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  1. I didn't noticed your file at first. Here I changed the internal material a bit 0012.c4d
  2. Wait, you are not talking about the dark refracted spots in the lettering right? Are you referring to the reflection of the lettering on the cylinder material it self? If so I don't think there is way to adjust the material to not do that unless there is some clever way to mask it of somehow. I guess you could introduce some roughness and perhaps less reflection, but then you are deviating from the material you are originally shooting for.
  3. Preparing Geometry For 3D Printing

    Very nice introductory videos. Was hoping to learn something new but no. Wish I knew about them 8 months ago!
  4. Export SCALE setting? CURA

    Well I'm not sure if I'm understanding your question correctly, but if you want to export exact same dimensions as modeled in c4d to your slicer, then you need to make sure you are exporting in the same measuring units as you modeled. If you do modeling in mm ( set in c4d preferences/unit ) then make sure you are exporting to stl in mm 1.0 (scale 1 in millimeters - meaning 1:1 ratio). So in this case 10mm cube should show up as 10mm cube in slicer.
  5. I basically have the same set up except my monitor is dell ultra wide 3440x1440 and no problems here. I don't have the "graphic tablet" ticked on in properties and it works fine. Do you have the latest drivers? Did you set up your mapping for you wacom in control panel/wacom tablet properties?
  6. SLA Printer choices

    Thanx Simmy! This video was actually very helpful because I wanted to do research on building my own UV curing station. And yes, I am fully aware of the chemical exposure and danger that it come with. Being a Journeyman Sheet Metal Worker makes it easy to build properly ventilated enclosure in the back of the mud room so no one has to be exposed to the nasty fumes. Safety first like he said! I did look at the DLP Anycubic Photon but I figured if I go resin, then might as well go SLA.
  7. SLA Printer choices

    I have been thinking about getting SLA resin printer. One of the ones I like is Moai which runs for $1200. The other one is Nobel which just recently drop down to $900 from $1600 or so :O They both share same size build plate but vary in software use and resin type. The Moai seems to be more flexible on resin use and is not limited to work with factory slicing program only. The level of detail these two printers can deliver is absolutely stunning and pretty much same. I mean, I can't see difference in quality from what I seen out there. Anyone have one of these perhaps did some research and can share opinion on the subject?
  8. Merging Objects/Polygons for 3d print

    Well, yes ... it is bad and I got to agree with the comments above. But if that is the absolute best you can do, give this plug-in a shot and see if that helps you. I have not use it and don't know how well it works but in this article they recommend it for your kind of modeling skills Cheers :)
  9. Trabant studio standard

    Very nice model and excellent render
  10. Nice. Did you pull those sound samples from the game or is there online source you are using?
  11. 2 colour print

    Yea, Fallout. It is the Brotherhood of Steal code of arms. Same as the helmet I was printing. Got all the parts printed now just need to find time to put it all together and paint it.
  12. 2 colour print

    Nice! I was doing the same thing just before changing my new build plate. I am using the script I mentioned in other thread and it works fantastic. It also beeps when it reaches the layer you chose for filament swap. I see you are having the same problems trying to keep layers tight and closed up on second filament swap. I tried and changed the setting for nozzle diameter to .38 instead of .4 and it seams to help a lil bit.
  13. Anycubic build plate upgrade - CR10S

    I think some of them come with heat bad or even sticky back tape. Not sure if the ones with wires can be wired to CR10. Mine is just the Glass Plate just like this one here.
  14. The importance of having god adhesion to build plate while 3D printing is a absolute must. Unfortunately the stock glass plate that comes with CR10s is know to be not of the best quality and often warped. Even thou I figure out way to level it out, I decided to upgrade anyways. This Black Anycubic Build Plate comes in 310x310mm size which is perfect fit for CR10s and I love the way it looks with my black on black themed CR10. It has black perforated layer on one side and clean glass on the other. But most importantly it is perfectly flat. The perforated side suppose to make taking printed parts of the plate easier as it cools down. I found it to be about same as the glass which takes about 30 min to coll and then pick right of the glass with ease. It also does not leave smooth glass like finish on the part after removal, but instead... kind of Carbon Fiber type look. Adhesion is excellent. If anyone is still straggling with adhesion to mirror, glass type surface you can try my method and see if it helps. 1; Get your self a spray bottle of good All Purpose Cleaner preferably with out many harsh chemicals like bleach and such. I use Simple Green. 2; Spray directly on the build plate and rub away with microfiber rag. 3; Then use another clean microfiber rag that is lightly damped in water and wipe away the reminding cleaner from surface. 4; Set the right temp for bed, 65 for PLA works good for me. Dial in the right distance on nozzle to bed and print away. Note: If you purchased custom glass or mirror from your local hardware store it might have protective UV coating! That might prevent from god adhesion in 3D printing applications. I got my Anycubic plate from ebay , just search for "Anicubic Ultrabase" If you want one Hope this comes as help to someone, good luck and happy printing!
  15. Unreal Engine

    The camera behavior makes me think of flying drone footage. Other than that it looks pretty awesome.