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  1. Hi, thanks for you reply! I tried it but i still get a black outline solid around my boy character. Its totally ignoring the transparency :((((
  2. Hi guys, I have a 3D classroom that im rendering using sketch and toon, and in the classroom i have a kid that is a drawn texture. I attached a render and the project file. I found this cool setting in the SHADING options of the renderer where you can exclude objects from sketch and toon shader, however... it seems to be ingnoring the transparency channel of that object which for me is a problem as i have a black area surrounding my png of the texture. I attached the picture. AS you can see the boy has a black border around him. How to fix that so the boy doesnt have this wierd black around him. Its totally ignoring the alpha and transparency of the texture. big thanks guys!!!!! classroomproject collected.rar
  3. Dears, I have a small stupid question concerning graph editor or F curve. If i click on an object in the view port i see its values in f curve, now if i want to for example high light the position.z curve and tweak it, when i press it... it doesnt get selected as a curve. I dont know which curve it is. I dont want to click on the curve. I want to click on the Position.Y or Rotation.P, and i want the respective curves to high light so i know how to tweak them. Isnt that the logical way of tweaking curves?? Im an x lightwave user.
  4. hello, How do I make flag on a moving object. Scenario is as follows. I want to have a flag on a moving pole (flag parented to pole). So when i fix the points of the flag on a parented pole. And i move pole, the fixed points dont move with the pole, they just stay stuck in their position in 3D space where i fixed them. How to solve this ?? many many thanks
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