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  1. K doesn't bring up knife tool now

    Yea, HB modeling tools change quite of few things. What happens when you push k twice? There should be kj kk and kl option to select.
  2. Alphas as Decals.

    Hey @nerv , how would you go about turning off the texture tiling in RS? The good old texture tag method has no effect ...
  3. pro render engine

    I still have mine GTX 690! But now it’s sitting in the closet. It sure was a monster back in the day.
  4. Wow! Time to make new bookmark folder... Thanx for sharing Dave
  5. Hello Cafe, Came across this awesome gray-scale random displacement or bump generator. It is totally free and delivers 8k maps in 32bit depth. It's called JSplacement and you can find it here https://windmillart.net/?p=jsplacement After you download the program you will be just few clicks away from generating some awesome random maps Few examples I just made
  6. It's nice to see more video tuts finally popping out. I am particularly exited about upcoming Merkvilsons TFD-Redshift video https://www.patreon.com/posts/rs-volume-coming-14649588
  7. Redshift And TFD

    Nice, thanx guys! I'm going to download TFD demo later tonight and give it a try.
  8. Redshift And TFD

    Same here. I have been thinking about getting TFD to play with and wondered how well that works with Redshift. Any helpful tips for starters would be appreciated ...
  9. Found this video by Liam Clisham and figured I'll share the link here. Haven't watched the whole thing but seemed like a good one for those who are just getting started. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8UTZnHzDzwavGS-nNg7Q9w
  10. is Redshift live?

    Yes 5 September 2017 09:50 PM Version 2.5.29 is now available. This build includes plugins for Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, C4D, Softimage and Katana
  11. Turns out to be GTX 1050 and it shaved off 14 seconds. OK, I'm done stealing this topic Good info about the env. shader BTW
  12. Nice! I'm going add the GTX 1070 from the other pc into this one and see how much difference it will make. Hope my PSU can handle it lol
  13. @nerv I think you mentioned somewhere that your main rig has 4 1080ti (correct me if I'm wrong) Just out of pure curiosity, I would like to know how fast can you render that same scene using your main rig. I got 1:34 on my i7 5960X @ 3ghz , 16gig, two GTX 1080 8gig
  14. Iridescent material help

    @nerv You are awesome! Thank you. That is exactly what you mentioned in your thin film shader post lol, only I did not know to change the ramp to alt and then pipe in the fresnel. Fell free to use my bug If you want ( or anyone ). It still needs to be finished but not bad for top view type renders.