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  1. Is there a way to let those crisp reflections come back trough glass. In this example I have scene lighted by hdr image using GSG studio no lights. Material is transparency set to glass irq with absorption color (same for tube but no color) and no spec in reflectance . Rendered on GSG preset GI high no extra setting .
  2. Just wondering what kind of home projects you guys (if any) ran trough c4d to help visualize or just brain storming ideas. I got couple I can share. Some years back I did build Helicopter collective handle using PVC pipe for my favorite Heli game. The newest project was DIY home theater stile sub woofers for my pc room. Because of its huge size I had to build the room to scale to see if I really wanna go on with the project.
  3. Huh, no one noticed Chris in the background?
  4. Oh I would love to see the option of having GPU render for the standard and physical. I also tried some external GPU renders before , but gave up too early on. Too bad cause there is some amazing work done on those. Whole new ball game to learn new materials, lights, and render settings ... I guess, I rather keep adding rendering nodes to my team render lol
  5. Cool, I was Ask GSG subscriber for while also but don't remember that one. But no doubt Chris is one of my favorites guys in C4D world. Love his video on working with splines to create cracked ice and building stone bridge ... awesome stuff.
  6. Got this idea after I watched EJs topographical map on GSG . I use to have this King Tut 3D puzzle while back and it was basically made of sliced cardboard.
  7. Well, It seems to come down to just a rumor. Supposedly there was a video reviling "left4dead3 folder" in one of the developers computer root directory. But as Vector mentioned, it seems that they are working on new Source engine and that is good news! I use to play with the old Hammer Editor and later with newer SDK . So maybe HL3, maybe L4D3, eater way something is cooking
  8. You should be able to select all (in this example 2 splines forming the letter A) splines right click on them in the hierarchy and click "connect and delete". This will form single spline that you can extrude ... Another way to go about it is to use "Connect" look at my hierarchy ... that is if you have this option...
  9. I read somewhere that the game got confirmed, so I got exited... Does anyone know anything about it?
  10. I would say not bad for your firs render, but you have ways to go to perfect it . Modeling, Materials/Texturing , Rendering are 3 different beasts that need time to master. I am going to assume you extruded splines to get most of your your geometry , so maybe see if you can bevel your edges a bit and maybe play with lighting some more .
  11. Yes, definitely gets frustrating. I got the model from 3D warehouse as a colada and had to weed out K-zelion splines and noles. Then prep the bumper mesh by aligning the normals and optimizing, getting rid of double faces and points... So I figured something screwy got left behind. Anyways thanx for reply, hopefully new patch will sort it all out.
  12. I am de-triangulating model I downloaded using mostly dissolve and knife tool (line cut) and coming quite frequently across 2 major problems. 1- Dissolve is deleting more then I'm telling it to, basically removing polygons. It is impossible to dissolve just the highlighted edge in the picture. See attached file. 2- Knife tool line cut (btw I hate the new knife changes in R18) is sometimes not cutting trough multiple polygons. The ones that are not cut, can be cut but from the back side of the model. I never had this kind of problems when modeling my own stuff so I'm quite puzzled by this... dissolve.c4d