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  1. There is different versions of Cinema 4D and so they come with different sets of tools and options. Cinema 4D Studio comes with all the bells and whistles, so I would assume C4D LIGHT probably does not have Body Paint 3D .
  2. @SKaiser if you share your file I could tell you how long two 1080s would take
  3. @nerv Thanx for the info! I'm going to start watching my resources bit closer and maybe is time for some upgrades...
  4. I love that you let us see your edge flow, I'm loving the skull !
  5. Does anyone experiencing incredible system lag when working with C4d Shader node ? I'm trying to recreate the same material I had in my original scene and basically just copied the layered noises and dumped them into C4d shader then piped it into RS texture.... Had to crank op the Width and Height and it works great , but man it slows down the system. It takes numerous seconds before I can click on anything and it keeps dragging . Perhaps I'm doing something wrong?
  6. Can't wait to get home and watch the video! Many thanx Nerv!
  7. Here is my best shot lol . Feel bit out of place trying to make sense out of all the new settings. Render speed is amazing! This took 1.06 minute and I'm sure I probably over done some of the render setting since i don't know what I'm doing.
  8. It happens sometimes , but it might have something to do with your mouse also. I noticed it happens more often to me using my corsair gaming mouse which has whole kinds of speed and DPI settings. I guess I should read up on it some more to figure it out my self...
  9. Not sure exactly how much squishing you need but you could try FFD deformer or move tool with soft selection...
  10. Lovely render. Is that rendered in keyshot also? And yes, those wheels look delicious
  11. Well I'm not expert at rendering by any means, but it looks like most of your lights are way to bright. The brightness is washing away a lot of your detail and the spots are probably reflected lights of off other object in your scene. Also guys here would probably like to see what kind of render setting you have going there to help you better
  12. Yes they are cheap and now AMD is about to come out with 16 core version sometimes this summer. The word is they will be cheaper then intels 8 cores.
  13. I used the same processor to build my rendering node for my team render and it runs no problem. In cinabernch it actually outperforms my main rig with i7 5960x 8 core processor. I really don't see how this set up would not work.
  14. It's coming along nicely. Are you using normal map perhaps bit of a bump for the roof tiles?