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  1. Hi, I'm moving a lot and using a laptop to work quite often. My desktop is having all the fancy GPUs at home so I'm doing my renderings with it using Teamviewer to control it and Google Drive to share the files. It's not a terribly difficult process but I'm sure there is a better way. Any plugins capable of dealing with this more efficiently? It would need to be Octane compatible. Best
  2. A collection of beginner questions.

    Sounds super cool, thanks
  3. A collection of beginner questions.

    Like which ones? I'm interested in those scripts! (Are you talking about HB modeling bundle or...?)
  4. I have the weirdest glitch today trying to do a render with Octane. I'm guessing it's because I want an alpha channel, motion blur, and my objects are particles. The combination of those 3 things seems to create this weird glitch and I have tried pretty much everything to fix it but nothing worked. I tried PT or DL, multipass, straight or separate alpha. Did that happen to anyone else?
  5. Rigging limits

    That has to do with: - Bone alignment (there is a tool for that) - Your pole vectors With those 2 you should be able to get the results you want.
  6. A collection of beginner questions.

    I was confused at first as well when getting into modelling. Actually you can model anything with quads if you spend enough time thinking about your topology as far as I know, but sometimes it make sense to use a few triangles in your model to make things easier and faster, also from my experience as a beginner modeler it changing a triangle to a quad can mean a lot of tweaking and potentially corrupting your topology at other places just to make this change that really doesn't matter much in the end as computer processing power can largely deal with a few triangles on a model. Don't take my word for it though, that's just thoughts.
  7. Rigging limits

    Humm, do you mean weighting rather than limiting? I remember having a hard time finding a good enough tutorial for rigging as well, but I didn't use cineversity so check there. But eventually with a couple of videos I figured it out. If you have more specific questions don't hesitate to ask.
  8. Good idea but not for my project, the cloth is getting thrown around pretty heavily and I want to keep the momentum. Drag would prevent this
  9. Is it possible to slow down a close simulation at all without stretching it with Point Cache or Bake Object PLA (or really anything destructive like that)? I've tried changing FPS of the scene in Project setting and Render setting, as well as changing the time scale in project settings under dynamic but I'm pretty sure this only influence Mograph stuff, not cloth simulations. Also, I'm getting lots of intersections in my current simulation, even though I have my subsampling at 20, 40 Iterations, Global Intersection Analysis and Self Collision checked. Do I just need to keep increasing sub sampling and iterations?
  10. Hi, I'm reading this and can't recreate it. If I change the Project settings FPS or Time Scale (under Dynamics) it make no difference to the speed of the simulation. My cloth isn't ofc.
  11. Bake object broken?

    Basically I have an alpha on the leaves to give a more accurate reference when painting in 3D Coat. As you can see I connect object, and try to bake, but I get this black window and no texture is being created. It really is that simple. Thinking the alphas were the problem I tried to do it with default color texture from C4D but didn't work. Same for changing resolution to 2k.
  12. Hi, I modeled an object made of various objects with alphas applied to them. I just want to end up with one object with non-overlapping UV and an export of the Alpha channel (that's bonus). Is the bake function broken sometimes? First time I tried it worked, it automatically created my UVs and a texture file. Now it doesn't work, although I didn't make any change to the process as far as I know. I've tried the Bodypaint Setup Wizard which failed as well, and bake texture has pretty much always failed me too in the past. I'm obviously ignorant and doing something wrong, but I swear there must be a few bugs here and there. I'm on R18.57. Can someone point me in the right direction? I really want to do it inside C4D. Basically when I bake object I don't get any textures and my UV still look like sh**. It doesn't do the thing where it generate the UVs from top to bottom.
  13. Viewport all black

    YES! Thank you :)
  14. Viewport all black

    I think HB modeling bundle messed up my viewport at some point. Now all my non-perspective view are all dark and I can't see what I am doing. I swear I've looked everywhere and can't find a way to fix this. Even changing the layout doesn't fix it. Can you help me bring some light in my Cinema 4D please :)?