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  1. Export Alpha with shadow

    Well....after searching the only way is to install the shadow catcher plugins...I did it and it's works but only the shadow,,,not the reflection, this is the first point and the second point that making this shadow with Sketch & Toon enabled? It just renders the plane with a full, solid white alpha. I’ve got it working fine without sketch & Toon....any suggestions ??
  2. Export Alpha with shadow

    Thank you so much Tomt for your help and your reply,,unfortunately I have R16, and the option which is in the video is not available in my C4d version ... any other solution for C4d r16?! Thanx :)
  3. Hello forum, if I'm working on a static design with illustrator or Photoshop for example, and I'm creating an object in C4D to add it and compose it with. How I can export a still render image "tiff, tga or png" for any objects with it's shadow or reflection without the floor or the sky also?! Thank you so much Gazwan