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  1. Hi, I don't manage to push the set button form the hait constraint tag. c4d.CallCommand(12113, 12113) # Deselect All c4d.CallCommand(200000083) c4d.CallCommand(12139) doc.SetMode(c4d.Mpoints) pSelected = sp.GetPointS() pSelected.Select(0) doc.SetActiveObject(sp, 0) tags = sp.GetTags() doc.SetActiveTag(pin1,c4d.SELECTION_NEW) #push set ---> I watched the MAXON's doc but I did not help me to find a functional method <-- #c4d.CallButton(pin1, 5000) c4d.CallButton(pin1, c4d.HAIR_CONSTRAINTS_TAG_SET_ANCHOR) #pin1[c4d.HAIR_CONSTRAINTS_TAG_SET] = True I hope you guys can help me :)