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  1. Oh my!!!!! Well look at you, you smart son of a .... I knew it would require the MoSpline, I Just knew it. Wow this is perfect dude, really appreciate this. Could you explain what you did? I'm not very aware of this 'Target' object you used, and how would you apply this to other shape types? EDIT: I managed to figure this out, it was a Target Effector in the MoGraph menu. It explains why I've never seen it before, because I've literally never used it before. Very very cool. Thanks again for your awesome example so far.
  2. Hey peoples, Been trying to work out a dynamic effect which allows lines to displace around objects either using effectors/fields with falloff so I can create a subtle wave moving down the lines. Please see reference image, I know this can be done but I seem to be brain farting on how to parametrically work this out. Thanks for any tips!!
  3. VERY COOL! Thanks so much for the hard work at Adobe. Loving this feature.
  4. Hi Gang, Thanks for this example! I was trying to figure out some dynamic splines combined with cloth simulation, similar to what you have created here. Figured out a elegant way for my experiment. Thought I would attach for anyone else who comes around with a similar problem. Cheers *See attached CorrectDynamicSplineAndCloth.c4d



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