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  1. I used it maybe 6 years ago, for some previs. I remember it was pretty good. It's very much a particular way of working - it will never give you the ability to stylise like keyframe animation, but then it brings certain other qualities that can be hard to do in more traditional animation. I don't remember it being terribly difficult to get to grips with, overall. It does sound like it might be overkill for your needs. I think it could really come into it;'s own with a field of simulated cars, interacting in emergant ways, though I've never tried that.
  2. It's pretty great ! I'd think you'll have a solid grounding in all areas now.
  3. Thank you. It's really fun to texture with Substance Painter. I haven't actually painted anything yet, it's all procedural, driven by the normal, curvature AO etc maps which you generate in substance before starting. Got a smaller one done, this is under tree cover, so lots more muck on it:
  4. OK, got a bigger one done today, might do a smaller one later:
  5. Well, I got bored of this project & put it aside, but now my enthusiasm has returned. Started on some texturing with Substance Painter, have to say I love this program, it's so fun to use. Nothing too fancy, as the buildings will be seen from far away. R23 UV tools really helped to make the preparation fairly painless. I'm toying with the idea of trying to do all the rendering with the viewport render, now that it has improved again.
  6. Has 'selected wireframe' from the viewport configuration gone the way of the dodo, or just moved ? I find it much clearer when selecting carefully amongst many objects than the highlighting. I've had to resort to soloing selected then de-selecting the things I don't want to make them disappear.
  7. Unfortunately, as far as I know, you don't get to add the card's VRAM together - instead, the scene has to be completely loaded into each card's VRAM, so you only get the amount of the lowest card (ie a 3080 & a 3090 would limit you to 10gb). That said, with out-of-core tech on Octane & Redshift, you can spill over the cards VRAM, at a performance hit. Still, 10gb-> 24gb - that's a maaasive gap & I think I fancy the card that will go inbetween at some point.
  8. Coming from a 1080Ti, this (the 3080) is the 1st serious upgrade worth considering for performance/ £, especially as I use Octane for 90% of my rendering nowadays. I just have the feeling that 10GB Ram is a bit stingy, feel like if I wait for the refresh (3080 Super etc) or Maybe a 3080Ti with some intermediate amount of RAM, that might be a better choice. 1080Ti still doing decent, so I think I'll wait 6 more months & see where we're at, but a promising card. I also really want a Honda CBR650R... which is difficult to justify from any rational perspective.
  9. I have a cheap Bamboo tablet, which suits my needs perfectly except: From R21 onwards, I have the following issue: - When trying to use the normal alt + lmb, mmb, rmb navigation, the zoom (alt+rmb) doesn't work unless the preferences are open. Instead, it just orbits the camera, the same as Alt+lmb, except when the prefs are open, then it behaves correctly. - When the prefs are closed & the wrong behavoiur is seen, I get 'Alt' displayed at the cursor position & a white circle when trying to zoom with alt + rmb - This only occurs in R21 onwards, in R20 it's fine
  10. I've done some bits & pieces myself (in fact, I did a little bit of moulding patterns for Disney's Beauty & the Beast & some sculpting for a few adverts). But my involvement was mostly the sculpt, then making sure it was a water-tight surface, sometimes with a bit of cutting out internal mass. But I pretty much passed a correctly-formated file on & my involvement ended at that stage of the process.
  11. Can Delta Mush be baked to weighting ? Is this even something that's conceptually possible ? I would love to use it to get better weighting with less effort but I think that most of the character stuff I do at work will go to Unreal Engine, which will only accept joints & morphs. I've been aware of Delta Mush since it started appearing years ago for Maya but not sure if it's something that can potentially pass between software except via alemic/ point cache (a non-starter for the kind of stuff I'll be working on). Thanks if anyone has any insights. Edit: OK, I found that i
  12. Although, with 3D printing, who knows ? We could certainly make a lot of actual things with Cinema 4D. That's not really my focus, but if I had more time it would be interesting to explore.
  13. Yes, you can absolutely do this. It might take a bit more memory on that machine, but if you're not close to your memeory limit it should work fine. When you're using Team Render directly from Cinema 4D, your Cinema 4D is already acting as a server.
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