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  1. well I just figured it out.. I had "glow" ticked instead of just object glow ticked.. been messing with c4d for acouple years and honestly had no idea there were two glows. Hope this helps someone.
  2. Hello. I have a spotlight that is being affected strangely by using glow when I render in the physical render. I don't often use glow but I have some glow on a small red disc that actually looks kind of nice so I'd like to keep it.. but it's affecting my key light I think and I don't know why. I tried a new session and also copied the light but still have the same problem. file attached.Any thoughts or feedback is welcome. thx ACP.c4d
  3. I understand what you mean about the joint orientation now, thanks for clarifying.. You're absolutely right about providing a screen cap. I'm going to be touching base w him very soon and will ask him to provide. And noted about Maya as well I'm leaving this as the primary file you requested https://www.dropbox.com/s/ysxx5nvpxfsljb4/c4dcafe_dog_idle_fbx.c4d?dl=0 And this is pretty much the same situation but dealing with other bvh animation files (please don't feel obliged to look at this. I'm already very appreciative. I'm just leaving in case you can give me any quick insight as it was the other part of this job considering I had 2 file types)( (having the same trouble) https://www.dropbox.com/s/xsis7wqc4vm90jp/c4dcafe_dog idle_bvh.c4d?dl=0 I always appreciate the amazing support I get here, thanks so much for taking a look
  4. Thanks. Yes I got as far as what you posted by retargeting.. Did you mean fix the weighting and joints of the mouth area? (as you can see the dog on the right has a warped mouth).. I'm just hesitant to have to alter those joints and weights after paying someone and them saying "There will be no need for retargetting animation, since its going to be same skeleton, meaning you will be able to apply those animations on a new mesh same way you do for the first. So basically you will be able to use all anim data you have on a new mesh. I can guarantee this is much more comfortable, comparing to the retargetting method. But again if you decide to still go with retargetting, let me know exact retargetting anim ammount so I modify the price accordingly." You see I'm not really trying to work with retargeting since I was told I wouldn't need to and a "copy paste" technique would be the way to go. Now I'm sure a lot of the problem is I'm not working with C4d expert and it's actually him doing all the work in Maya but he says he tested the animations and they work. I will get with him about the issue but I wanted to take it to the c4d community because I just need clarification on why it's not working.. maybe Maya is less strict about exact skeleton hierarchies?? And ps I've gotten to being able to copy and paste but the animations come out w the dog being upside down and moving like a statue or being wildly deformed.. again, it just sounds like the skeleton hierarchy must be different somewhere even though it seems like they've been duplicated pretty well
  5. researching as we speak, but can you tell me if you're aware of a workflow that we allow me to convert what I have (fbx and bvh files) into a motionclip? And how to apply them?.. I obviously don't know much about motionclips
  6. Okay so I think I've finally gotten the copy paste thing down. But when I achieved this my hero dog KIND OF has a similar animation except it's not correct at all. The dog just lays on the floor and slumps down. I'm obviously missing something with copying and pasting certain parts of the hierarchy but I feel like I'm doing it right. I'm obviously not. I know it's the weekend but ANY help is MIGHTILY appreciated!!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/939fe0syxhot7n3/Dog tester 2.c4d?dl=0
  7. "you should be able to apply the motion clip to the rigged dog with ease" this is my problem. I can only "retarget" and have no success at copy pasting which is what I would like to try.. The rigger said it works fine but of course he was working in Maya and doesn't really have a familiarity with C4d.. Really wish I could test out the copy paste thing which seems WAY harder than it should be
  8. So I paid somebody to rig a dog for me so that I could put another dog's (same breed) mocap data on that dog. I've got the new rig but am finding it difficult to copy paste the keyframes correctly. I've tried the control shift dragging with automatic mode turned on and off. Tried some other things I found after some research but I'm at a loss. The artist I worked with said there would be no need for retargeting since he was going to duplicate the first skeleton and skin it to the mesh. But since I've had so much trouble I tried to retarget as well and the mouth is all messed up so I'd like to be able to try what it was he was saying I could do.. I'd like to get this cleared soon so I can get to work and he can get paid (assuming it's correct). ANY thoughts and help are greatly appreciated https://www.dropbox.com/s/kvifbjenfmmlwtz/Dog tester.c4d?dl=0
  9. Yes but even if I rig it myself I need to retarget the mocap data I have. Or are you implying I animate it myself as well?
  10. Ok, yes.. 'apply selected' helps out a ton. This is much more manageable now thank you
  11. Thx again.. They're all FBX files. The original scene was intended for Unity I believe.. When importing the fbx files I have the option to include the textures and I have that box checked. To your last part, the way I know how to manually relink them is that the title of the texture is in the top left part of the material editor (which serves as my reference).. But yeah I guess it's weird to me (maybe this is what you meant) that absolutely nothing shows up in the texture manager anywhere.. Here's the link to the site I purchased from https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/exterior/house/residential-houses--2 I've actually been talking to the creator quite a bit about distribution of diff files to different channels but I haven't brought up the relinking thing because he's not super familiar with c4d and it seems like something I should know.. But am happy to ask him something if I need to
  12. Hello, thanks for your time. I didn't mean to link the dog scene.. I paid 17 bux for the house scene. And it did come with textures, but no mtl files. So you're telling me I have to manually relink the same textures for over 140 objects all while they share many of the same ones. Absolutely no way to relink to multiple objects??
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