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  1. Have anyone heard if the annual maintenance fees are still at play after R21? My annual maintenance is coming on the end of August and I just find it super silly since I have payed for both software in full and MAXON now owns Redshift. Also, Is the rumor about native C4D noises being revoked to work with Redshift correctly? Upping res on C4D noises in Redshift causes major slow downs. It pretty much bricks my pc when I play with the res :( If they fix this I'm trowing party at my house, who is coming?
  2. I have purchased the Hello LUXX one and I think it was worth the money. I was quite happy with the way they explained most of the nodes and what changes are needed within them to get desired outcome. C4d as a hobby, this was plenty of info for me to get strong grip on things. BTW the LFO Design has free video on how to use fields in Redshift. This might give you good Idea how the rest of the tut might be.
  3. This modeling approach is going to leave you with overlapping faces that are going to be headache to clean up. In my images below you can get clean result and all you have to do is scale the top to get the cone shape you going for.
  4. I also own the HB modeling tool set and what a great plugin that is! I am not afraid to say it is almost must for those who love modeling in cinema.
  5. Another way to approach this would be creating 3x1x3 and lean it the way you want by selecting the most top polygons and moving them. Then ring select the vertical edges and use Edge Cut with Subdivision 2 and un-click Create N-gons.
  6. Another nice one! I would just like to point out to those who maybe got lost at ~5:40 mark, that Wolfgang is using "HB Modeling Tools" plugin. I figured some new comers might find this information helpful ...
  7. @Vizn I really just wanted to let the original poster know, that there is way to force S&S to build polygons in desired direction. Where you are getting confused is, not understanding that these polygons can not be build at any direction. This is not cinema problem or S&S. It is GEOMETRY. Simply rotate the cylinder and get it lined up where you want it.
  8. @ViznOK, I see what is happening there, and sorry for the confusion. So basically you are mixing two methods ... let me explain. Method one is - connecting two adjacent edges and then do the loop select and S&S... this method is ONLY for rotation segment of multiplications of 4 If the rotation segments are NOT coming to a whole number under division of 4, but it is coming to whole number under division of 2 then do the method 2. Method two is- imagine line connecting two adjacent points (basically splitting the cylinder in half) so build two polygons just like I did in the second post here. Then do the loop select and S&S. In which ever direction you build the polygons cinema will follow to S&S the rest of it with quads. Now you might end up with funky S&S at times but it should not be triangles. Just undo and try S&S again with different points or direction. Some rotation segments, like 31 for example are undividable. Cinema will not be able to split that in to quads no matter what you do.
  9. @Vizn My technique does work, I only forgot to mention one incredibly important detail. You have to use cylinder with rotations segments that is multiplications of 4! 12,16,20,24,28.... will always work. In your case, you have 30 rotation segments 30/4=7.5 not good. But if you really need to use 30 segments cylinder there is a work around, you could do it like i did in the image. I do agree, quad cap should be option in cinema, but the math does not always add up depending on rotation segments. And that is the same reason why stitch and saw has problems like in your case above.
  10. Before I had HB modeling tools I came up with technique to quad cap the cylinder. Part of it is solving problem you are describing. If you connect two adjacent edges (in the direction you desire) with a polygon then you can loop select one half and stitch and saw while holding shift. If it gives you undesired outcome try stitching from other direction. Do same for the other half.
  11. Yes... I taught I did , but I guess I didn't registered my final purchase Key with MAXON and that is what happen.
  12. To make things clear right of the bet, I do have legit license purchased trough MAXON web and own my key. Now I don't know how long that message been there or why it is there to begin with... but I find it strange. Any Ideas why? Should I contact MAXON? Everything else seams to work fine.
  13. I have not watched many tutorials lately but as soon as I clicked on your video and heard your voice, I knew I saw something from you before. You are the same guy that did the "Blast Door" video I saw on CG terminal. Nice work and thanks for sharing your knowledge. BTW is there second part of the blast door video?
  14. I just wanted to get the SLA printer and see what a difference it is printing at .05 or even .025 and I got to say it is truly amazing the level of detail this can deliver. That is of course if I get so fortunate and get successful print out of this thing... Other then the lid, this printer comes fully assembled. But it is whole new headache to deal with the resin, bed leveling, print removal and cleaning ... Oh yea lets not forget the post process print UV light curing. I heard good things about Ender 3, I think you should go for it.
  15. Just shooting in the dark here, looking for someone to share some tips and tricks. I had the printer for about a week and starting to have mixed feelings whether I should keep it or return it while I can. Printer it self is incredibly touchy and the XYZware is real piece of work. When trying to slice or add supports of anything sculpted and hallowed out program crashes every time. Success to fail print ratio is fairly high and it becomes old quickly.
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