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  1. Thats ok. I ended up buying the Zotac 1070 Amp! Extreme. As I was buying it, the very moment, the 1070 Ti was being launched. it doesn't matter the 1070 Ti would take another 2 months to show up in my country and can't really wait that long. For anyone wandering, its been working great. I can feel the difference, specially in working with higher Poly count and Substance Painter. Also its a lot for less power hungry than my old GTX 770. When I use c4d, this thing doesn't even bump up its clocks. So if anyone is thinking of an upgrade 1070 is just fine. I am glad that I didn't went with 980Ti, that thing is a monster and a power hungry one, it would have been very straining for the power supply overall. I believe over the years with newer driver releases things will get only better with the 1070. The good thing about the Zotac version is that the fan doesn't spin unless it gets anywhere near 70'c.
  2. My 2014 bought GTX 770 (EVGA) just died one night while working on C4D. I for now using my 12 year nephew's old forgotten Gefore 210. Where I live I can get either a 980Ti or 1070 both same price. I realize that nvidia just announced that 1070 Ti , but that doesn't bother me at all, can't wait for that long. I have seen c4d uses Shader cache : Also , dropping from 770 to 210 I can notice serious viewport lag. Also the number of lights in the scene has an impact. So what I want some advice on is since I just make games, my requirements are c4d and substance painter, octane render, may be a bit of zbrush. Here is where I am puzzled. 980 Ti is- 384 bit and 2816 CUDA Cores. 1070 is--- 256 bit and 1920 CUDA Cores. Does cuda cores matter ? Texture Mapping Units : 980 Ti = 176 vs 1070 = 120 Does texture Mapping units matter ? Render Output Units : 980 Ti = 96 vs 1070 = 64 All over the internet I can find information about the gaming performance based on FPS etc. But nobody is discussing about Content Creation Performance. Anyway, please shed some light and kindly help me decide on a new card. It would mean a lot.
  3. Here is a medieval bucket I was making as game asset development practice. Substance Iray. You can get the Substance Upload from SketchFab. https://sketchfab.com/models/d6b8cfc814e744ca8bb3cbf336d0afdc --Little Story: I was trying to learn Maya by making this bucket (game asset), since the game industry is all about them Maya (That is what the Internet tells me). I was like " hey man, I can make this thing in c4d in like 40 minutes", and I am like "the hell with industry standard", fbx export works fine with UE4 and Unity and c4d does pretty good fbx export for any games, deos retopology etc. well. Bucket_c4d.zip
  4. Blade Runner 2049 - Peugeot

    Looks really nice. it really looks like a piece from the movie. The textures looks real.
  5. Isometric Half Life Garage

    Thanks man. I am trying to create more complex scenes with lot more livelier isometric environment, a friend of mine pointed out, there should have been oil dripping, crowbar, an old engine,steam etc. to make things more interesting. So gonna create one and see how it goes. If you have any suggestions , it would be great.
  6. Tie-X / Tie Fighter Design Study

    This is amazing. I mean ..... "mother of God" this is amazing.
  7. Isometric Half Life Garage

    Transmission element 120 (half life mod) is amazing. http://store.steampowered.com/app/365300/ The textures look amazing for source a game. I am learning valve source engine, but its pretty hard (just like everything worth in life). I am trying to make Make CS GO maps first to get started. But so much to learn about Game Design. Also need to learn so much about C4D. The only problem is even if I make a full mod of half life and put it on Steam for say $3.99 , there is a hefty investment to it. This is from Valve: https://partner.steamgames.com/documentation/source_games
  8. Aye aye, captain , lesson learned, no more triangles for me. Man I suck.
  9. I love the isometric view. I was trying to learn Game Environment design and thought why not a Half life style hot rod in a half life style "resistance" garage. Its low poly because, I was hoping to bake and import to Unity and export to Android to see what happens.
  10. Ah will redo this with qauds. I promise it'll be clean.
  11. Sorry that I didn't add the WireFrame in the original post. Also tried one without direct sunlight. Also tried from another angle that shows the back, this time with some black tinted glass and back lights.
  12. This was one of my early (2013) modelling practices. Well I found some tutorials and everybody seems to model something like a Porsche or a Lamborghini. But I wanted to model my own car and modify it a little to see how it would look. And this was the result. This is the real Image. A 2003 Toyota Corolla. Then I decided to use a white color and Render it using Indigo Renderer, which at the time was easier for me. Tried to do some creative work with the wheels. As always, I appreciate criticism and feedback. It helps me get better. Let me know what you guys think. ---- This took about 23 hours to render.
  13. Thanks man. I am youtubing more tutorials on substance painter, particle brushes and hopefully will be able to share something better.
  14. Hello guys my name is Sayem Chaklader and I am an Indie Game Developer from Bangladesh. Today I want to share my first Substance Painter work . Done in Cinema 4D then to Substance Painter and then back to Cinema 4D for the Render. Its a Fence. Love how The Last of us and Walking Dead uses fences, so I thought I give it a shot. I am doing this create a game environment for my next game, which will be in isometric view, so I think that much detailing may not be necessery, or I could be wrong, in that case, please share some advice. Download the Texture and Model from here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5e8rF1kJz8eZTk2c3R6a18tV00/view?usp=sharing Feedback, advice and Criticism appreciated, I would like to get better. Also had to test inside Unity3D 5.5 to see how things looks. I really love working in Cinema 4D R10. Got hooked using a student version at my University. Where I live I don't have any people to talk to about making games and the general people who work on 3D are mostly architects for their Business projects, you guys are pretty much my only community.