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Wanna know the difference between Redshift, Cycles 4D, Octane and ProRenderer then click HERE!  Nerv, one of ours Cafe Contributors made this very useful topic, so feel free to visit and comment. :compEnjoy:


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  1. Thinfilm / bubble shader

    Nice one! Thanx for sharing. But all those nodes ... OMG
  2. Gun modelling from 2D concept art

    Yes, specifically MILG11 the newest one. I started to outline and slowly form to shape scarab beetle last night. All out of top projection flat plain. Now this could be done by box modeling and probably be easier that way. Idk what ever works I guess
  3. Yes, could not agree more Well, I already had bunch of parts laying around to start with, but the total for the CPU, mobo and ram was $530. The CPU gone down on price since I got mine.
  4. export to C4D from vectorworks

    Since you can see the smaller object but have problem seeing the bigger one try this. Select your object in hierarchy and click O on the keyboard. That should frame it into the view. If not, than you have camera (view port) clipping problem. Basically your object is outside the range of what your camera (view port) can see. Click ctrl+D and set the view clipping to huge (that is what R18 has not sure what R16 settings are)
  5. Gun modelling from 2D concept art

    Vector is right about box modeling, but plane modeling is probably the way i would try to approach this one also. I have modeled Shotgun using plane based modeling and it turned out quite well. The trick is to start with simplest mesh possible outlining crucial details with later subdivision in mind. Your mesh is already way to heavy to be able to control your over all shape. There is too much to cover in one post here but, if you really wanna learn more about this technique there is an AMAZING tut by very talented Toby Pitman. Look up his MILG11.
  6. Club feedback thread

    I like how in "GPU Renderers - a civilized comparison" people started sharing project files. Now I understand that was specific to given topic so people can compare and what not but I found it quite helpful. It would be nice to see more scene files so those not so talented like my self can learn thing or two... Now with that said I understand that most people probably don't want to give away some of their special recipes for special (signature) projects, but some simple scenes targeting specific look or a render setting would be nice to see.
  7. Sons of the Harpy

    @Cerbera Is that just screen captures you are using for the Isoparms images or is there some kind of Cel Render trick that I'm not aware of? How is the progress btw??
  8. Anyone has a resource like this one ?

    There Is similar looking Shader ball on Redshift forum free for grabs ... https://www.redshift3d.com/forums/viewthread/8728/
  9. New PC

    I use to have one of those Keyboard Mouse wireless combos by Logitech and it was acting up using some of the shortcuts in C4D. Long story short, I ended up getting different brand of wired keyboard and mouse and problems went away. I wonder whats up with your save files, let us know if you figure it out.
  10. Matilda II infantry tank modeling

    Looks nice. Would you mind to show us how did you solve the back corner where two round shapes meet together? btw - I used to use quad caps also, great plug in.
  11. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    Is this presentation video ready to be viewed some place yet? Or any of them for that matter ... ?
  12. Sons of the Harpy

    Nicely done, I like your stile. Did you have few tries on that one or just one carefully planed master execution?
  13. Redshift Impressions

    That is cool render! My White Walker beer is done. I can't get the foam look any better. Who is exited for the new season tonight ??
  14. That's pretty badass!