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  1. DanLSK

    Stitch and Sew direction

    Before I had HB modeling tools I came up with technique to quad cap the cylinder. Part of it is solving problem you are describing. If you connect two adjacent edges (in the direction you desire) with a polygon then you can loop select one half and stitch and saw while holding shift. If it gives you undesired outcome try stitching from other direction. Do same for the other half.
  2. DanLSK

    GPU with c4d

    I got GTX 1050 in my secondary computer and just ran the cinebench to see what I get. I scored 86.9 FPS . Before you pull a plug on your 1060, I would double check the hardware again. Make sure you have enough power feeding your system having decent PSU with dedicated PCI-E powering your VGA. ( Super stupid question, but you did plug in the PCI-E power cable to your 1060 right?) Refer to your motherboard manual and check to see if your VGA is in the fastest PCI-E slot. Check your Motherboard manufacture web and see if there is newer BIOS version that is better suited for newer Geforce family VGAs. That is my 5 cents, hope you get it figured out. good luck
  3. DanLSK

    Uregistered License

    Yes... I taught I did , but I guess I didn't registered my final purchase Key with MAXON and that is what happen.
  4. To make things clear right of the bet, I do have legit license purchased trough MAXON web and own my key. Now I don't know how long that message been there or why it is there to begin with... but I find it strange. Any Ideas why? Should I contact MAXON? Everything else seams to work fine.
  5. DanLSK

    HS Excercise 2: Brick Fence

    I have not watched many tutorials lately but as soon as I clicked on your video and heard your voice, I knew I saw something from you before. You are the same guy that did the "Blast Door" video I saw on CG terminal. Nice work and thanks for sharing your knowledge. BTW is there second part of the blast door video?
  6. DanLSK

    Any XYZ nobel 1.0A owners in here?

    I just wanted to get the SLA printer and see what a difference it is printing at .05 or even .025 and I got to say it is truly amazing the level of detail this can deliver. That is of course if I get so fortunate and get successful print out of this thing... Other then the lid, this printer comes fully assembled. But it is whole new headache to deal with the resin, bed leveling, print removal and cleaning ... Oh yea lets not forget the post process print UV light curing. I heard good things about Ender 3, I think you should go for it.
  7. Just shooting in the dark here, looking for someone to share some tips and tricks. I had the printer for about a week and starting to have mixed feelings whether I should keep it or return it while I can. Printer it self is incredibly touchy and the XYZware is real piece of work. When trying to slice or add supports of anything sculpted and hallowed out program crashes every time. Success to fail print ratio is fairly high and it becomes old quickly.
  8. I didn't noticed your file at first. Here I changed the internal material a bit 0012.c4d
  9. Wait, you are not talking about the dark refracted spots in the lettering right? Are you referring to the reflection of the lettering on the cylinder material it self? If so I don't think there is way to adjust the material to not do that unless there is some clever way to mask it of somehow. I guess you could introduce some roughness and perhaps less reflection, but then you are deviating from the material you are originally shooting for.
  10. DanLSK

    Preparing Geometry For 3D Printing

    Very nice introductory videos. Was hoping to learn something new but no. Wish I knew about them 8 months ago!
  11. DanLSK

    Export SCALE setting? CURA

    Well I'm not sure if I'm understanding your question correctly, but if you want to export exact same dimensions as modeled in c4d to your slicer, then you need to make sure you are exporting in the same measuring units as you modeled. If you do modeling in mm ( set in c4d preferences/unit ) then make sure you are exporting to stl in mm 1.0 (scale 1 in millimeters - meaning 1:1 ratio). So in this case 10mm cube should show up as 10mm cube in slicer.
  12. I basically have the same set up except my monitor is dell ultra wide 3440x1440 and no problems here. I don't have the "graphic tablet" ticked on in properties and it works fine. Do you have the latest drivers? Did you set up your mapping for you wacom in control panel/wacom tablet properties?
  13. DanLSK

    SLA Printer choices

    Thanx Simmy! This video was actually very helpful because I wanted to do research on building my own UV curing station. And yes, I am fully aware of the chemical exposure and danger that it come with. Being a Journeyman Sheet Metal Worker makes it easy to build properly ventilated enclosure in the back of the mud room so no one has to be exposed to the nasty fumes. Safety first like he said! I did look at the DLP Anycubic Photon but I figured if I go resin, then might as well go SLA.
  14. DanLSK

    SLA Printer choices

    I have been thinking about getting SLA resin printer. One of the ones I like is Moai which runs for $1200. The other one is Nobel which just recently drop down to $900 from $1600 or so :O They both share same size build plate but vary in software use and resin type. The Moai seems to be more flexible on resin use and is not limited to work with factory slicing program only. The level of detail these two printers can deliver is absolutely stunning and pretty much same. I mean, I can't see difference in quality from what I seen out there. Anyone have one of these perhaps did some research and can share opinion on the subject?
  15. DanLSK

    Merging Objects/Polygons for 3d print

    Well, yes ... it is bad and I got to agree with the comments above. But if that is the absolute best you can do, give this plug-in a shot and see if that helps you. I have not use it and don't know how well it works but in this article they recommend it for your kind of modeling skills Cheers :)