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  1. I guess I just extrapolated, indeed this seems to be only an issue for notebooks or very small laptops.
  2. I agree but isnt the RAM soldered to the motherboard on some laptop? It wasn't the case on my laptops but Ive read that. Pretty sure thats the case for Razer and most laptop under 17" or I could be mistaken . Also any change you make void the warranty, there is a sticker on all laptop I had which would break when opening it to install a SSD or more Ram as stated. But that's fine, dont need a warranty to get a laptop repaired anyway.
  3. Yep the 17" alienware was definitely on my list but the design is just so awful... Led strips all around the laptop, I mean really? I much prefered Razer slick design but for the same spec the price is 30% higher and the only 32gb version is the razer blade pro 4k which cost... 4k. I guess I should go with alienware and turn off the led but it still look very much like a gaming laptop, which I dislike. It's probably not a big deal for most people but I often work in public places, and I'd rather have something more stealthy. Could also avoid attracting thieves.
  4. I'm gonna switch to a laptop soon as I'm going 100% nomadic and can't keep my desktop rig. Most laptops have great CPU but bad GPU, so I'll have one of those eGPU things with a 1080ti for when I need to do some GPU rendering with Octane. My question is simple: if I am at a cafe and want to do some work without the eGPU, what kind of GPU would I need to get a responsive viewport with the GPU accelerated function in C4D? Or is it something dependant on the scene size (like the more stuff you have the better GPU you should have)? God I'm awful at explaining those things; hope it make sense to someone... It's quite complicated to do 3D on a laptop but I really have to make this happen as I'll be living in a vehicule. Thank you! Also I guess I should consider going through render farms but I'm not sure if I feel confident enough in my skills to pay for something that might turn out bad. Tips on that?
  5. Realistic human animation in C4D?

    Yes I guess Mocap is the way to go but what if you can't have access to a Mocap studio? What if you want your animation to sit right in between stylized and Mocap? Also you are approaching my question with the industry in mind where I just want to work on this on an artistic/experimental level. I guess I'm miss-using the term realistic here, what I want is an animation with realistic qualities. @Visionnext got it right, I need to dive more into xpresso, complex rigging and scripting. I've done a lot of small rigs but reach a point where it became hard to make them better on my own. Also some stuff I've never been able to figure out, like how to limit the feet of your character to a surface or animation blending.
  6. Realistic human animation in C4D?

    I don't mind paying for good information, as long as it is less expensive than 4 years of school ha! Plus in my experience (with uni degrees) it's faster to learn on your own, or maybe I only went to sh*** universities (pbly the latest).
  7. Hi, I'm wondering where can I learn how to animate a 3D model realistically. There is toooooons of tutorials for stylized/cartoonish animation but not much for realistic ones. What I want to learn is how to make a realistic and advanced rig in Cinema 4D, and animate it as efficiently as possible, with as much micro-movements like a human figure in real life. Really digging into the uncanny valley kind of stuff. Anyone got a Youtube channel that does that?
  8. Why when I try to scale and move my texture in Texture mode with a Flat projection is it acting weirdly? Like if I scale with the scale tool it won't be uniform and if I translate it with the move tool it will go the opposite way? Hope that make sense. How can I fix this? Not a huge deal but would save me some time when aligning small details when I don't want to edit UV mapping manually.
  9. By the way I'm happy to pay someone for this if it's the kind of problem not easily solvable, as it is quite urgent. PM me if you think you can do it (fast).
  10. I have a polygon surface with a couple of things attached to it that I want to be able to reshape (move the 4 corners around) and resize (without resizing the attachments). The attachments should follow their assigned edge (from the polygon surface) and always stay at the mid point of the edge they are assigned to. How would you achieve this? I'm thinking this will need some sort of scripting but that's a little bit above my head still. This should work with a triangle surface and N-gons as well, and ideally be somewhat non-destructive and dynamic. Best.
  11. Modeling frame with splines/sweep

    Amazing that will do just fine, thank you.
  12. I want to model something quite low poly with tubes, like a metal wireframe. I figured I'd use the Edge to spline command and sweep with a circle spline to get the result I want and to be able to make changes easily but I run into an issue. I didn't realize a spline couldn't be connected to itself more than once therefore I run into this problem where 3+ tubes should be joined together, I get an ugly angle or polygon intersection. Is there a fix to this that wouldn't involve working at a vertex level so I can keep tweaking the shape easily? Best :)
  13. Hi, I'm moving a lot and using a laptop to work quite often. My desktop is having all the fancy GPUs at home so I'm doing my renderings with it using Teamviewer to control it and Google Drive to share the files. It's not a terribly difficult process but I'm sure there is a better way. Any plugins capable of dealing with this more efficiently? It would need to be Octane compatible. Best
  14. A collection of beginner questions.

    Sounds super cool, thanks
  15. A collection of beginner questions.

    Like which ones? I'm interested in those scripts! (Are you talking about HB modeling bundle or...?)