful tool this forum
  3. My splines have no point mode

    problem is when I select the spline stroke object I get an orange crop. I hear you saying this is just the selector selecting. But I have no other options like point mode. Like I say I can't understand why I can't access point mode. Maybe I should up load the file. Would you be able to take a look at the file and tell me why I don't have the point mode as I need this to weld. I don't want to three way connect. I understand a splines end point can be welded to the spline end point. I have splines that naturally meet up like a square it's just the four sides to the square need to be linked. And it seems a simple weld should do the trick. I think.
  4. My splines have no point mode

    I've searched YouTube for the weld tool. I thought that would get the result I'm looking for. Why is it the matchsticks splines have no point mode. Would this make them objects. I just can't see why when I created the structure I used splines. All I want to do is weld one line to the other. It can't be that difficult surely. Fingers crossed for an answer
  5. My splines have no point mode

    Yeah sorry I think it would have been better if I just gave you the topic name ladders by gallagher
  6. My splines have no point mode

    you can find the screenshot of the splines although I don't think their splines. I think they are objects you can find the screenshot where I wrote on the topic a day before. Can an you search my name and get up the topics
  7. I'm trying to create paths for a cylinder object to travel along the schilling I have is basically made up from individual splines. It's a bit like match sticks but none are connected im having difficulty connecting the match sticks to make a path for the cylinder to travel along what I am seeing for the interface is an orange crop box around each spline when I select. This tells me that it's an object. The spline seems to have no points. So how do I connect these matchsticks so the cyclinder will flow up and down nicely please help
  8. ladders

    ladders are paths, traveling in a uniform direction and velocity I wish to select a the ladders/lines and have it say work like a tube map, northern line mordan to Camden say, so the attached doc is of two lines or ladders I wish for you to help me and tell me how to create a tube system, first would I need to combine the splines, there is no point mode and when I select the lines/ladders :I get an orange crop around each line, its as if it is on a plane as the range box indicates pitch (if you look closely at the orange boxes 1 appears flatter than the other] how to I get one spline from these 2 selected splines] so I can use this as my rail
  9. Joining splines using mesh splines join

    okay, so I've delved a little more and have a picture of the problem. the problem is I want to be able to just select a few lines and create a snake effect but with a lazor when I select the lines I get a crop orange box as shown, outlining the line (see attached screenshot --- how can I get I_COMBINE SPLINES TAKING THE FIRST SPLINE WITH ITS ORANGE CROP no point mode is available nb _____ I I -------- take this spline with the orange crop box ps . I want to be able to create a snake pattern for my razor to travel THE UPLOADED IMAGE see the splines I made them separately, the weird thing is point mode is not available, instead I get this orange crop when I select one of the splines do I select and copy the splines and create a layer where I manually select the "ladders I need to join the ladders, can you tell me how to join the ladders and get a lazor to wrap around the arranged ladders
  10. I have a load of splines I'm going to call them match sticks. I need to model a lazor light combined with these match sticks. Does anyone know how I am to get say a number of splines to have a lazor flash Imagine a cube. 12 edges. Each edge is a matchstick. If I select a path i.e. Join segments I can create a rail. Several rails moving a light lazor would create the effect I'm looking for. I just need to join segments or join match sticks. Is this right