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  1. Creality3D CR - 10S

    Gaiscioch emblem fallow up. Like I mentioned earlier, the bottom layer is superb, but the top finished layer and the knobs turned out horrendous. Have absolutely no idea what needs to be adjusted to fine tune this, so any hints are appreciated. I guess it could pass for "lithophane" also lol
  2. Creality3D CR - 10S

    @Jimh You might want to watch this video . Simlify3D has preset start up priming but it does collide with the clip on the glass. And because I'm using mirrors that have beveled edges the initial prime doesn't even touch the glass to begin with. Image below show my settings. You might need to adjust to your best alignment. Cheers
  3. Creality3D CR - 10S

    Thanks for all the help @TheJimReaper My temps are exactly what you have. Simplify set it for me that way. Benchy didn't turn out all that bad for the first run IMO. I got some mirrors from Home Depot and used hair spray on my second print. Had to thinker a bit with it anyways to get the surface flat. Also used aluminum foil instead of masking tape to raise the middle of bed. I think I pretty much master the firs layer tickles. Now I just got to figure out the rest of the settings in Simplify3D. I will post the final progress on my Gaiscioch emblem when its done.
  4. I did something similar while back and if I remember right I just Mograph cloned tiles along splines with random effector. Unfortunately I forgot how I solved the corners but somehow I got the look I was going for.
  5. Creality3D CR - 10S

    It's happening! With all the overtime we got going at work I have very little time to spend in my man cave. Long story short, I finally got my printer to print. Had a hell of a time to level the bed as it was so warped in the middle. As its printing right now I'm noticing separation from the glass surface. Honestly I don't expect much out of my first print but at least I know its working.
  6. Creality3D CR - 10S

    Yes, after I am done printing bunch of useless just to be 100% sure I understand the machine good enough, I will print out USS Sulaco. I always wished for a large scale model of Sulaco and now I can print one my self. Already have the model from one of the sites you listed. I have been slowly piecing it in sections and fixing topology to add few more details later. My printer came with blue trim, but I didn't install it. I like it better with out. Definitely printing from sd card. Also the FB Creality Fan page is very helpful for all the newb problems, so thanx for that also. Nice, hope it all works out for you also. What size did you end up getting?
  7. The Orville ECV-197

    I was never into Star Trek, but Wife and I watch first few episodes of The Orville the other night and actually liked it. Ship is shaping in nicely, stellar work as always.
  8. Creality3D CR - 10S

    So it came. I was positively relived to see the "S" marking on the box knowing they shipped the right model Box looked pretty roughed up bud goods inside were ok. Tonight I only had time to assemble the printer and hopefully I'll have it all dialed in and do some testing tomorrow. So far my taughts on LightInTheBox, well I can't complain. I got what I ordered and paying total of $20 with insurance for shipping from China wasn't bad deal.
  9. Problem with Manual Update

    If you reinstalled your windows with fresh istal, I would just run new instal on c4d also. Then you can update to latest wersion trough internet like CBR suggested or manually since you already have the file via Help/ manual update and locate the file ...
  10. New Material - Wood PLA

    I think what CBR really wanted to see here is the wire frame of your test cube. PS: don't let him see it, we are the rebels here at modeling for 3D printing!
  11. My background gets blurried... why?

    Are you still running R14?
  12. New Material - Wood PLA

    Is it suppose to look pink? Most wood prints I've seen so far were more of an oak color tone. What is the printed size of this test cube?
  13. Creality3D CR - 10S

    I noticed the warning about the MainBoard last time you posted it and decided to wait and find out if it is compatible with my model. Which truly it should not be since the new 10S should have different board. I'm looking forward to this upgrade also. Already have few Ideas where 2 tone printing would come in play real nice.
  14. Very cool! Except, I don't have X-particles. Nice to see another tut from you
  15. Creality3D CR - 10S

    What are the most needed parts to have in stock? Mechanical things ware out , so I was just wandering if I should get some in stock in case I need to replace something. Also there is a rumor floating around about laser attachment coming for CR-10s next year. Did anyone hear what exactly it suppose to be? I'm kind of stoked on this cause I could totally use laser etcher or even cuter.