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  1. @Fastbeethank u, as it is larger than which allowed to attached.. below u can find a link to download it :) https://filebin.net/gtgx4u8k4kulewye
  2. it works when I made a new file with the shadow catcher ..but with this file I didn't figured out what's up
  3. A new laptop I bought with this version.
  4. Hi guys,, I cannot find why the shadow catcher which I'm applying for the plane doesn't give me the shadow of the object in an Alpha channel as supposed to be. what Im looking for is something like this video but this is the result I got so..any advice pls ! thanx ..
  5. I think the solution is to use the shadow catcher, but even if I applied it to the surface I have, I dune why it not working! the surface as a black object is exist in the scene so the shadow is not appearing
  6. Thank u @Emir I got the shadows in a separate layers just which is on the car it self which I don't want. the shadow of the car which is on the floor still not visible ... any advice?
  7. Also the windows of the car is not transparent as it should be
  8. Thanks @Cerbera I already tried that, but the shadows is not existed.
  9. the background which I have is a white studio.
  10. Hi everyone, I have a model for a car, with its shadow. My question how to render it to get a static file with transparent " so without the background ... only the car and the shadow" in order to use in my static visuals? Thank you
  11. I got it...just click any where in the view port and drag :
  12. Hi all, I have a model of a car and im trying to change the size (bigger or smaller) but the scaling tool taking two axis's only, which means it will be stretched ! so how i can do that without stretching? Thanx for help..
  13. aha.. Got it, so something like creating a color plate ... many many thanx :)
  14. @Cerberabut would u plz inform me briefly how that's done .. one color table for the whole scene?!
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