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  1. What I want is a VDB Exporter made as a by-product that allows you to bake Thinking Particles and read and write on FBX. C4D sculpt is garbage <ZBrush C4D paint garbage <SubstancePainter C4DCloth garbage <MarverousDesigner C4D renderer is garbage <Redshift C4DThinkingParticle garbage <X-particle is a toy <Houdini ??? This feces soft. Let me go! Seriously dead garbage! ! ! ! ! ! There is no tool that uses the function of Cinema 4D effectively. Please pass the radius and density to the point of the Thinking Particle and give me a tool to save it with OpenVDB. Anything I thought would have already existed in this world. Why do all of them have to make the same thing? Please do not be rude. Why do you use Cinema 4D? If you die, you lose everything. here we go! Let's store the treasure in heaven. But before that I have something to say. I think that the cinema 4D development team should dissolve. I think that the sense of starting the development of the GPU renderer from now is very wonderful. However, if there is a VDB Exporter For Thinking Particle this software will shine. C4DThinkingParticle garbage <X-particle is a toy <Houdini ??? <C4DThinkingParticle + VDB Exporter
  2. I bought Redshift. VBD requested for Volume object. How can I do this? Do you solve if you purchase X-particle? I want an Exporter to create VBD from Cinema 4D's Thinking Particle. What is the best way? houdini is too expensive to buy it is impossible.
  3. I succeeded in connecting to a laptop called SurfacePro 3. The rendering time extended from 30 seconds to 50 seconds. Thank you very much. However, I came up with an epoch-making system now. While you are sleeping you render the file I uploaded to the forum. Instead I render your files while I am sleeping. With this, MAXON's stock price will triple. Now I am suffering from the choice of Redshift, Octone and V-Rey.
  4. I am suffering now. I'm thinking about making a rendering dedicated server with my own PC. I do not know the world of this 3DCG in detail. Both Core i9 and Xeon are better. If there is a public rendering share system, Core i 9 will be the best choice. And those who use Xeon in this system become obstacles. Intel is now working in an increasing number of CPUs. Is this the collusion of MAXON, Autodesk and Intel? But MAXON is betraying this. The C ++ SDK has NETRenderClass. I expect that developers will make sharing renders without staining their hands. And Intel ceases to divide 1 core into 2 threads. It is forced to change direction to make two cores appear as one core in a pseudo manner in the virtual space. However, in Zbrush, C4D TP, etc. I think that it is a good direction in an environment where 1 core performance is required. If there is no public rendering system, what is the problem? This system can be made in a few days. But does anyone make it? I think there are some people making sure. And they name the system "Farm". Electricity and cost, and all of Intel's human resources are running wastefully. Everything in this world is full of waste and foolishness.
  5. Cinema4D has TeamRender, but I have never used it. Because I am not active in the team. MAXSON official LAB has TeamRender HTTPS plugin, but I do not know how to use it. The CPU of my computer is 99% dormant at any time. How can I join this public rendering sharing system? I want to join as soon as possible.
  6. I was able to understand. Park and reflection are one. You have lived with this park for 20 years. I make reflective material plug-in myself · · · salute! :)
  7. The default reflection will be a park. When you insert an image into the light emission of the SKY object, the reflection becomes an image. I can not make it a mirror. If someone is making games with Cinema 4D, I think the first wall is a mirror. Is there anyone who tried it? https://drive.google.com/open?id=19icNKDGQdnXtQSj6_Locou6H9oj_mE4n https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gqqRY-OooPHprQPJMyq02LfmFlD5zvuW/view
  8. There was a chess game in Cinema 4d. What I am building now is a game that works only with Cinema 4D. Next time I wanted a mirror. I will connect the screen of the viewport and the bitmap of the material. Is there any other way? I bought Cinema 4d Studio and soon began making plug-ins. The SDK is a little more detailed than the C4D default function. The Unreal engine is incompatible with me. However, cinema4D's C ++ SDK is very fine and me. Please tell me how to make a mirror. Rendering is not necessary. Also, please introduce the game engine for Cinema 4D or the site making the game.
  9. Is there a method to accurately display specular reflections displayed by the OpenGL viewport without rendering links? The one I want to make is a mirror. GGX etc are fixed parks. Or is there a shader plugin displaying other viewports?



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