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  1. Removing the first part of the file names so they are simply 001.jpg, 003.jpg, etc... does not solve the issue.
  2. When I import layers to a multi shader from a folder, the resulting textures are in a random order. I am trying to use the Modular Magazine so I need the pages to be in order. I have ~160 pages which would be time-consuming to import one-by-one. How can I make Page_001 texture 1 and Page_159 last? It would make sense that the default is alpha-numeric sort order, right?
  3. Thanks westbam. That was precisely what I needed. Ran a team render overnight and all the machines matched. I don't think I would have ever thought to look at caching mograph animations instead of dynamics.
  4. Hi all, Very new to C4d here. This is my first integration of animation with footage. I am rendering a 75 frame sequence on R18 with rigid body dynamics as well as a mograph effector. When I baked the rigid body dynamics my mograph won't bake and vice versa. This results in part of my scene jumping on each set of frames rendered from a different team render machine. I am using the physical render with 2 steps of motion blur. Each frame takes 7.5 minute sans motion blur or ~28 minutes with the blur. Low res previews on my main machine are fine, so I believe this to be a team render issue. Any thoughts on how to get team render working on this? Would sending this to a farm like PixelPlow at least free up my machine for the day, or would it use team render and thus also be jumpy? Here are the clips with differing dynamics:



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