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  1. We do concept/ set vis, rather than arch-viz, but are increasingly incorporating more Unreal Engine & I've been learning it hard the last few weeks. The performance & rendering stuff is awesome but it's a steep learning curve - the game engine doesn't have near that level of user-freindliness & interactivity that you get with Cinema or Maya, sometimes things that are trivial in Cinema are a nightmare of node-spaghetti with nothing to interact with in the viewport. It's pretty cool though, I'd advise anyone who's interested & can make some time to give it a go, I think it w
  2. It's a terrible deal in my opinion. You'd be crazy to burn your permanent license for a small, temporary discount on subscription. You basically have 2 options: - Buy a standard 'upgrade' to your permanent licence when R22 comes out. If, as MAXON have so far indicated, this is at the non-msa upgrade price, then you're effectively facing a 40% price increase for your upgrade compared to the now-gone MSA. - Leave your permanent licence at R21 forever & when you feel that the cumulative updates are worth having (be that at R22, R23, whatever), get a new subscription.
  3. Don't have Fume Effects but on the Voronoi Fracture object, go to the 'selections' tab & you'll see check-boxes to procedurally generate selections based on various factors. When you check one, it creates a selection tag on the Voronoi object. I think it's this that you'll want to link into Fume FX.
  4. 3-Tier Pagoda is done, bar the tiles on the bottom 2 floors. Widened the aspect ratio, tweaked the composition slightly.
  5. I'm planning to use it as an opportunity to learn substance painter, although I do expect the texuring stage to be quite time consuming. Thanks ! Anyway, just a small update - A WIP of the top level of what will be a 3-tier Pagoda. The buildings are pretty time-consuming but at least I'm building up a kit of parts & techniques, so it gets a little easier as I go on. Main thing is the roof tiles - every slight variation of roof shape requires a slightly different layout. Thank goodness for cloners & mograph anyway.
  6. Interesting, I never knew that, I'm going to see if this will fit into my workflow.
  7. Okay, made a bit of an update today - the rocks at the back will eventually be a waterfall. The ground will probably be rendered black in the final thing but leaving it white while I develop it. Got a couple more buidlings to model yet, I think.
  8. Thanks ! Hopefully I'll do an update every day or two, but we'll see how it goes.
  9. Amazing stuff, so interesting, I would nver have thought that dynaimcs would be stable wnough for this stuff.
  10. It's been ages since I posted any work, mainly due to personal projects getting sidelined by work stuff & ending up half-finished. Anyway, I have a tendancy to just post things when they're done but this time I want to do more of an actual WIP, although I have obviously put quite a bit of work in already. Over christmas, I visited the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford with family & was inspired by a Chinese Coromandel Screen: http://jameelcentre.ashmolean.org/collection/7/10223/10232/all/per_page/25/offset/0/sort_by/seqn./object/17562 The aim will be to produce a li
  11. It certainly includes X-Particles maintenance - took the opportunity to extand mine into 2021
  12. Octane have a history of failing to deliver a non-cuda version for macs, they might get it this time on metal but I wouldn't bank on it. Red shift seems a better bet, seeing as they are now owned by MAXON, they will have the resources & the incentive to do it (More of Cinema's base are Mac users vs most of their rivals like Maya & Max). Personally, I wouldn't even consider crippling myself with the mac platform if 3D is my main focus, rather than a side one but if you must stay mac, I think Redshift is more likely to get converted to metal first & if Cinema is your main a
  13. Cinema 4D is what I believe is known as a Y-Up Left-Handed coordinate system. The 'left-handed' part means that the Z axis points the opposite to most other apps like maya for example, which is Y-Up, right-handed. Blender & Unreal engine for their part, are Z-Up, as are most CAD apps. It's just differences in the default coordinates. Another thing to note, is in maya, the x-axis is kind of dominant, in that IK & Constraints like to assume by default that the x points down to the next joint in the chain. And possibly (I haven't used it for a while), that rotation around t
  14. You need to go Octane Settings -> Settings Tab -> Env Tab -> Set the default environment coour to black. Other ise your scene is basically inside a pure white sky object which will completely change the reflections & lighting.
  15. I mean props to David for coming on here to face the music. But MAXON must know that from a permanent licence holder's point of view - we don't care what you choose to call the product 'MSA' or 'Upgrade' - if future upgrades are going to cost the current non-MSA price then we've just been smacked with a 30-40% price increase alongside a very slim release. This year was the normal price via MSA. But R22 will need to be 'bloody spectacular' to persude me to part with the best part of £1000. The company I work for (with about 10 seats of Cinema) are seriously evaluat
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