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  1. Sorry for the issues. I will fix it and resend later today. Thanks!
  2. I have enclosed a jpeg replacement for the larger PSD image I had left out. I am trying to use the form Cylinder in the Grid Array.
  3. Here is the setup: I am displacing some clones with the Shader Effector. The clones are in a mode Grid Array/form Cubic. Everything works. I had to rotate the n-side 90 degree on the pitch, and then rotate the finished piece 90 degrees ignorer to get the Shader Image to map in the correct direction. Here is the problem: I want to use form Cylinder to get a different shape of array. But when I do this it screws up the Cloner. And no matter how I try to adjust the Cloner size and count, I can not get it to map cylindrically. There seams to be a conflict with the direction the Shader Effector image wants to map and the direction the Cloner cylinder wants to be. I can find no controls to alter these two directions. Any ideas? Hex Block_0007.c4d
  4. Cerbera, I have it working now, but it is a bit unwieldy for tweaks. Is there a way to manipulate the parameters of one shader from another? Teknow, I've not used the MoGraph Selections before. Looking up tutorial now. Thank you both for your help
  5. Yes, sorry. Shader Effector I have a single Cloner that is cloning 2 objects. I want use a Shader Effector to position Object A (Caps) and scale Object B (Shaft). I can not get two Shader Effectors to work. Do I need two different Cloners as well? Hex Block_0004.c4d
  6. Can a single Shader effect the size of one object and the position of the other or do I need to use two Shaders?
  7. Bend an object along a spline

    Thanks for the quick response. Apparently I had the hierarchy screwed up. I was trying to use the same spline for the Sweep and the bending tool. Once I duplicated the spline (MASTER SPLINE/Spline for Well) the spline wrap worked as expected. So the scene is now working, but is there a way to use the same spline for both objectives?
  8. I have the object shown (Fake Tool) animating along a spline (using Align To Spline expression/Position). I want the object to bend with the curve of the spline rather than stay stiff (I know I may need more subdivisions eventually). I can't quite figure out how to make this happen. I've tried Spline Wrap but seems to wrap everything rather than just the object.