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  1. I found the solution. It was a problem with OpenGL. Thanks, guys.
  2. This post has alreaby been made by another user, but i've got the exact same problem, and found out that opening as ADMIN makes it work for a very very few seconds. But I really need a solution for this problem. I couldn't work last week because of it. Can anyone help us? ''Hey guys, today i've been faced with a weird bug. When I open C4D I can't click on anything anywhere, I can't even resize the window. I suspect it might be a window asking me to update or something (I haven't done any updates to bodypaint) but I can't see it. Has anybody had this problem before? Any solutions?Thank you.''
  3. I have the exact same problem, and havent find a way to fix it. BUT, if you try compatiblity, and execute as admin it works for a very few seconds and then stop working as well. Has anyone got a solution?