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  1. Rigging for Dog Animations

    Interesting.. Seems to make sense. Can I ask if you've done this before?
  2. I'm emBARKing on a project involving a dog that would be in multiple scenes doing multiple things.. I guess I'm looking for a little guidance before I start in earnest. In the animation I do it relies pretty heavy on mocap data since I'm not very familiar with hands-on rigging/animating. so my problems are: 1. I used Mixamo pretty heavily in the past but they no longer have quadruped rigging/animation options.. 2. The mocap data I have found goes with a dog I don't necessarily like the look of..and retargeting it to other rigs requires the bone joint structure to be the same.. should I buy a dog I like the look of and rig it exactly the way the skeleton I have the mocap data for?? Should I try and alter the appearance of the dog I don't like the look of.. is there a dog animation resource I'm not aware of?? Any thoughts? thx
  3. Displaying the alpha image of a video

    awesome.. thank you for the feedback
  4. Displaying the alpha image of a video

    Thank you gentleman.. yeah the glow was an afterthought from some previous tinkering around, but understood.. Also the mp4 that I exported from AE was alpha in Premiere and now seems to be working now that I've applied the clip to the alpha channel.. It seems though that PNG is the consensus amongst at least you two. Are there other reasons for this?.. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions, I seem to be on my way now..
  5. hello.. I am basically trying to figure out a way to display just the alpha image of a video.. I green screened out a friend in after effects and made the background transparent. I would like to put the alpha head and shoulders in the project file but considering I'm importing the video image as a material my workflow seems to be having to put it on the face of an object, but I'm curious if there is another way or a way to make the object transparent and just have the material showing.. I tried messing w the alpha settings in the shader but to no avail.. I'm not sure my scene file will tell you a ton but I will attach it here (smaller scene file than some of my other ones) It's really just me attacking video on the face of a cube but not much else.. Any help is GREATLY appreciated..thanks garrett.c4d
  6. I'm at a loss as to why I can't get my cameras to animate on any spline in this project.. I open other projects and can do it fine but even while copying the settings of other projects and making sure this project's settings are the same It. just. won't. animate. Opening it to you guys to see if I can get any help.. thanks so much -a https://www.dropbox.com/s/tx18ljc6zvi5o3k/THE reworked road relief 3rd scene.c4d%4020180118_222831?dl=0
  7. It seems too simple for me to be having this much trouble with this, but I have an object that I imported into a pro that I can't seem to locate on my computer. When I conjure up the object info it just tells me how big it is and how many polygons I have. Is there a way to see the original file name/path? thanks
  8. Hair animation is freezing C4D

    Just now seeing these replies guys, as I'm working on another deadline that's little more urgent. Just want to say that there's a lot of invaluable information here. Obviously a lot of it related to my misuse of scale. It's obviously something VERY important and I appreciate you guys illuminating me on the subject.. thx ABMotion for all the ideas and pointers and thank you rector for the file
  9. Trying to do a simple "pre-animation"

    Also Just watched the vid while rendering.. very good to know regarding disabling the skin and then setting bind pose etc
  10. Trying to do a simple "pre-animation"

    Man, that's a good idea that seems like it would work.. Just rendering out the eyes where they need to be and overlaying that in post.. Soo, in talking w you yesterday I got the character imported correctly to match w the emitter, and when I nulled them together I was able to import it into my (large) scene and everything works to scale great.. So I haven't watched the video but it seems like a useful video I've checked to watch later. Now I'm just trying to wrap up a project I'm on deadline for.. and with that said the idea of scaling down everything seems little daunting just to wrap up these last couple of scenes.. And with THAT said I'm sure I've wasted NUMEROUS hours having everything so big. Navigation has been more of a pain than it should have been but I guess I chalked that up to some of the hi poly elements I have going on. It's funny learning C4D for a year or so and learning so much but also having so much to learn about the fundamentals
  11. Trying to do a simple "pre-animation"

    I understand, but I have animated and rendered numerous scenes from this project file. And what you're seeing will be taking inside of that same project. file w big mountains and highways. So unless there is a way to magically downscale everything relative to everything else in the scene I'm all for it. I'll be mindful going forward but if there's not a relatively easy fix it is what it is for right now. I've tried animating the individual nodes but they always snap back into their original place
  12. So I have a character doing an animation.. All's I'm trying to do is make his eyes be looking down before the animation starts. I've tried keying the rotation but it always reverts back tp looking straight ahead.. I also tried constraining them but anytime I do that the eyes disappear completely. I'm sure there's a hierarchal issue I'm missing but I can't seem to figure out how to do this simple action.. Sorry for the clipping . I took it from a much larger scene https://www.dropbox.com/s/v0hj7qzt39ktsgy/civil eyes.c4d?dl=0
  13. Relative scaling w particles + emitters

    Okay.. Really appreciate your help and thank you for the suggestions
  14. Relative scaling w particles + emitters

    I see.. Yeah I hastily tried to recreate the scene and didn't add the pyrocluster and whatnot.. Whenever I do and I make the emitter large enough to accommodate the characters size the particles seem to stay small.. My main problem is that the character is animated and it's size is keyframed.. SOO I guess I need to figure out how to make him smaller and undo the key framing possibly?.. No way to just make the emitter bigger? everything's too big?